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Full text of "Roster of the graduates and past cadets of Norwich University, the military college of the state of Vermont. 1819-1907"

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Note — It is our -purpose in presenting this "Roster of the 
Alumni and Past Cadets" of the University, to give a few of the 
more important positions held by the men; their highest rank in the 
National Guard and the military service of the country. 

This record is necessarily incomplete and in many cases it was 
impossible to give the present address of the men, but Avith the co- 
operation of our Alumni and friends, we can make this "Roster" 
practically complete. The Roster of Past Cadets includes the names 
of the men who have been in attendance two years. We earnestlv 
request that our Alumni and friends read this Roster through 
carefully and inform the compiler of any change or addition. 

A large portion of the data used in compiling this "Roster" 
was taken from the "History of Norwich University, 1819-98" 
published in 1898. 

A second edition of the history of the University is being 
compiled, and will be ready for distribution by the commencement 
of 1908. This history will cover the period from 1866 to date, and 
will include the sketches of the men left out in the first ediion. 
It is earnestly hoped, by the compiler, that the Alumni and 
friends will give the work their support, and that they will assist in 
obtaining sketches and photographs for the history. 

The star (*) before a name indicates the death of the per- 
son; the dagger (f), that no information has been received con- 
cerning the person; a degree enclosed in a parenthesis as (A. M.) 
indicates that it was given by an institution other than Norwich 
University. The graduates of the American, Literary, Scientific 
and Military Academy, as far as known, are arranged in alphabet- 
ical order. 

The years following the name of the Past Cadet indicate the 
attendance at the University. 

The following are the principal abbreviations and their explan- 
ations : 

A. C. — army corps. 

b. — born. 

bvt. — brevet or brevetted. 

brig. gen. — brigadier general. 

civ. eng. — civil engineer. 

const. — construction. 

cons. eng. — consulting engineer. 

const, eng. — engineer in charge of construction. 

cli. eng. — chief engineer. 

div. eng. — division engineer. 

e. f. — entered from. 

It. — lieutenant. 

maj. gen. — major general. 

mem. — member. 

m. Am. Soc. C. E. — member American Society of Civil Engineers. 

res. eng. — resident engineer. 

s. — son of. 

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Brief History of Xor"U'ich University 1S19-1907 
With an outline of the work of her Alumni. 

NORWICH UNIVERSITY was founded at Norwich, Vt, in 
1819 by Captain Alden Partridge, U. S. A., a graduate of Dartmouth 
College and of the U. S. Military Academy, class of 1806. 

Capt. Partridge, while Superintendent of the U. S. Military 
Academy during 1815-1817, became convinced of the great neces- 
sity of having Military Science and Tactics taught generally through- 
out the country, thereby providing a citizen soldiery. 

He realized that the attendance at the National Academy 
would necessarily be limited, so he urged the teaching of Military 
Science and drill in the public schools and colleges throughout the 
country. Differences of opinion arising between himself and the 
military authorities at Washington, as to the management of the 
U. S. Military Academy, he resigned his commission in the army 
and determined to found a national militarj^ academy which should 
be an exponent of his ideas of militar}'- education. 

After careful consideration, he selected Norwich, Vt., his native 
town, as the site for the institution, and in 1819, began the erection 
of the buildings, which were completed in 1820, and thrown open for 
the reception of students. 

This institution, known as the AMERICAN LITERARY, 
country, and probably in the English speaking world, to include 
in its curriculum, a complete civil engineering course. 

The course of instruction would, to-day, be considered strong, 
and in connection with the regular work, Capt. Partridge instituted 
what is now called "the Summer School." 

From the first, "the Academy" became very popular. Her 
halls were filled with students from all sections of the country, 
especially from the South. 

In 1825, acting on the advice of Commodore McDonough of 
Middletown, Conn., Capt. Partridge determined to move his insti- 
tution to that city, as the location was thought more central and 
the usefulness of the academy would be increased. In this year 
commodious buildings were erected, and the Corps of Cadets were 
marched to Middletown. The attendance increased and in 1828 
it reached about 450 cadets. 

In 1828, Capt. Partridge tried to get "the Academy" chartered 
b}' the State of Connecticut, but owing to adverse influence, he was 
unsuccessful, and seeing that he was likeh' to be unsuccessful for 
sometime in the future, sold the academy property, in 1829, to the 


Methodists for their new College, now Wesleyan University, and 
marched his "corps of cadets" back to Vermont. The old build- 
ings in Vermont, which had been used during the stay in Middle- 
town, as a preparatory school for his "Academy" became again the 
home of the "A. L. S. and M. Academy". 

In 1834 the Academy was chartered by the Vermont Legis- 
lature under the name of NORWICH UNIVERSITY. In 1866 
the University buildings burned, and the institution was moved 
to Northfield, Vt., where the citizens had donated ample grounds 
and had promised the money to erect a new Barracks. 

NORWICH UNIVERSITY through her career of eighty- 
eight years, has furnished her sons to our country, in every battle 
of any importance from the Seminole War to that of Manila Bay, 
the taking of Pekin, to the quelling of insurrections in Cuba and 
Panama. In addition a large number of her old cadets, who were 
disciualified for military duty owing to age or physical disability, 
acted as drill-masters and instructors in Military Science in the 
various military camps throughout the country. 

During the Civil War over five hundred and twenty-five of 
her men held commissions. The higher commissions held are as 
follows: Major-generals, ten; brigadier generals, twelve; surgeon 
generals, one; Colonels and brevet brigadier generals, fourteen; 
colonels, forty; lieutenant colonels, thirty-four; majors, twenty-six; 
captains, one hundred and sixty; admirals, one; rear admirals, four; 
commodores, six; captains, eight. 

The more prominent officers who received their education at 
*'N. U. " are: Major-Generals Samuel A. Mower, '34, H. G. Wright, 
'34, Seth Williams, '40, Robert H. Milroy, '43, Truman Sevmour, 
'44, G. M. Dodge, '50, T. E. G. Ransom '50, Geo. C. Strong '54, 
Edward Hatch '54; brigadier-generals, George W. Tavlor '26, Henry 
S. Burton '37, F. W. Partridge '32, Jonathan Tarbell, '39, George 
P. Buel '56, F. W. Lander '41, Peter V. Hagner, E. B. Williston 
'56, Edmund Rice '59, Charles A. Coolidge '63. 

The University was a very popular institution for the early 
officers in the LT. S. Navy. A number of the Midshipmen and 
Lieutenants obtained leave of absence and studied under Capt. 
Partridge. Among the Naval Officers who obtained their educa- 
tion wholly or in part at "N. U. " may be mentioned. Admiral 
George Dewey '55, rear-admirals Hiram Paulding '23, Charles S. 
Boggs '26, Thomas T. Craven '24; Commodores, Josiah Tattnal '23 
John H. Graham '26, William B. Whiting '26, E. W. Carpenter '23, 
Charles 0. Carpenter '50; Captains, James H. Ward '23, James 
Glynn '24, Henry J. Hartstene '26, George M. Colvocoresses '32, 
George A. Converse '63, George P. Colvocoresses '67. 

The graduates of Norwich University have taken high rank 
in the various branches of engineering. In the long list of distin- 
guished engineers may be mentioned the following old cadets: 

Edwin F. Johnson '25, Chief Engineer of the Northern Pacific R. 
E,., technical writer and engineer of many important works; Gen. 
G. M. Dodge, '50, who made thousands of miles of reconnaissance sur- 
veys and explorations for the Union Pacific R. R. and as chief en- 
gineer constructed this road from Omaha, Neb. to Promontory, 
Utah. He also holds the world's record for rapid railroad and bridge 
construction during active military operations in the field; Moncure 
Robinson, '21, engineer for many southern railroads; Col. Geo. M. 
Totten '27, Chief Engineer of the Panama R. R. and many South 
American engineering projects, and an associate with De Lesseps 
on the Panama Canal; Gen. F. W. Lander, '41, the distinguished 
civil engineer, explorer and constructor of the first trans-continen- 
tal wagon road across the Rocky Mountains to California; Edwin 
McNeill, '46, engineer of many miles of railroad in Pennsylvania ; 
Col. Wm. H. Greenwood, '52, military engineer during the Civil war, 
chief engineer of many railroads, notably what is now the Denver 
and Rio Grande R. R. and the famous "swing bridge " in the Royal 
Gorge, Colo., and the Mexican Central R. R.; Capt. Napoleon 
Boardman, '47, chief engineer of many railroads in Wisconsin and 
Michigan; Joseph E. Young '50, prominent railroad contractor and 
builder of many roads in the middle West; Capt. James E. Ains- 
worth '53, chief engineer 'of what is now the Northwestern R. R. 
from Dubuciue, low^a, to the Hot Springs, S. Dakota; Col. S. W. 
Shattuck '60, civil engineer and now comptroller of the University 
of Illinois; Charles Morton '60, a member of the American Society of 
Civil Engineers and a prominent municipal engineer. Capt. Lloyd 
B. Fuller. '64, a prominent municipal engineer of Chicago, and build- 
er of many miles of railroads; Robert C. Lord, '64, a prominent 
engineer of Chicago; Edward D. Adams, '64, a "Captain of Industry," 
of New York City, former chairman of the Board of Directors of 
the Northern Pacific R. R., President of the Cataract Construction 
Co. of Niagara Falls, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 
Allis-Chalmers Co., director in many railroad corporations, and 
Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers; Horace C. Henry 
''64, of Seattle, Washington, a prominent railroad contractor; Sam- 
uel T. Wellman, '67, a prominent inventor of furnaces and reduc- 
tion works, and ex-President of the Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Engin- 
eering Co. of Cleveland, Ohio; Capt. Wm. H. Went worth '68. engi- 
neer of many important w^orks in Mexico, chief engineer of the Mon- 
terey and Mexican Gulf R. R., and a prominent mining engineer. 
A large number of the cadets 1819-68 gained distinction in civil 
engineering and should also be mentioned, but space forbids. A 
large part of the early railroad work of the country w^as carried 
out in whole or in part by Norwich Engineers. The younger men 
from 1868 to date have gained distinction along engineering lines. 
They are found holding responsible positions on the great railroads 
of this and foreign countries, serving as engineers and superintend- 


ents for structural and architectural companies. They are found 
in great mechanical and electrical corporations and companies; 
they are doing engineering work for the various departments of the 
U. S. Government; leading exploring parties to the polar regions 
and the unknown parts of the earth; are holding responsible posi- 
tions in the engineering offices of the various cities of the country. 
The above honorable record of the cadets of the University is 
due chiefly to the instruction within her walls, as only six cadets, 
as far as known, have ever taken post graduate work in civil ongi-, 
neering in any other institution. 

While the chief distinction of the graduates of the University 
has iDeen gained in military affairs and on Engineering Works, yet 
her sons have won honorable records in Law. Political Life, Busi- 
ness, Religion, Teaching, Journalism, Literary Work, and Medi- 
cine. Among the prominent lawyers may be mentioned William 
Augustus Beach, '27, well known for his work in the famous Beecher- 
Tilton case; Luther R. Marsh, '28, a former law partner of Daniel 
Webster; Philip Phillips '28, the prominent orator and legal writer 
of South Carolina; Thomas Bragg '28, of North Carolina, Attorney- 
General for the C. S. A. ; Horatio Seymour, '28 of New York and 
Democratic nominee for President; Luther R. Dixon '48, Justice of 
the Supreme Court of Wisconsin; William Pitt Kellogg '47, Chief 
Justice Supreme Court of Nebraska; Gen. Jonathan Tarbell '39, of 
the Supreme Court of Mississippi; William Little Lee '42, Chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands; Col. H. 0. 
Kent '54 of Lancaster, N. H.; Arba N. Waterman. '56 of Chicago; 
B. F. Spaulding '77, Justice of the Supreme Court of North Dakota; 
N. L. Sheldon '84, of Boston, Mass., and many others of nearly, if 
not quite, as great legal prominence. A number of the younger 
alumni are eirtering this profession and are meeting with success, 

Li political life, the graduates of the University have met with 
marked success, due largely to the military training. 

A person to succeed in politics, must know how to handle 
and lead men, and experience has shown that there is no training 
equal to the military in bringing out and developing those qualities 
necessary to govern men. 

The L^niversity was represented in the cabinets of Presidents 
Lincoln and Johnson by Gideon Wllles '26, who held the respon- 
sible position of Secretary of the Navy during the trying times of 
1861-68. On the southern side, Norwich was represented in the 
cabinet of Jefferson Davis by Thomas Bragg '28 of North Carolina 
who served some time as Attorney General of the C. S. A.; the other 
principal offices held by Norwich men are: Governors of States^ 
eight; lieutenant governors, four; congressmen, sixteen. Of the 
Governors we will mention Ryland Fletcher '24, of Vermont; Tho- 
mas H. Seymour '28 of Connecticut ; Horatio Sevmour '28 of New 
York; William Pitt Kellogg '47 of Louisana; Thomas Bragg '28 of 

North Carolina; of the lieutenant governors, Henrj^ Wylie Cushman 
'24, of Massachusetts; Jefferson P. Kidder '24 of Vermont, and later 
of Dakota Territory; of the Congressmen, Portus Baxter '24 of Ver- 
mont; Philip Phillips '26 of South Carolina; Valentine B. Horton 
'25 of Ohio; Edward Stanley '28 of North Carolina; Henry C. Long- 
necker, '42, of Pennsylvania; Asa W. H. Clapp '24 of Maine; Henry 
Van Renssellaer '26; Gen. G. M. Dodge '50 of Iowa and B. F. Spauld- 
ing '77 of North Dakota. 

Several of the graduates have gone to the various foreign 
governments as ambassadors and consuls. A large number of the 
graduates have served in the two branches of the various state 
legislatures and have held many minor state and government 

Among the large number of old cadets successful in business 
are Asa W. H.. Clapp '24, Portland, Me.; Valentine B. Horton '25, 
Pomeroy, Ohio; Junius Spencer Morgan '26, the multi-millionaire 
banker of London, England; Norman Page Gignalliat '27, exten- 
sive planter and slave owner in South Carolina and Mississippi; 
Thomas R. Trowbridge '27, ship owner and merchant. New Haven, 
Conn.; Richard D. Smith, '28, extensive planter, Cuba; Thomas A. 
Cameron '28, planter and millionaire business man. North Carolina; 
Henry G. Hubbard '28, extensive manufacturer, Middletown, 
Conn.; Benjamin Poole, '38, street railway magnate, Mass.; Charles 
A. Silver '41, extensive real estate owner, Brooklyn, 'N. Y. ; Daniel 
Thompson '42, wealthy planter and owner of the "Calumet Plan- 
tation," Louisiana; William Pitt Kellogg '47, extensive planter, 
Louisiana; Charles E. Tilton '48, railroad magnate and ship owner, 
Tilton, N. H.; Gen. G. M. Dodge '50, railroadand real estate owner, 
Council Bluffs, Iowa; Ephraim Morris '51, manufacturer, Vermont; 
William S. Dewey '63, manufacturer, Quechee, Vt.; Edward D. 
Adams '64, financier. New York City; Horace C. Henry '64, wealthy 
railroad contractor and banker, Seattle, Wash.; John J. Dewey '65, 
manufacturer, Quechee, Vt.; Charles Marsailles /68, of Exeter, N. 
H.; Henry J. M. Howe, '69, banker, Marshalltown, Iowa; Waldo P. 
Clement '72, broker and business man. New York City; George W. 
Metcalf ^73, ranchman, Wyoming ; Frank J. Saxe, '74, lumber 
manufacturer New York City; Frank C. Hatch '76, hotel manager 
and contractor. New York City; Gen. E. M. Carr, '79, promoter, 
Seattle, Wash.; Edward McC. Peters '81, manufacturer, Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; H. I. Bettis '81 of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake 
R. R., Los Angeles, Cal.; J. M. Holland, '83, broker and business 
man, New York City. 

Over fifty of the graduates and past cadets of the University 
have gained distinction in the ministry. Of this number and the 
church denominations in which they entered, we will mention the 
following: Universalist, Orestes. A. Brownson '24, Alonzo Ames 
Miner '32, pastor of churches in New Hampshire and Massachu- 


etts, Cyrus H. Fay '36, pastor of churches in Brooklyn, New York, 
many years, John Harvey Moore '38, Warren, Mass., Orlando D. 
Miller '45, James W. Putnam '46, Danvers, Mass., Sullivan H. Mc 
Collester '51, Marlboro, N. H., Thomas Gorham '55, pastor of church 
in Ohio and New Hampshire, William S. Burton '55, Walter Dole 
'70, Northfield, Vt., Alfred F. Booth '91, St. Albans; the Episcopal 
ministry, Paul H. Trapier '26, Baltimore, Maryland, Stephen H. 
'Elliot '28, Bishop of Georgia, Richard Johnson '29, Chaplain of the 
Hampton's Legion, C. S. A., and known as the "fighting chaplain, " 
Daniel S. C. M. Potter '45, churches in Arkansas, Rev. William R. 
Huntington '56, Grace Church, New York City, Arthur Lawrence 
'58, 1st Lieutenant Massachusetts Volunteers, Civil War, Mass., 
Rev. E. L. Stoddard '65, Jersey City, N. J., Walter Delafield '59, 
Chicago, Howard F. Hill '67, Concord, N. H., Fred F. Sherman 
'78, Chaplain U. S. N. ; The Congregational Church, John Holbrook 
'24, one of the founders of the Chicago Theological Seminary, 
Stockton, California, Frederick A. Barton '26, Chaplain 10th Mass. 
Volunteers, Springfield, Mass., James H. Tyng '27, Chaplain U. 
S. N.; Rev. Samuel H. Green '65, is pastor of the Calvary Church in 
Washington, D. C. ; Rev. Elisha Adams '32, one of the founders of 
Tilt on Seminary, was pastor of churches in New Hampshire and 
Massachusetts; John Robertson '65, a native of Charlestown, N. 
H., became a Jesuit Priest and died while doing missionary work in 
the West Incties. 

Over one hundred of the cadets have engaged in teaching. A 
number of the men have founded military schools throughout the 
country, especially in the South. Of the number of cadets who have 
taught, we will mention James Harman Ward '23, U. S. N., profes- 
sor at the U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY, John Holbrook '24, founder of 
military schools, president of Jefferson College, Miss., Col. Truman B. 
Ransom '25, founder of military schools and president of the Uni- 
versity; Albert W. Dunbar '25, founder of military schools, John 
Fries Fraser '26, yice-provost of the L^niversity of Pennsylvania, 
Alonzo Ames Miner '32, president of Tufts College, Joseph Bartlett 
Bourleigh '33, founder of Colleges in Maryland, General Alonzo 
Jackman '36, a noted mathematician and professor of Mathematics 
and Engineering, many years at the University, Col. Samuel Marsh 
'39, in Normal School in New York, Wihiam Livingstone '39, Prof. 
Mathematics Lombard University, 111., Andrew Jackson Dorn '41 
and James Van Allen Shields '41, joint founders of the first military 
school west of the Allegheny Mountains, in St. Louis. Mo., Nathan 
Burnham Webster '43 founder of military schools in the South, 
Paul Raymond Kendall '47, founder and president of Lombard 
University, John V. N. Standish '47, president Lombard University, 
Major William W. Benjamin '49, founder Mt. Pleasant Military 
Academy, New York, Rev. S. H. McCollister '51, president West- 
brook Seminary, Maine and Buchtell College, Ohio. Col. S. W. 

Shattuck '60, professor of mathematics and now comptroller of 
University of Illinois, Capt. Charles A. Curtis, U. S. A., '61, pres- 
ident of the University. Commandant of the University of Wiscon- 
sin, Col. H. P. Davidson '67, founder of and president of Highland 
Park Military Academy, Chicago, Adrian Scott '71, prof, languages 
Brown University and Norwich University, William M. Rumbaugh 
'76, professor and commandant of the University, Charles H. 
Spooner '78 president of the University, John B. Johnson '79, 
professor of mathematics and civil engineering at the University, 
and at the University of Southern California, Malverd A. Howe '82, 
professor of civil engineering, Rose Polytechnic Institute, Ind., 
Calvert K. Mellen '84 principal of school, Buffalo, New York, Her- 
man H. Dressel. Jr., '89, Superintendent of Schools, Great Bar- 
rington, Mass., Prof. E. A. Shaw, '91, professor of mathematics at 
the University, Charles S.. Carleton '96, prof, civil engineering and 
field work at the University, Charles A. Plumley '96, principal 
of schools, Arthur E. Winslow '98, prof, civil engineering at the 

Over fifty of the cadets have engaged in Journalism. Of this 
number we will mention but a few; John Jav Hyde '27, editor 
New York World, Gen. W. W. H. Davis '42, Doylestown, Pa., Col. 
E. A. Kimball, editor Spirit of the Age, Vermont Patriot, Gideon 
Willes '26, editor Hartford Times, Thomas H. Seymour '29, editor 
Jeffersonian. Col. 0. E. Learnard '55, Lawrence, Kansas, Col. W. A. 
Treadwell '57, military editor New York Press, Thomas J. Lasier '64, 
Claremont, N. H., Charles Marsailles '68, editor many papers. News 
Letter, N. H., Daily Fireman and Weekly Journal, Kingston, N. Y., 
E. D. Upham, '75, Randolph, Vt., George D. Thomas '76, real estate 
editor Boston Herald, Harry C. Dole '77, West Jersey Press, Cam- 
den, N. J., George R. Miner '83, editor on many papers, now Sun- 
day editor Neil) York Herald; L. B. Johnson '88, Randolph Herald, 
Charles W. Pierce '92, Bennington Banner and Northampton Daily 
Herald, Paul R. Dinsmoor, '98, Lawrence, Kansas. 

Several Norwich men have held important library positions, 
J. H. T. Magruder '28, was State Librarian of Maryland, 
and Orrin Marsh '32 was the first State Librarian of Michigan; 
William R. Cutter '68, is Librarian of the Woburn, Mass., Public 

Fully one hundred of the cadets have engaged in literary 
work. We will mention the following: Ralph L. North '28, au- 
thor of law books, Natchez, Miss., Frederick A. Porcher '27, a 
writer on South Carolina History, and one of the founders of the 
South Carolina Historical Society ; Bernard Shipp '27, a distinguished 
writer on the early explorations in the South and on archaeological 
subjects; Orlando D. Miller, '45, the noted Oriental scholar, and 
archaeological writer; Gen. W. W. H. Davis '42, author of several 
historical works; Lt. George H. Derby (John Phoenix) U. S. A. '42, 


the far famed humorist and author of " Phoenixiana " and "Squibob 
Papers;" Rev. S. H. McCollister '51, author of many works on trav- 
els; Capt. Chas. A. Curtis '61, author of manj^ works of fiction; 
Theodore H. Kellogg '62, author of medical works; Maj. H. E. Al- 
vord '63, author of many agricultural works; Prof. J. V. N. Standish 
'47, author of many articles on travel. 

Fully one hundred and fifty of the men have entered the pro- 
fession of medicine and surgery. Of this number several have gain- 
ed distinction. We will mention the following: Edward Elisha 
Phelps '24, professor of medicine and surgery at the Dartmouth 
Medical College, and at the University of Vermont Medical College 
and surgeon, Vt. Vols., Civil war; David M. Wright '28, North Car- 
olina; Mitchell M. Davis '39, Baraboo, Wis.; Sylvester M. Hewett 
'40, major and surgeon Ohio Vols.; Samuel H. Currier '52, surgeon 
Vt. Vols.; George P. Greeley '53, Nashua, N. H.; J. Q. A. McCollis- 
ter, surgeon, Mass. Vols., Waltham, Mass.; George P. Conn '65, 
surgeon Vt. Vols., and professor Dartmouth Medical College; Gen. 
J. H. Baxter '56, surgeon General U. S. A.; Joseph Steadman '59, 
Col. Mass. Vols., Jamaica Plain, Mass.; Henry A. Robbins '60, 
surgeon U. S. Vols., Washington, D. C; Theodore H. Kellogg '62, 
Lt. U. S. Vols., specialist on mental diseases, Riverdale, N. Y. ; 
Clarence L. Hathaway '69, Winthrop, Mass.; Waldo H. Richard- 
son '76, New York City; Fred E. Steele '81, Montpelier, Vt.; Fred 
R. Belknap '85, Benton Harbor, Michigan; Myron L. Chandler '85, 
Barre, Vt.; Robert L. Irish '89, New York City; J. H. Judkins '92, 
Northfield; B. W. Gleason '92, Boston; E. A. Pond '92, government 
service, Philippine Islands. 

A number of the men have taken high rank in Dentistry, 
Chemistry and Pharmacy. 

Several of the men have entered the U. S. Weather Bureau 
service, of the number we will mention: Maj. H. B. Hersey '86, 
professor in the service, and now second in charge of the Walter 
Wellman Expedition to the North Pole; William A. Shaw, '88, 
weather forecaster and professor of meteorology at the University. 

Through loss of records it is impossible to obtain all the names 
of the old cadets, and it is hoped that our alumni and friends will 
assist us in completing the records. 

It will be seen by the preceding article that the record of the 
University is an. honorable one. 

Very little is known concerning fully five hundred of our men. 
If the record of these men was known no doubt many names would 
be added to the " Roll of Honor " and to the long list of men who have 
gained distinction in the various professions. 


CADETS 1819-34. 

*James Hopkins Adams, 1827-29. 

b. , So. Carolina; lawyer; Gov. So. 

Carolina 1855-57; d. 1861. 

*George Alden. 

b. Randolph, Mass; merchant. Camden, 
S. C; d. ? 

*Henry Dana Ward Alexander, 1826. 

b. Camden, N. C; planter near Savannah, 
Ga. 1850-61; Prin. of schools; served in 
C. S. A.; drowned 1865. 

*Isaac B. Alexander, 1827. 

b. , Camden, N. C; jeweler and ar- 
tist; d. , Camden, N. C. 1884- 

♦Joseph Dana Allen, A. M., 1825. 

b. , Burlington, N. Y., ch. eng.. 

Conn. River Navigation Co.; div. eng. 
Blackstone Canal; Cumberland and 
Oxford Canal; ch. eng., Utica & Oswego 
R. R.; Erie R R.; Erie Canal; consulting 
eng. Chicago and No. Western R. R.; 
Albany and Northern R. R.; d. Burling- 
ton, Vt. 

*Joel Amsden, 1834. 

b. , Hartland, Vt.; eng. on N. Y., L. 

E. & W. R. R.; res. eng. on N. Y. state 
canals 1838-46; architect Boston, Easton, 
Pa., eng. for Lackawanna Iron & Coal 
Co., Scranton, Pa., 1850; res. and chief 
eng. Del., Lackawanna & Western R. 
R.; C. E. Scranton, 1857-1868; maj. N. Y. 
state militia; d. 1868, Scranton, Pa. 

*Charles Amory, (M. D.) 1824. 

b. , Boston, Mass.; M. D. Harvard 

Medical College 1832; merchant, Boston, 
Mass.: d. Boston 1898. 

t*William Anthony Armistead, 1828. 

e. f. Edenton, N. C. d. about 1880? 

*Wmiam E. Anderson, 1828. 

b. , Petersburg, Va.; Hillsboro, N. 

C; Col. N. C. State Militia; banker; d. 
Wilmington, N. C. 1853. 

*George P. Astor, 1825-27. 

b. , e. f. New York City. 

t*Romeo Austin, 1825. 

b. : e. f. Rutland. Vt.; merchant 

New York City many years; d. Boston 

*Jacob Babbitt, 1826. 

b. Bristol, R. I.; merchant, Bristol, R- 

I.; major 7th R. I. Inft. Civil war; d. 

of wounds in hospital at Alexandria, in 

♦Jonathan Baker, 1826. 

b. Charleston, N. H. 1806.; merchant, 
Hardwick, Vt.; Charleston, N. H. post- 
master; held many state offices; col. state 
militia; banker; d. Charleston, 1867. 

♦Frederick A. Barton. 

b. Chester, Vt.; clergyman; chap. -lOth 
Mass. Vols. Civil war; d. . 

♦Hugh Swinton Ball, 1826. 

b. Charleston, S. C; extensive planter 
S. C; drowned at sea 1838. 

♦Portus Baxter, A. M., 1824. 

b. Bennington, Vt.; merchant; mem. Con- 
gress 1860-66; d. Derby, Vt. 1874. 

♦Carlos Baxter, A. M., 1826. 

b. Brownington, Vt.; lawyer and manu- 
facturer, Burlington, Vt.; died there. 

t^Richard Garnet Baylor, 1828. 

b. , Woodbury, Va.; extensive plant- 
er in Va.; d. 1843. 

;(: William Augustus Beach, 1828. 

b. , Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 1809; 

lawyer in charge of many noted cases as 
Beecher-Tilton; "five million dollar' 
risk & Gould litigations. New York, N. 
Y.; d. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1884. 

♦Daniel Havens Bingham, 1822. 

b. Royalton, Vt.; Civ. eng. state of Ark.; 
editor Athens, Ala.; held extensive prop- 
erty confiscated by South; d. , about 

♦Chas. Stewart Boggs, 1828. 

b. , N. J.; Rear admiral U. S. N.; 

d. , New Brunswick, N. J. 

♦William Brenton Boggs, 1827. 

b. ; pay director, U. S. N.; d. , 

New Brunswick, N. J. 

♦James Vote Bomford, 1828. 

b. , Governor's Island. N. Y.; col. 

and brev.-brig. general U. S. A.; Eliza- 
beth, N. J. 



*Joseph Bartlett Bourleigh, A. M., LL. D., 

Founded Newton College, Baltimore 
educator and author; Baltimore, Md. 

♦Thomas Bragg, 1828. 

b. Warrenton, N. C; lawyer; Gov. N. C. 
1854-1856; U. S. Senator 1858-61; att. 
gen. C. S. A. Raleigh, N. C. 

♦Lorenzo Dow Briggs, 1830. 

b. , Vt.; teacher, merchant; settled 

in Mary-svUle, Mo.; d. 1891. 

t*William G. Brooks, 1823. 

e. f. Portland, Maine; author, Boston, 

♦Orestes Augustus Brownson, LL. D. 

b. Stockbridge, Vt., 1803; clergyman; 
REVIEW, New York; d. Detroit, Mich., 
Apr. 17, 1876. 

♦Albemarle Cady, 1825. 

b. Keene, N. H.; col. and brig. gen. U- 
S. A.; Concord, N. H.; d. New Haven- 
Conn., 1888. 

♦Paul Carrington Cameron, 1828. 

b. Stagville, N. C; extensive planter and 
financier; Stagville, N. C; d. Hillsboro, 
N. C, 1891. 

^♦Thomas Anis Cameron, 1828. 

b. N. C; brother, Paul C. Cameron '285 

extensive planter; d. , near Hills" 

boro, N. C, 1835. 

*William Simpson Campbell, 1828. 

b. , Brunswick, N. C; e. f. LTniv. of 

N. C. 1826; asst. eng. Erie Canal; city 
engineer New Orleans; consulting eng. 
New Orleans & Jackson R. R.; d. New 
Orleans, La. 

t*George E. Caraway, . 1827. 

b. , Craven, Co., N. C; planter; d. 

♦Edward William Carpenter, 1823. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; commodore U. S. N.; 
d, , Shrewsbury, N. J. 1877. 

♦Edward Carrington, 1827. 

b. Providence, R. I.; merchant. Provi- 
dence, R. I.; d. there 1891. 

*Asa W. H. Clapp, 1824. 

b. Portland, Me.; mem. Congress 1841; 
financier; Portland, Maine; d. , 1891. 

t*George W. CUnton, 1827. 

b. : e. f. Utica, N. Y.; s. Governor 

De Witt Clinton. 

*Zera Colburn, A. M., 1834. 

b. Cabot, Vt.; noted mathematician; prof. 
Lan. N. U. 183.5-39; d. Norwich,Vt., 1840. 

t*WiUiam Francis Collins, 1828. 

b. , Nash Co., N. C; maj. state mili- 
tia; State Comptroller, 1836-51; exten- 
sive planter; d. , 1867. 

♦George Musalas Colvocoresses, A. M., 1831. 
b. Island of Scio, Grecian Archipelago ; 
midshipman U. S. N. 1832; held many 
important commands U. S. N,; capt. 
U. S. N. 1867; author; son George P. 
class 1867 "N. U." capt. U. S. N.; d. 
Litchfield, Conn. 1872. 

♦Randolph Coyle, 1828. 

b. Washington, D. C; asst. eng. Ches. & 
Ohio canal; U. S. eng. 1840-1841; city 
surveyor. Wash., D. C; eng. in charge of 
cons, of bridge across the Potomac at 

Little Falls; d. , Warrenton, Va., 


♦Thomas Tingey Craven, 1824. 

Rear adml. U. S. N.; Portsmouth, N- 

♦Henry Wyles Cushman, A. M., 1825. 

b. , Bernardston, Mass.; educator; 

It. gov. Mass. 1851-1852; d. Bernards- 
town, Mass. 1863. 

♦George Washington Davis, 1827. 

b. Fayettsville, N. C; prosperous mer- 
chant, Wilmington; d. , there in 


♦Horatio Davis, 1826. 

b, , Roxbury, Mass.; merchant and 

philanthropist; founded the Roxbury 
Charitable Soc; d. , 1861. 

♦Henry George Raleigh Dearborn, i82g. 

b. . ; e. f. Roxbury, Mass.; civ. eng.; 

ch. Eng. Grand Junction R. R., d. , 

1880 (?) 

♦T. Morton Dewey, 1831. 

b. , Orford, N. H.; manufacturer; 

singing-school master; d. , Green- 
field, Mass.. 1888. 

♦John W. Dicks, 1823. 

Master U. S. N.; Civil War. 

♦William Dinsmoor, 1823. 

b. , Keene, N. H.; merchant and 

banker Keene, N. H.; d. there, 1884. 

♦Ralph Smith Dorr, 1824. 

Merchant, Buenos Ayres, S. A.; d. San 
Francisco, Cal. 

t^Theodore Samuel DuBose, 1825. 

b. near Charleston, S. C; extensive 
planter; d. , Winsboro, S. C. 1836. 

♦Albert Willis Dunbar, 1827. 

b. , Adams Co., Miss.; extensive 

planter; d. , Natchez, Miss. 1892. 


+*Elisha Dunbar, 1823. 

b. , e. f. Hartland, Vt.; Prof, at 

"Academy" 1823-25; with Col. T. B. 
Ransom '25 founded military schools in 

various sections of the country; d. . 

about 1832. 

*Benianiin Sullivan Ellis, 1829. 

b. So. Carver, Mass.; merchant; d. 
Monmouth, Maine. 1893. 

*David Ellis, 1823. 

b. , e. f. Boston, Mass.; pros] 


*Ebenezer Farrand, 1826. 

e. f. New York City; commander U. S. 
N.; Commodore C. S. N.; d. Charleston, 
S. C. 

*Ryland Fletcher, 1824. 

. b. , Cavendish, Vt.; politician; gov. 

Vt., 1856-1858; brig.-gen. V. N. G.; d. 
Cavendish, Vt. 

*John Fries Frazer, (LL. D.) 

b. , Philadelphia, Pa.; Vice-Provost 

Univ. of Pa.; author and editor; Phil., Pa. 

*Thomas W. Freelon, 1823. 
Commander, U. S. N. 

*Peter Wilder Freeman, 1826. 

b. , Boston, Mass.; sec. Boston Ins. 

Co. 1831-51; Pres. 1851-69; d. , Bos- 
ton, 1869. 

♦Martin Monroe Flint, 1834. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; served in Wis. Volun- 
teers, Civ. war; editor; d. Elsimore, Calif. 

*Robert HoUoweU Gardiner, 

b. Gardiner, Maine; in business Gardiner 
1830-1838; Augusta, Ga., 1842-60; Gar- 
diner 1864-86; civil eng. on rys. in South 
1838-42; d. ,1886. 

t*Samuel K. George, A. M., 1834. 

b. ; e. f. Baltimore, Md.; merchant, 

Baltimore, Md. 

*Norman Page, Gignilliat, 1823. 

b. Ardack Plantations, near Darien, Ga., 
1809; extensive planter; slave owner; d. 
Marietta, Ga. 1871. 

*Samuel Shepherd Gilbert, 1823. 

b. , Hanover N. H.; merchant Bos- 
ton; d. , Cambridge, Mass. 1860. 

♦William Bradford Gilbert, 1828. 

b. , Rome, N. Y.; asst. eng. Mohawk 

& Hudson; Saratoga & Schenectady; 
New York & Harlem; Havana & Renan' 
Cuba; ch. eng. Buffalo & Aurora, Buffalo, 
1836-37; ch. eng. Erie & Kalamazoo, 
111. Cent.; div. eng. Ogdensburg & Lake 
Champlain through Adirondack wilder- 
ness; ch. eng. Champlain & Conn. River; 
Burlington & Rutland; Missisquoi Valley, 
Vt.; Western Vt.; Syracuse & Bing- 
hampton; Watertown and Madison, 
(Wis.); Milwaukee & Watertown; New 
York Central; N. Y. Oswego & Midland; 
eons. eng.;d. Palmyra, N. Y., 1897. 

Francis R. Glean, 1829. 

b, ; e. f. Mantanzas, Cuba; said to 

have been an extensive planter. 

* James Glynn, 1823. 

Commodore U. S. N. 

*David Goodall, 1825. 

b. Littleton, N. H.; teacher; merchant; 
d. Bennington, Vt., 1881. 

♦William Goodrich, 1825. 

b. New Haven, Conn., d. Phila., Pa. 1884. 

♦Peter Valentine Hagner, 1832. 

b. Washington, D. C; grad. West Point, 
1836; Col. U. S. Ordnance Dept. 

b. Glastonbury, Conn.; book publisher, 
Hartford, Conn.; d. Glastonbury, 1870. 

♦Reuben Charles Hale, 1827. 

Lawyer; Q. M. Gen. Pa. 1861-63; d. 
PhUipsburg, Pa. 

William S. Harris, 1823. 
Commander U. S. N. 

♦Henry J. Hartstene, 1828. 

Commander U. S. N.; Arctic explorer; 
Capt. C. S. N.; d. Savannah. Ga. 

♦Jesse Pike Hatch, 1824. 

b. , Norwich, Vt.; Capt. Ohio State 

Militia; merchant Zanesville, Ohio, where 
he died 18(36. 

♦Guildford H. Hathaway, A. M., 1824. 

b. Freetown, Mass.; banker. Fall River, 

♦Augustus Allen Hayes, (M. D.) 1823. 

b. Windsor, Vt.; State assayor, Mass.; 
author; d. Brookline, Mass. 

♦John Hampden Hill, (M. D.) 1828. 

b. , New Hanover, Co., N. C; M. D 

Rutgers 1830; phys. and extensive planter 
d. 1893. 

♦Thomas Sudwell Hobson, 1828. 

b. Clay Bank, Va.; extensive planter; d 



*Michael Hoke, 1829. 

Lawyer, Lincolnton, N. C. 

*John Holbrook, 1825. 

b. Hartland, Vt.; instruct. N. U.; Pres. 
Jefferson Coll., Miss.; d. 1833. 

♦Arthur Fisher Holmes. 1826. 

b. Charleston, S. C; planter, Fla.; maj. 
Seminole war; custom house officer under 
the U. S. and C. S. Governments; Aiken 
S. C. 

tjames T. Homans, 1823. 

Lt. U. S. N. 

♦Valentine Baxter Horton, 1825. 

b. Windsor, Vt.; Prof. math, and tactics, 
1825-30; lawyer; manufacturer; mem. of 
Congress from Ohio 1854, 1856, 1860; d 
Pomeroy, Ohio. 

♦Augustus Howard, 1827. 

b. , Sandersonville, Ga.; extensive 

planter; served in Seminole war with dis- 
tinction; d. , Augusta, Ga. 1870. (?) 

♦Henry (Jriswold Hubbard, 1830. 

b. Middletown, Conn.; manufacturer; d. 
Middletown, Conn. 

♦Joshua Barrows Hyde, 1829. 

b. Mystic, Conn.; prosperous merchant 
New Orleans and N. Y.; d. New York 
City, . 

♦John J. Hyde, A. M. 

b. Stonington, Conn.; editor N. Y. World; 
U. S. Consul, Porto Rico; d. Fort Scott, 
Kansas, 1875. 

♦Ephraim Hutchins, 

b. Concord, N. H.; maj. State militia; 
post master, Concord; d. Concord, 1880, 

♦Sanders Irving, 1829. 

b. New York City; civil eng.; d. Washing- 
ton, D. C. 1884. 

♦Augustine de Iturbide, 1828. 

Son of Gen. Augustine de Iturbide, Em- 
peror of Mexico; officer in the Mexican 
and Spanish Armies; d. Washington, D. 

Edwin Ferry Johnson, A. M., C. E., 1825. 

b. , Essex, Vt.; prof, mathematics 

and civ. eng. "N. U."; res. eng. Canojo- 
harie & Catskill; Utica and Schenec- 
tady; ch. eng. Auburn & Syracuse; New 
York & Erie; Ogdensburg and Lake 
Champlain; div. eng. New York & 
Albany; cons. eng. Springfield & Hart- 
ford; ch. eng. New York & Albany; 
Whitehall R. R.; New York & Boston 
Air Line; Oswego & Syracuse:; New 
York and Boston; Middletown & Berlin, 
for Hartford & New Haven; cons. eng. 
Rutland & Burlington; Vt. &. Canada; 
St. Lawrence & Champlain canal; ch. 
eng. Rock River Valley Union, Wis.; 
111. & Wise; 1854-66 wrote many articles 
urging the building of the Northern 

Pacific R. R.; cons. eng. Lake Ontario 
Shore Line; ch. eng. Northern Pacific 
1866-70; cons, eng Northern Pacific 1870 
— until his death in 1872, wrote extensi- 
vely on engineering subjects. 

♦Daniel Pinckney Johnston, 1826. 

b. Charleston, S. C; planter; served in 
"Seminole War"; d. Charleston, 1871. 

♦McKewn Johnson, 1828. 

b. Georgetown, S. C; machinist; planter; 
died Henderson, N. C. 1894. 

♦Richard Johnston, 1829. (A. B,) 

b. Beaufort, S. C; chaplain "Hampton's 
Legion" C. S. A.; acted as drill master'; 
severely wounded at Culpeper Court 
House; author; P. E. clergyman; d. 
Atlanta, Ga. 1872. 

♦John Pringle Jones, (LL. D.) 1828. 

b. , Durham, Pa.; lawyer; judge 

District Court; author; Phila., Pa. 

♦Daniel Judd, 1825. 

b. Middlebury, Vt.; extensive maible 
manufacturer, Middlebury; d. there about 


♦Jefferson Parish Kidder, A. M., 1828. 

b. , Braintree, Vt.; lawyer; mem. 

Vt. senatfe; It. gov. Vt. 1852-54; assoc. 
jus. U. S. courts for Dakota Ter.; dele- 
gate to congress 1876-80; St. Paul; d. St. 
Paul, CO 

♦Edward A. Kimball, 1844. 

b. Pembroke, N. H.; editor; capt. and 
brev. maj. 9th U. S. Inft., Mex. war; It. 
col. "Hawkins Zouaves," 9th N. Y. 
Vols.; d. New York. 

♦Robert Parker Kimball, 1824. 

b. Concord, N. H.; merchant. Concord,; 
d. there Mar. 20, 1878. 

♦Alexander McKenzie Kirkland, 1828. 

b. Hillsboro, N. C; merchant N..C. and 
Miss.; d. 1842. 

t^Charles Henry Langdon, (,A. M.) 

b. Portsmouth, N. H.; lawyer Phila. and 
New Orleans; d. New Orleans. Jan. 7 

♦Nathan B. Leavenworth, 1823. 

b. Hinesburgh, Vt.; prominent farmer, 
Hinesburgh; d. there . 

t^RosweU Walter Lee, 1828. 

b. ; e. f. Springfield, Mass.; It, U. S. 

A.; served in Seminole War; It. in the 
Army of the Republic of Texas 1839-41; 
County eng.. Fanning Co., Texas; col. 
Texas militia; C. S. A. 

♦William Raymond Lee, A. M., 1825. 

b. , Mass.; eng. and supt. Boston & 

Providence R. R.; col. 20th Mass. regt. 

iroaica Plain, Mass. 


t*George Clinton Leib, 1828. 

b. Phila., Pa.; physician, Phila.,; d. there 
Aug. 23, 1888. 

+*Henry FrankUn Leib, (M. D.) 1829. 

b. Phila., Pa.; distinguished physician 
and philanthropist; d. Phila., May 16, 

*William Enos Lewis, 1832. . 

b. Norwich, Vt.; surveyor; brig. gen. \ t. 
militia; d. Norwich, Vt. 

*George Little, 1831. , ^„ 

h. N. C; lawyer and planter; col. Cb. 
A.. Raleigh, N. C. 

*Henry Adolphus Loudon, 1830. 

b. Wilmington, N. C; banker; d. Wil- 
mington, N. C. 

*Charles Russell Lowell, (A. M.) 1823. 

b. Boston, Mass.; brother, James Rus- 
sell Lowell; librarian, Boston Athenaeum; 
d. Washington, D. C. 1870. 

*Charles Lyman, 

b. Hartford, Vt.; ch. "Dead Letter 
Office," Washington, D. C. 1862-75; d. 
Washington, D. C. 1888. 

*George Lyman, 1823. 

b. Hartford, Vt.; merchant; d. Hart- 
ford, Vt. 1879 

*George Minot, (A. B.) 1824. 

b. New London, N. H.; lawyer; treas. B. 
C. & M. R. R. 1847-61; bank president 
1834-61; d. , Concord, N. H. 1861. 

*tJohn W. Moores, 1823. 
Lt. U. S. M. 

*Junius Spencer Morgan, 1829. 

b. W. Springfield, Mass.; merchant; part- 
ner George Peabody & Co., London; 
pres. firm J. S. Morgan & Co., bankers, 
London, Eng.. 1862-90; mem. gov. Foot- 
guards, Hartford, Conn., 1838-41; d. 
Monte Carlo in 1890; London England. 

*Isaac Edward Morse, 1828. 

b. , Attanapas, La.; lawyer; mem. 

Congress 1844-51; att. gen. La. 1851; 
LT. S. min. Columbia 1856; d. New Iberia, 

*Robert Morton, 1825. 

b. Newport, R. I.; physician, Phila.; d. 
there Oct. 7, 1848. 

*James Murdock, 1824. 

b. Havana. Cuba; sea capt. and com- 
manded many noted ships; d. Boston, 
Mass., 1881. 


*Luther Rawson Marsh, 1829. 

b. , Pompey Hill, N. Y.; lawyer and 

author; d. 1902 at Middletown, N. Y. 

*Joseph Marsh, 1824. (M.D.) 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; prof. Theory and 
Practice of Medicine, Univ. of Vt. Med. 
Col. 1835-41; d. Burlington, Vt. Nov. 7, 

*Charles McDermott, (M. D.) 1826. 

b. West Feliciana Parish, La.; phys. and 
planter, Chicot Co., Ark.; inventor; d. 
Dermott Station, Ark., 1884. 

*tjames McKay, 1827. 

Educator; e. f. Buffalo.N. Y. 

*John McNabb, 1832. 

Capt. 9th U. S. Inft. Mex. war; C. S. A.; 
d. New Orleans. (?). 

*George Merrick, (A. M.) 1825. 

b. Hallowell, Maine; Eng. on rys. in Pa. 
and La.; ch. eng. Havana gas works 

1850-55; d. , Northumberland, Pa., 


*Alonzo Ames Minor, (D. D., LL. D.) 

b. Lempster, N. H.; cadet 1830-33; Prin. 
Cavendish Academy 1834-35; Unity, N. 
H. Sci. and Mil. Academy 1835-39; enter- 
ed Univ. ministry 1839; pastor, Univ. 
Church, Methuen, Mass. 1839-42; Lowell 
1842-48; 2nd Univ. Church, Boston 1848; 
Sec. Trustees Tufts College 1850-62; 
President 1862-75; Pres. Trustees Dean 
Academy; Univ. Pub. House; mem. 
Mass. Board of Education 25 years.; 
author; d. Boston, 1895. 

*William Henry Noble, (A. M.) 1829. 

b. Newton, Conn.; lawyer; col. 17th 
Conn. Vols, and bvt. brig. gen. civil war; 
d. Bridgeport, Conn., 1894. 

*Ralph L. North, 1838. 

b. ■, e. f. Natchez; lawyer; author; d. 

Natchez, Miss., 1880 (?) 

*Richard Laurens North, (M. D.) 

b. ; 1809, e. f. Charleston, N. C. 

physician Christ parish near Mt. Pleas- 
ant, S. C; said to have died there. 

*Thomas R, Owen, 1828. 

b. ; e. f. Wilmington. N. C; distin- 
guished lawyer and politician; d.Wilming- 
ton, 1880. (?) 

*Horace Paddock, 1825. 

b. St. Johnsbury, Vt.; merchant, St. 
Johnsbury; d. there 1877. 

t*John Odlin Page, 1825. 

b. ; e. f. Hallowell, Me.; U. S; Con. 

sul Port Said, Asia; d. Hallowell, Me 
1880. (?) 

*John Gendron Palmer, 1826. 

b. ; e. f. St. John's Parish, Berkley 

Co., S. C; extensive planter; d. Cherry 
Grove plantation, July 19, 1840. 

*tWimam P. Parrott, (Parrowt) 1827. 

e. f. Mass.; civil eng.; said to have lived 
in Lowell; R. R. Supt. 



t*Frederick W. Partridge, 1832. 

b. , Norwich, Vt.; lawyer; served in 

the Mexican war; col. 13th 111. Regt. Vols, 
and brev. brig. Gen.; U. S. consul gen. 
Bankok, Siam, 1869-77; d. Sycamore, 

*Hiram Paulding, 1823. 

b. West Chester Co., N. Y.; s. John Pauld- 
ing of Revolutionary fame; midshipman 
on the "President" in the battle on Lake 
Champlain, 1812; Rear Adml. U. S. N.; 
d. Lloyds Harbor, L. I., Oct. 20, 1878. 

♦Cyril Pennock, 

b. ; e. f. Hartford, Vt.; first cadet to 

enter "A. L. S. &M."; moved to Mo? 

Nathan Loveman Pennock, 1830-33. 

b. Stafford, Vt.; June 10, 1814, col.; 
Vt. militia, 1340-45 ; postmaster, Ran- 
dolph, Vt.; 1850-58 ; in business, Somer- 
ville, Mass., oldest living cadet, 

♦Hamilton Eliot Perkins, 1824. 

b. Hopkinton, N. H.; lawyer; manufac- 
turer; judge of probate, 1855-74; d. Con- 
cord, N. H. 

♦Edward Elisha Phelps, (M. D., LL. D.), 1822. 
b. Cavendish, Vt.; prof, anatomy and 
surg. U. V. M. 1835-38; prof, materia 
medica and therapeutics, 1841-71; prof, 
emeritus 1871-80; surg. U. S. V. civil war, 
brev. It. col.; d. Windsor, Vt. 

*John Charles PhiUips, (A.(B.) 1824. 

b. Boston, Mass.; brothers Wendell Phil- 
lips; P. E. clergyman; d. Boston, , 


♦Philip PhiUips, A. M. 1826. 

b. Charleston, S. C; lawyer; mem. Cong. 
Ala. 1853-55; author; d. , Washing- 
ton. D. C. 1884. 

♦Frederick Adolphus Porcher, (A. M.) 1827. 

b. , near Charleston, S. C; author; 

pres. S. C. Historical Soc. 1856-88; prof. 
• Charleston College 1849-81; d. 1888. 

♦Thomas Cordes Porcher, 1828. 

b. St. J.'hns' Parish, Berkeley Co., S. C; 
Capt. in State militia during "Nullifica- 
tion" trouble in 1832; extensive planter; 
d. Pineville, S. C. 1862. 

♦Thomas WiUiam Porcher, 1825. 

b. St. Stephens Parish, La.; phys. and 
planter; d. "Walworth" plantation. La. 

♦Truman Bishop Ransom, A. M., 1825. 

b. December, 1802, So. Woodstock, Vt.; 
asst. prof. math. N. U. 1825-27; pres. 
1843-47; maj. gen. Vt. militia, 1836-44; 
col. 9th U. S. Inft. Mex. war; killed while 
leading his regiment in charge up the 
heights of Chepulta,pec; buried Norwich, 

♦Moncure Robinson, A. M., LL. D., 1824. 

b. , Richmond, Va.; cons. eng. with 

George Stephenson, Liverpool and Man- 
chester Ry., England; ch. eng. Pottsville 
& Danville R. R. in Pa., the first steam 
railroad in the United States; Alle- 
ghany Portage; Petersburg & Roa- 
noke; Richmond & Petersburg; built 
long bridge at Richmond over the James 
river, remarkable for its construction 
and low cost; Richmond & Fredericks- 
burg; Winchester & Potomac; Phila. & 
Reading, 1834-1840; constructed bridge 
at Black Rock Tunnel for Reading 
Road; this was the first laige stone 
structure built for a double track rail- 
road; and remarkable for its construc- 
tion; offered by Czar of Russia posi- 
tion of ch. eng. in charge of railways and 
inland improvements of Empire; au- 
thor; mechanical eng.; d. PhUa., 1891. 

♦Stephen N . Rouch, 1826. 

b. ; e. f. Natchez, Miss.; bro.-in-law, 

Walter P. Smith, 1826; extensive planter; 
d. New Orleans, (?), 1860. 

♦John Dennison Russ, (M. D.) 1824. 

b. , Essex, Mass.; physician; supt. of 

hospital service for the Grecian patriots 
1827-30; d. Pompton, N. J., 1881. 

♦Walter Webster Russell, 1824. 

b. Plymouth. N. H.; merchant N. H. and 
Gainsville, Ala., d. in Gainsville, Ala. 
June 20, 1878. 

William Huntington Russell, (M. D., A. M.,) 

b. Middletown, Conn.; educator; pres. 
Collegiate and Commercial Inst. New 
Haven, Conn.; maj. gen. Conn, militia 
1862-65; d. New Haven, Conn. 

♦Adolphus I. Rutherford, 1828. 

b. ; e. f. Milledgeville, Ga., member 

of State Convention which passed ord- 
nance of Secession in 1860; held many 
offices of trust; d. Columbus, Ga., 1880. 

♦Edward Goldsborough Prescott, (A. M.) 

b. Salem, Mass.; brother Wm. Hickling 
Prescott; lawyer; col. Mass. militia; 
ordained P. E. clergyman 1837; d. at 
sea 1844. 

♦Henry J. (S.) Ranny, A. M. 1828. 

e. f. Middletown, Conn.; asst. eng. Bait, 
and Ohio R. R.; ch. eng. New Orleans, 
Jackson and Great Northern 1860-65; d. 
Mandeville, La. 

♦William B. Sanford, 1826. 

b. Orwell, Vt.; prominent stockman; d. 
1904, Orwell, Vt. 

t^Richard B. Scriven, 1823-25. 

b. Grahamville, S. C; It. U. S. A., served 
in Seminole war; d. 1880. (?) 

♦Theodore Sedgwick, 1862. 
b. Alban; 
bridge, ^ 

b. Albany, N. Y.; lawyer; d. 1859, Stock- 

♦Augustus Fitzwhylssen (Fenton) Seaton, 1828. 

b. ; e. f. Washington, D. C; editor. 

Wash. D. C. 


*Horatio Seymour, A. M., LL. D. 1828. 

b. Pompey Hill, N. Y.; lawyer; gov. N. Y. 
1852, 1862-64; pres. nominee Demo- 
cratic party, 1868; d. Utica, N. Y. 1886. 

*Horatio Seymour, 1829. 

e. f. Litchfield. Conn.; mayor Buffalo; d. 
Buffalo, N.Y.(?) 

*Thomas Henry Seymour, A. M., LL. D., 

b. Hartford, Conn.; lawyer; editor; mem. 
Congress from Conn. 1843-45; gov. Conn. 
1850-53; U. S. Min. Russia 1853-57; maj. 
9th U. S. Inf. Mex. war; took command of 
the regiment after Col. Ransom was 
killed; was the first to enter the fortress 
of Chepultapec; d. Hartford, Conn.. 1868. 

Bernard Ship, A. M., 1827. 

b. near Natchez, Miss.;extensive traveler 
and has written many historical works; 
has one of the largest and most valuable 
libraries in the world on the subject of 
the early explorations in America; his- 
torian, Louisville, Ky. 

*Seneca Galusha Simmons, 1828. 

b. Wmdsor, Vt.; maj. U. S. A.; col. 5th 
Pa. Reserves and brev. brig. gen. Civil 
war; d. Harrisburg, Pa. 

*James Sinkler, 1826. 

b. Utah plantation, Buckley Co., S. C; 
extensive cotton planter; politician; d. 

*Isaac Townsend Smith, A. M., 1830. 

b. Boston, Mass.; merchant; financier; 
con. gen. to the U. S. for Siam; d. New 
York, 1906. 

*Richard Dinock Smith, 1826. 

b. Bristol, R. I.; went to Cuba in 1826; 
became a prosperous planter; owned 
the "San Ricordo" plantation, Carde- 
nas, where he died in 1873. 

*William Pembroke Smith, 1826. 

b. Madison Co., Va., 1810; e. f. Natchez, 
Miss.; became one of the largest cotton 
planters and slave owners in La.; held 
large property in Miss.; d. Saragopa 
Plantation, near Natchez, Miss., Aug. 
28, 1866. 

*Samuel Gray Southmead, (M. D.) 1828. 

b. Middletown, Conn.; physician. Middle- 
town, Conn.; New York, Hoboken. N. 
J.; d. Hartford, Conn.; Oct. 9, 1877. 

*Edward Stanley, 1829. 

b. Newbern, N. C; lawyer; att. gen. N. 
C. 1847; mem. Congress 1837-43, 1849- 
58; Mil. Gov. of Eastern N. C. during 
Civil war; d. San Francisco, Calif. 

*Elihu William Nathan Starr, 1829. 

b. Middletown, Conn.; adj. gen. Conn. 
1859-63; d. Middletown, Conn. 

*Joseph Stockbridge, (A. M.) 1823. 

b. Yarmouth, ile., 1811; lawyer; clergy- 
man; chaplain U. S. N.; extensive trav- 
eler and writer; editor; d. PhUa., Pa., 
1894. (?) 

*William tf. Strudwick, 1828. 

b. near HUlsboro, N. C; became prom- 
inent physician; d. HUlsboro, N. C. 1851. 

*Edwin Sturtevant, 1828. 

b. Hartland, Vt.; musician; taught music 
at the Academy 1825-27; Charlestown, 
S. C. 1830-36; d. Charleston 1836. 

*George F. Sturtevant, 1828. 

b. Hartland, Vt.; manufacturer; d. Can- 
ada, 1888. 

*James Swan Sullivan, 1826. 

b. Boston, Mass. 1809; d. Savannah, Ga. 
1874; said to have been prominent busi- 
ness man. 

*William Amory SuUivan, 1826. 

b. Boston. Mass. 1807; bro. James S. 
Sullivan, 1826; d. 1849. 

*Benjamin Swan, (A. B.) 1824. 

b. Woodstock, V't.; lawyer; merchant 
Owasso, N. Y.; Colchester, Conn.; d. 
Colchester, Aug. 24, 1852. 

*John William Syme, 1828. 

b. Petersburg, Va.; lawyer; editor in Vir- 
ginia and N. C.; served several years in 
State Legislature; d. Petersburg, Va 
Nov. 26, 1865. 

*Josiah TattnaU, 1823. 

b. Bonaventure, Ga.; Capt. U. S. N.; Com- 
modore C. S. N. civil war; author of ex- 
pression "Blood is thicker than water." 

d. Savannah, Ga. 1880. (?) 

George W. Taylor, 1826. 

b. ; e. f. Lebanon, N. J.; midship- 
man U. S. N. 1827-31; Capt. U. S. A. 
Mex. war; col. 2nd N. J. Vols.; civil war, 
brig, gen.; d. High Bridge, N. J. 

*Robert H. Temple, 1825. 

e. f. Rutland, Vt.; q. m. Gen. N. Y. 1859- 
60; d. Albany, N.Y. 

*George Muirson Totten, 1827. 

b. , New Haven. Conn.; asst. eng. 

Farmington canal, 1827; Juniata canal, 
Pa.; Del. & Raritan in N. J.; R. R. 
Readmg to Port Clintoss, 1839; ch. eng. 
canal del Dique, Columbia. S. A.; ch. 
eng. Panama R. R. 1850-1875; eng. with 
M. Ferdinand de Lesseps on Panama 
canal; ch. eng. of railroad in Vene- 
zuella; d. New York city in 1884. 

*Charles Tracy, 1828. 

b. Whitestown, N. Y.; lawyer; d. New 
York City. 1885. 

*Thomas Rutherford Trowbridge, 1826. 

b. , New Haven, Conn.; merchant 

and extensive ship o^\Tier in the West 
Indies; d. New Haven, Conn. 1887. 

i= James Van Ness, 1825. 

b. Burlington, Vt.; lawyer; first mayor of 
San Francisco, Calif.; d. San Francisco, 
Calif. 1880. (?) 



''Henry Van Rensellaer, 1827. 

b. Albany, N. Y.; It. U. S. A.; mem. 
Congress from N. Y. 1S41-43; col. and 
inspec. gen. civil war; d. Albany, N. Y. 


*Thomas Beale Wales, 1825. 

b. Boston, Mass.; extensive merchant; 
d. Boston, Mass. 

*ThomasBlackburn Washington, 1827. 

b. Rock Hall, Jefferson Co., Va.. 1812; 
planter; Jefferson Co., Va.; d. Albany, 
N. Y.; Aug. 8, 18-54. 

*James Harman Ward, 1823. 

b. Hartford, Conn.; Capt. U. S. N.; prof. 
at Annapolis; author; killed in the en- 
gagement at Acquia Creek, June 27, 1861. 

*Roswell Butler Ward, 1824. 

b. Hartford, Conn.; Capt. Hartford Light 
Guard; prominent merhant, Hartford 
and New London, Conn; d. New Lon- 
don, 1883. 

*WiUiam Andrews Ward, 1824. 

b. Hartford. Conn.; merchant Hartford, 
Conn, and N. Y. Citv; d. N. Y. Feb. 8, 

*Morton Waring, (M. D.) 1826. 

b. Ponpon, S. C, 1808; physician, Berk- 
eley Parish, S. C; Florence, S. C; exten- 
sive planter; d. Florence, 1869. 

*Thomas Ladson Webb, 1825. 

b. Charleston, S. C. 1809; cotton merchant 
col. S. C. militia; d. Charleston, S. C; 
Apr. 21, 1872. 

*Sumner Allan Webber, 1824. 

b. Rutland, Vt., 1798; e. f. Cavendish, 
\t.; lawyer and merchant; Rochester, 
Vt.;d. there, 1880. (?) 

*Gideon WeUes, A. M., 1826. 

b. Glastonbury, Conn.; editor and author; 
held many State offices; sec. Navy 1861- 
69; d. New York, N. Y. 

*Henry Walton Wessels, 1828. 

b. Litchfield, Conn.; col. and brev. brig. 
Gen. U. S. A.; d. (?) 

*John Williams, 1828. 

b. Salem, N. Y.; ISOl; extensive prop- 
erty; business man; d. Phila., Pa.; June 
14, 1846. 

*Ebenezer Bancroft WilUston, (A. B.) 1822. 
b. Tunbridge, Vt.; teacher; pres. Jeffer- 
son Coll., Miss.; author; father of Gen. 
E. B. Williston,'56; d. Norwich, Vt.,1837. 

*David Howe Williston, 1823. 

b. Tunbridge, Vt.; became a clergyman; 
further information desired. 

*Hiram P. Woodworth, 1828. 

e. f. Norwich, Vt.; ch. eng. 111. Imp. 
Commis. 1838-?; lived in Peru or Chicago, 
111., d. (?) 

*John James de Wolf, (M. D.) 

b. Providence, R. I.; physician; d. Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

*David Minton Wright, M. D., 1829. 

e. f. Plymouth, N. C; physician; Nor- 
folk, Va. 

*Franklin Wright, 1832. 

b. Charlestown, N. H.; asst. eng. Del. & 
Rankin canal; ch. eng. Southside R. R. 
Alleghany Valley; Steubenville; Ben 
nett's Branch Div., Pa. R. R.; iron mfr.. 

d. "Battersea Place" Petersburg, Va., 

*Horatio Gates Wright, LL. D., 1835-37. 

b. Clinton, Conn.; cadet with Capt. Alden 
Partridge 1835-37; leaving entered West 
Point- grad 1841; 2nd It. U. S. engs.; 
capt.; brig. gen. Sept. 4, 1861,; maj. gen. 
of volunteers 1862; commanded the 6th 
army corps civil war; It. col. U.S.A. 1865; 
col. 79; ch. of engineers 1879-84; retired 
from service 1884; author; reed, degree 
of LL. D. from N. U. 1897; d. Washing- 
ton, D. C. 1902. 

*William O. Wright, 1832. 

e. f. Claremont, N. H.; educator; Mass. 
or N. H. 




CADETS 1834-1907. 


*Alonzo Flagg Estabrook, (certificate.) 

b. Reading, Vt.; asst. eng. N. Y. Cent. 
R. R. 1830; asst. <& div. eng. on Wabash 
& Erie canal; Hocking canal; Musk- 
ingum River Improv. Commis. 1838-40; 
eng. Indianapolis & Vincennes R. R. 
1847; Indianapolis & Bellefontaine 1848: 
eng. Del. Co., Ind. 1849-52; eng. Evans- 
vUle & Crawford R. R. 1853-54; Bedford, 
Bloomfield, Switz City, and Effingham 
(111.) Narrow Gauge R. R. 1875; asst. 
eng. Rocksville & Indianapolis; d. 1892 
at Lavaca, Neb. 

*Amasa Gleason, A. M. 

b. Dummerston, Vt.; educator; Glouces- 
ter, Mass. 

tjoseph Wood Horr, M. C. E. 

Civil engineer on railroads in the South. 

*Alonzo Jackman, A. M., LL. D. 

b. Thetford, Vt.; adj. gen. of Vt. during 
the Civil War and prof. Mathematics at 
N. U. 1837-79; d. 1879 Northfield, Vt. 


* Joseph W. Curtis, A. B. 

e. f. Warren, Vt., It. U. S. Navy; Warren, 
Vt.; d. Warren, Vt.. 

*Cyrus Hyde Fay, LL. D. 

b. , Lebanon, N. H.; Univ. clerg., 

Hartford, Conn.; Roxbury, Mass.; Na- 
shua, N. H.; Middleton, Cona.; Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; author; d. Brooklyn, ^-Y. 

*Robert Frazier, A. B., M. C. E. 

b. Newton, Pa.; civ. ens. and pres. Wil- 
mington and Reading R. R.; Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

*Horatio Gates Gilbert, A. B. 

b. , Watertown, N. Y.; bank cashier, 

Albany, N. Y.; d. New York, N. Y., 1891. 

*George Washington Gilson, A. M. 

b. Stoddard, N. H.; civil engineer, Chic- 

tSamuel B. Grice, M. C. E. 

Civil engineer; Phila., Penn. 

*Eugene Eckel McLean, A. B. 

b. Washington, D. C; col. C. S. A.; finan- 
cial engineer; d. New York City, 1906. 

tWinfield Scott Sherwood, A. M. 

Civil engineer; politician; California. 

*Joseph Herman Streeter, A. B., (M. D.) 

b. Springfield, Vt.; physician; Roxbiu-y, 

*Sebastian Russell Streeter, A. B. 

b. Springfield, Vt.; capt. 61st Mass. Vols.; 
lawyer; Woodstock, Vt. 

*Josiah Sweet, Jr., A. M., D. D., 

b. , Claremont, N. H.; prof. Ancient 

languages 1840-41; 1843-45; author; P. E. 
clergyman; d. Highgate, Vt., in 1890. 

tjoseph G — Tilden, M. D. 

Physician; Vt. (?) 

*Thomas Jefferson Whipple, A. M. 

b. , Wentworth, N. H.; It-col.. 1st N. 

H.; col. 4th N. H. Vols.; lawyer; d. Laco- 
nia, N. H., 1889. 

*Horace Parkhurst Allen, 1833-36. 

b. Eastport, Maine; cadet U. S. M. A. 
1836-37; resigned owing to sickness; 
cashier Royaltou, Vt., bank; held many 
town offices; d. Royalton, Vt. 

*Henry S. Burton, 1832-35. 

b. , Norwich, Vt., graduated U. S. 

Mil. .\ca. 1839; It.-col. N. Y. Vols. Mex- 
can war; col. U. S. Art. '61, and bvt. 
brig. gen. U. S. A.; d. April 4, 1869. 

*Daniel Bryant Bliss Cobb, 1834-35. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; U. S. revenue service; 
cashier and director People.s' Bank, 
Derby Line, Vt.; Derby Line, Vt. 

*tjames Bradly Smith, 1833-36. 

b. Bradford, Vt.; asst. eng. Utica & 
Schenectady R. R. 1837. Memphis ■& 
Rio Grande (in Tenn.); eng. Bolivia Co., 

INIiss., many years; planter; d. at —■ , 

Tenn., 1893. 

*Timothy Dwight Smith, 1834-37. 

b. Bradford, Vt.; col. N. H. militia; 
merchant, St. Paul, Minn. 


Jay Dyer, A. B. 

b, Clarendon, Vt.; capt. Co. I, 32d Ohio 
Vols.; asst. eng. 111. Cent. R. R., 1839; 
asst. eng. 111. Internal Imp. Commis.; 
surveyor, Del. Co., Ohio; asst. eng. 
Cleveland. Akron & Columbus; address 
Galena, Ohio. 

♦Charles Denison Lewis, M. C. E., M. D. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; physician; Dry Ridge, 

t*Jehiel LUlie, A. B. 

b. Tunbridge, Vt.; lawyer; Chelsea, Vt.; 
later is said to have lived in So. Royalton 
and then moved to Washington, D. C., or 
lawyer, Selma, Ala. 





tjohn C— . Murray, A. B. 

Civil eng.; Middleburg or Middlebury 

*Johnson Shedd, A. B. 

Supt. Military School; Portsmouth, Va. 

tCharles Slack, M. C. E. 

Civ. eng. on 111. river survey 1838-40 
Cal. 1849—? 

^Collins Wright, A. B. 

Lawyer; Dayton, Ohio. 

*Edward Allen, 1836-38. 

Ranchman and sheep owner in Austra- 
lia wliere is said to have died in 1860. 

tCharles Ball, 1835-37- 

e. f. Sandy Hill, N. \ .; eng. on many 

*George Henry Bissell, 1836-38. 

b. . Hanover, N. H.; A. B. Dart. Coll. 

184.5; prof. N. U., 1844-45; prin. and supt. 
schools New Orleans, La.; oil mfgr.; 
lawyer, located N. Y. City, where he 
died 1884. 

George H. Clark. 

e. f. Sandy Hill, N. Y., asst. eng. on 
Croton Water Works, N. Y. 

Simon Chase Dow. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; settled in 111., taught 
school and held many public offices in 
111., Wis. and Minn.; address, Walcott 
Rice Co., Minn. 

Solomon Franklin Frary, 1835-37. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; merchant. So. Straf- 
ford, Vt.; has held many public offices; 
address. So. Strafford, Vt. 

*John Harvey Moore, 1835-37. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; Univ. clerg., Wake- 
field, Mass.; Concord, N. H.; Stamford, 
Conn.; Newark, N. J.; Warren, Mass.; 
d. Warren, Mass., 1901. 

*Lewis S. — (?) Partridge, 1833-36. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; adj. gen. Vt. 1852-54; 
held many public offices; merchant, 
Norwich, Vt., where he died 1889. 

*tBenjamin Poole, 1835-37. 

b. Gloucester, Mass., 1818 ; student 
Bowdoin Col. 1839-42; A. B. Union Col. 
1843: lawyer, Lowell, 1849-55; Topsfield, 
1855-186(>; Boston 1860-1903; president 
of Danvers and Georgetown R. R.; 
President Metropolitan St. R. R., Boston, 
1860-80 (?); d. Roxbury, Sept. 10, 1906. 

*George Barker Sherill, 1835-38. 

b. Sandy Hill, N. Y.; held many state 
offices; supt. Salem & Champlain canal 
for many years; d. Sandy Hill, N. Y. 


tGeorge Bradley Adams, A. B. 

b. Barre, Mass.; teacher; Bowling Green, 

Cyrus Barrett Burnham, M. C. E. 

b. , Strafford, ^'t.; banker and real 

estate; St. Louis, Mo. 

*Friend Perry Fletcher, A. B. 

b. Bridgeport, Vt.; merchant and iron 
mfgr.; Bridgeport, Vt.; d. 1875. 

*James Ashton Hall, A. B. 
Lawyer; Reading, Vt. 

*Africus Sumner Howard, A. B. 

e. f. Marlow. N. H. ; teacher No. 
Charleston 1839-44; town clerk Danvers, 
Mass.; librarian Public Library at same 

t Walter B. Hurlbut, A. B 

Pawlet, Vt. 

*(Joshua) Thompson Lincoln, A. B. (M. D.) 
Physician; Cornish, Maine. 

*William Livingston, A. B. 

b. , Unity, N. H., prof, nat'l science 

Lombard Univ., Galesburg, 111., where 
he died 1879. 

*Caleb Lyon, LL. D. 

b. , Lyonsdale, N.Y.; sec. convention 

called to frame constitution for Calif.; 
U. S. consul, Shanghai, China, 1847; 
member Congress 1853-55; gov. Idaho 
1864-66; said to have served in civil war; 
d. RossvUle, Staten Island, N. Y. 

*Samuel Marsh, A. B., (M. D.) 

b. , Hartland; It.-col. 16th N. Y. 

Vols.; prof, mathematics, St. Lawrence 
Academy, Potsdam, N. Y.; died of 
wounds received in battle before Rich- 
mond, 1862. 

*Asy Crosby Marvin, A. B. 

b. Alstead, N. H.; pres. Mo. Senate 
and acting gov. of State; col. 60th Regt. 
Mo. Nat'l Guard, 1860-62; pres. Tebo. 
and Nesho. R. R.; Sedalia, Mo. 

*Samuel Nichols, Jr., M. C. E. 
Physician; Brattleboro, Vt. 

*Jonathan Tarbell, A. B. 

b. Moria, N. Y.; maj. 24th N. Y. Vols, 
col. 91st; brig. gen. U. S. Vols.; chief 
justice Supreme Court of Miss.; d. Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1888. 

*Youngs Vail Wood, A. B. 

Lawyer; Dayton, Ohio. 

*Chauncey Wright, M. C. E. 

b. , Rome. N. Y.; merchant; d. Lex- 
ington, Miss., 1895. 

*Henry Baxter (M. D.), 1835-38/ 

b. Norwich, Vt.; M. D., Castleton Med. 
Coll. 1841; phys. Highgate, Vt., 1842 un- 
til his death in 1897; held many state 

*Isaac Newton Cushman, (A. M.) 1836-38. 
b. Woodstock, Vt.; left the University 
in 1836 to enter West Point, where he re- 
mained two years; surveyor 1842-43; 
lawyer; town representative; state sen- 
ator; judge of probate; A. M. Univ. of 
\'t., 1852; d. Irasburg, Vt., 1881.- 




tjohn B — Davis. 

b. Barnaril, Vt.; said to have been an 

*Mitchell M— Davis, (M. D.) 1834-39. 

b. Sharon, Vt.; M. D. Vt. Med. Coll. 
1846; physician; Portage, Wis. 1854-62; 
Apple ton 1862-72; Baraboo 1872-88; was 
active in politics and held many public 
offices; Indian agent 1861-66; del. Nat. 
Repub. conventions 1854, 1860; Regent 
Univ. Wis. 1856-72; d. Baraboo, 1888. 

*Gilman Folsom, 1836-39. 

b. ; e. f. Dorchester, N. H.; distin- 
guished lawyer; located in Wisconsin, 
later in Iowa City, Iowa, where he died 
in 1872; engaged in extensive business 
enterprises; held many public offices. 

tRobert Henderson, 1837-38. 

e. f. Leesburg, Va.; is said to have been 
an officer in the C. S. A. 

*Josiah Marvin, 1838-39. 

b. Alstead, N. H.,; Univ. clerg.. Stone- 
ham, Springfield and Fitchburg, Mass.; 
Springfield, 111.; St. Paul, Minn.; chap- 
lain, Minn, state senate several years 
grand master I. O. O. F., Minn. Grand 
Lodge, d. Alstead. N. H., 1887. 

tChilton Murray, 1837-38. 

e. f. Middlebury or JNIiddleburg, Va.; 
said to have entered C. S. A. 

tCharles H. Sargeant, 1836-38. 

e. f. Ohio City, Ohio; civ, eng.? 

tJohn H. Sargeant. 

e. f. Cleveland, Ohio; civ. eng.? 

*Lemuel Shattuck, 1834-38. 

e. f. Lebanon, N. H.; state senator 1890- 
92; d. Bridgewater, Vt. 


tEdward Crowell, A. B. 

Civil eng.; Perth Amboy, N. J. 

tThomas D. Fell, A. B. 

C. S. A.?; Charleston,. S. C. 

*Sylvester M— Hewitt, A. B., (M. D.) 

b. , Pomfret. Vt.; capt. 26th Ohio 

Vols.; surg. 1.36 Ohio Vols.; phvsician; 
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1866-1905; d. there 

*Lucius Hurlbut, A. B. 

b. , Vt.; inst. math. Fredonia (Iowa) 

academy, 1844-50; banker; Waterloo, 
1869-77; in business Chicago 1877-96; held 
many public offices; d. Chicago, 1896. 

*Cyrus Gardner Myrick, (certificate). 

b. , Middlebury, Vt.; e. 1837; receiv- 
ed certificate of completing eng. work 
drill master Canadian "Rebels" 1839 
served in Mexican war; co. survevor 
Le Sueur, Minn., 1855-75; d. Le Sueur', 

tPhilander Palmer, A. B. 

Entered from Langdon, N. H.; lawyer. 

*Alvin Roundy, A. B. 

b. Goshen, N. H.; teacher; Unity, N. H. 

t* Joseph W— Shedd, A. B. 

Entered from Washington, N. H. 

*Warren Shedd, (certificate). 

b. Stoddard, N. H.; prin. Rock Island; 
nil.) H. S.; CO. treas., Mercer co.. 111. 
drilled state troops for civil war; capt. 
maj., It. col. and col. 30th 111. vols.; bvt. 
brig. gen. U. S. vols.; LT. S. land agent; 
clerk U. S. courts; mining; G. A. R. 
posts at Aledo, 111. and Hill City, N. D., 
are named in his honor; d. State Creek, 
S. D., 1881. 

tDaniel Tuller, A. B. 

Entered from Royalton, Vt.; lawver 
Washington, D, C. 

*Simon Wheeler, A. B., (LL. B.) 

b. Newport, N. H.; LL. B. Univ. of Va.; 
teacher and lawyer; d. Demopolis, Ala. 

*William CaldweU Belcher, (A. M.) 1837-39. 
b. Stockbridge, Mass.; prin. of schools; 
lawyer; endowed "Belcher Library," 
Gaysville, Vt.; d. MarysviUe, Calif., 

*James Martin Gilson, 1836-39. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; lawyer; Vt., N. Y.. 
Cal. and 111.; Capt. 111." Vols. Civil war; 

d. Brookfield, Mo., 1888. 

t Wilson Glover, 1837-39. 

e. f. Charleston, S. C; said to have held 
high office in C. S. A. 

tRobert B. Jenkins, 1837-39. 

e. f. Charleston, S. C; officer C. S. A.? 

*Sumner Knight, 1836-39. 

b. Stoddard, N. H.; teacher and busi- 
ness man; d. Keene, N. H., 1902. 

*Moses Lane, (C. E., A. M., Ph. D.) 1835-39. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; studied mathematics 
at N. U., where he laid the foundation 
for his great success as a water works 
eng.; entered the Univ. of Vt. in 1843 to 
pursue a classical education; graduated 
A. B. 1845; A. M. 1849; Ph. D. 1875; en- 
tered the civil engineering profession as 
a transit man on the Central Vermont 
R. R. in 1845; res. eng. Albany & Sus- 
quehanna R. R.; prin. asst. eng. Brook- 
lyn water works 1856-62; ch. eng. 1862- 
69; Milwaukee water works and other 
important works; d. Milwaukee, Wis., 

tJohn W. Lewis, 1837-38. 

e. f. Charleston, S. C; C. S. A.? 

*Seth WiUiams, 1836-38. 

b. Augusta, Me.; left N. U. in 1838 to 
enter West Point; served in Mexican 
war; It. and bvt. capt.; adj. at West 
Point 1850-53; brig. gen. and adj. gen. 
Army of the Potomac, civil war; bvt. 
maj. gen.; d. Boston, 1865. 





1 841. 

*Alvan Earl Bovay, A. M. 

b. Adams, N. Y.; maj. 16th Wis. Vols.; 
lawyer, Ripon, Wis., 1847-1888; politi- 
cian, noted as founder of the Republican 
party in 1854; held many state offices; 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tAndrew Jackson Dorn, A. B. 

e. f. Florida, N. Y.; founded in 1844 first 
military school in Mo.; 1st It. Mo. Art., 
Mex. war; 2d It. 3d Dragoons, U. S. A.; 
Indian agent; in command "Indian" 
regiment, C. S. A.; state treas. Tex.; 

d. Austin, Tex. 

*Daniel H — Dustin, A. B. 

U. S. District attorney, St. Paul, Mmn., 
where he died about 1860. 

*Cogswell Eastman, A. B. 

Merchant; Boston, Mass. 

*Ephraim Flint, A. B. 

b. Baldwin, Me.; lawyer; held many 
.*tate offices; sec. of State, Maine; d. 
Dover, Me., 1884. 

t John Harris, A. B. 

e. f. Yorkshire, Eng., or New York City. 

*Augustine L. C. Major, A. B. 

b. Culpepper's Court House, Va.; private 
Mosby's Rangers. C. S. A.; farmer, 
Brandy Station, Va. 

tLuke E— Miller, A. B.. (M. D.) 

Physician; ? Minnesota. 

*Henry Villiers Morris, M. C. E., A. B. 

b. New Glasgow, Va.; cadet 1831-36; 
M. C. E. 18.38; A. B. 1841; prof. top. draw, 
and field work, Univ. of Va., 1836-37; 
asst. eng. 111. state system of "internal 
improvements" 1837-40; prof, at Capt. 
Partridge's school, Bristol, Pa., 1843-45; 
eng. on railroads in Md. and Ohio 
1845-54; mfr. railroad supplies, Cin- 
cinnati 1S55-61; eng. Chicago & No. 
West.; miJitnry instructor and drUl mas- 
ter Wis. Vols. 1861-62; adjt. 20th Wis. 
Vols.; mai. Vet. Reserve Corps; arst. 
eng. Wabash R. R. 1874-98; d. St. Louis, 
Mo.. 1898. 

Benjamin Franklin Nalle, A. B., M. C. E. 

Col. Virginia Militia, C. S. A.; farmer; 
Rapidan, Va. 

*Henry Pierce, A. B. 

Georgetown, D. C. 

*David Richardson, A. M. 
Teacher, Clinton, 111. 

*James Van Allen Shields, A. B. 

b. New York City; sergt. maj. Mo. Vols. 
Mexican war; adj. 2d. Regt. Govt, em- 
I>loyees; District Columbia; Civil war; 
Washington, D. C; d. March 20, 1904. 

Charles Alexander Silver, A. B. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; merchant and capital- 
ist, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tjustin Edwards Stevens, A. B., (M. D.) 

Surg. 9th U. S. Regulars, Mexican war; 
Phys., Boston, Mass, 

*Stephen N— Warren, A. B. 
Farmer, Orwell, Vt. 

*Thomas WiUiams White, A. B. 

b. Milledgeville, Ga.; mining and eng. 
col., 1849-54; 1st mavor San Jose; capt. 
Ga. Vols., C. S. A.; capt. C. S. A. Eng's., 
Milledgeville, Ga. 

tEli B — Bean. 

b. Brownfield, Me.; capt. and bvt. maj. 
Maine vols. Address, Brownfield, Me. 

tBenjamin Buck, 1838-40. 

e. f. Washington, D. C; said to have 
taught in military schools in the South 
and to have served in Mexican war from 
North Carolina. 

*Robert Bradford Eaton, 1838-40. 

b. Heniker, N. H.; col. N. H. militia.; 
mem. firm Eaton, Hill & Chandler 
wholesale dealers paints and dye stuffs 
Boston, 1850-57; in 1853 founded Merri- 
mac Chem. Co., Woburn, Mass.; supt. 
this CO. 1863-70; vice-pres. Boston N. U. 
Alumni Asso. 1890-95. d. Woburn, 1902. 

tNathaniel E — Goodrich, 1838-40. 
e. f. Charleston, S. C; C. S. A.? 

Joseph Harris. 

e. f. Wallingford, Vt., or Yorkshire, 

tjosiah D. Taylor, 1838-4O. 

e. f. Charleston, S. C; C. S. A. 

tjohn Winn. 

e. f. Charlottesville, Va.; capt. Va. Vols. 
C. S. A.? 


t*Oel Alfred Buck, A. M., M. C. E. 

Prof. math, and tactics, Capt. Alden 
Partridge's mil. school, Portsmouth, 

*Hiram Clark, A. B., M. C. E., (M. D.) 

b. Ackworth, N. H.; asst. eng. Boston 
& Northern; taught school in Ga.; 
Physician, Lawrence, Kan.; died there 
of cholera in 1S55. 

*Charles B— Crowingshield, M. C. E. 

Capt. Co. E., 1st Mass. Vols., Mex. war; 
civil eng.; Salem, Mass. 

William Watts Hart Davis, M. M. S., A. M. 

b. Southampton, Pa.; prof. Va. Mil. Sci., 
and Lit. Acad., Portsmouth, Va., 1842-44. 
capt. Mex. war; col. 104 Penn. Vols, 
bvt. brig, gen.; i5res. Bucks Co. Hist. 
Soc; attorney gen. and sec. of Territory, 
act. gov., New Mexico; author and edi- 
tor, Doylestown, Pa. 

t*George Washington Franklin Emerson, 
M. M. S., A. B. 

Penn. Vols, civil war; lawyer, Harris- 
burg, Penn. 

1 844 


njoseph Washington Frizell, M. M. S. 

e. f. Vanceburg. Kv.; lieut. col. 11th Ohio 
Vols.; col. 94th Ohio Vols.; bvt. brig, 
gen.; civil eng., Vanceburg, Ky., and 
. Greenville, Ohio. 

*John FuUer Jennison, A. B., (M. D.) 
Physician; Keene, N. H. 

♦William Little Lee, A. M., M. C. E. 

b. Sandy Hill, N. Y.; framed constitu- 
tion for the kingdom of Hawaii; framed 
civil and criminal codes; got the king to 
give one-third of the land to the common 
people; minister to the U. S.; ch. .justice 
Sandwich Islands; d. Honolulu 1857. 

t*Otis Mason Marsh, A. B., M. C. E. 

b. Hartland, Vt., iirominent^ civil eng. 
on railroads in Ohio, Ind., Ken., Texas 
and La.; d. Lake Charles, La., 1892. 

t*Benjamin Franklin Shepard, A. B., M. C. E. 
Entered from Milton, N. H., and Boston, 
Mass.; said to have served in civil war, 
and later located in California. 

t^Hiram M— Storrs, A. B., M. M. S. 

Moriah, N. Y. 

* Daniel Thompson, M. C. E. 

b. Westbrook, Me., civ. eng. on western 
railways; planter; "Calumet Planta- 
tion," Patterson, La.; d. 1898. 

* Joseph Cornwall Wright, A. B. 

b. Rome, N. Y.; lawyer; merchant; 
mem. Chicago Board of Trade; It. col. 
72d 111. Vols.; d. of a wound received in 
assault on Vicksburg. 

tSquire P. Coon. 

e.'f. Alexander, N. Y.; col. Wis. Vols. 

*George H. Derby, 1839-42. 

b. Mass.; le^t N. U. to enter West Point 
in 1842; grad. in 1846, ranking 7th in a 
class of 59; gained distinction at N. LT. as 
"John Phnenix," a name afterwards fa- 
mous in Amer. lit.; capt. U. S. engi- 
neers; author of several humorous 
works; d. N. Y. City 1861. 

*Henry Clay Longnecker, 1839-41. 

b. Mechanicsburg, Penn.; lawyer; 1st It. 
Penn. Vols. Mex. war; col. "9th Penn. 
Vols, and brigade commander; mem. 
Congress 1858-60; d. 1871. 

*Nathan Burnham Webster, (certificate). 

b. L'nity, N. H.; prin. Va. Lit., Sci., and 
Mil. Academy, widelv known as the Va. 
Colleg. Inst., Portsmouth, Va., 1842-46; 
Lect. Richmond Coll. 1846-48; civil eng. 
Gosport navy yard 1848-50; founded a 
school in Ottawa, Can., and the Ottawa 
Nat Hist. Soc; founded Webster Inst., 
Norfolk, Va., 1867-85; d. Vineland, N. J., 

*Henry H. Whitcomb, (M. D.) 1839-41. 

b. Quechee. Vt.; :M. D. Vt. Med. Coll. - 
Phys. So. Royalton, Vt., where he died 


♦Lemuel Winslow Blanchard, A. B. 

Prin. of schools in Vt. and N. H., Wil- 
mington, Vt. 

tEdward Bushell, A. B. 
Utica, N. Y. 

tHenry H— Cary, A. M. (M. D.) 

b. Weathersfield, Vt.; physician; La 
Grange, Ga. 

tjabez Cushman Crocker, A. B. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; state "drill master" 
111. Vols.; capt. 55th 111. Vols.; lawyer; 
Lincoln, Neb. 

*Henry Hancock, A. B. 

b. Bath, N. H.; asst. V. S. surveyor Cal. 
It. Mex. war; major 4th Cal. Vols.; civil 
eng. and lawyer, Los Angeles, Cal. 

*Asa Howe, C. E., (M. D.) 

b. Middletown, Mass.; M. D. Dart. Med. 
Coll.; div. eng. Cent. Vt. R. R. 1846-50; 
Saratoga & Whitehall; Passumpsic; 
Huntington & Broadtop; Chicago & 
Northwestern; Barre Ry.; Montpelier & 
Wells River; d. Northfield, Vt., 1894. 

t*Stephen Barry Lee, A. B. 

Maj. U. S. Vols.; Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

♦Robert Houston Milroy, A. B., M. M. S. 

b. Washington co., Ind.; capt. 1st. Ind. 
Vols. Mex. war; col. 9th Ind. Vols.; maj. 
gen. U. S. Vols.; supt. Ind. affairs. Wash, 
ington Ter.; d. Olympia, Wash., 1890. 

t* William Patterson Paul. A. B. 

b. Hanover, N. H.; teacher and planter 
in Tenn.; capt. Tenn. Vols., C. S. A.; d. 
yellow fever, ^lemphis, Tenn. 

♦William Ripley Stone, A. B. 

b. Windsor, Vt.; d. there 1844. 


s^Edward Marcus Brown, A. M. 

b. Hartland, Vt.; editor Spirit of the 
Age. Woodstock, Vt., 1847-60; post- 
master; del. nat'l dem. conven., 1860; 
ed. Vt. Patriot; adj. 5th Vt. vols.; 
It.-col. 8th Vt.; ed.. Gen. B. F. Butler's 
war paper, Delta. New Orleans. 1862- 
6.3; ed. Vt. Watchman, 1866-73; Press 
AND Dakotian, Yankton. Dakota; U. S. 
deputy surveyor of public lands; d. St. 
Paul, Minn., 1903. 

♦Henry O. Brigham, 1841-43. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; "drummer" Mex. war; 
major and paymaster V. S. Vols.; d. 
Detroit, Mich., 1868. 

tWilliam Wallace Chandler, 1840-42. 

b. Randolph, Vt., Jan. 7, 1821; teacher of 
writing; advertising agent for various 
concert troops, 1845-53; ch. clerk Cleve- 
land, Pittsburg & Wheeling R. R.; gen'l 
freight agt. of this road, 1856-65; gen'l 
agt. "Star LTnion Line," through freight 
line at Chicago, 111., 1865-93; address, 
Chicago, 111. 





*Thomas Clark, 1841-43. 

b. Ackworth, N. H.; merchant Cleveland, 
O.; col. N. H. mil.; drill master 19th Ohio 
Vols.; and served three months in the 
field; It. col. 29th Ohio Vols.; employ 
U. S. customs house, Boston; d. Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass., 1894. 

t* James Cunningham, 1S41-43. 

e. f. Boston, Mass.; It. col. Mass. Vols.; 
bvt. brig. gen. d. Cambridge, Mass. 

i=William CuUen Danforth, 1842-43. 

b. Barnard, Vt.; engaged in business in 
the west; stock breeder; d. 1906, Barn- 
ard, Vt. 

*Truman Seymour, A. M., 1840-42. 

b. Burlington, Vt.; left N. U. in 1842 to 
enter West Point; 1st It. and bvt. capt. 
Mex. war; brig. gen. and bvt. ma.i. gen. 
U. S. Vols., civil war; A. M. Williams 
Coll., 1865; d. Florence, Italy, 1891. 


*John Mills Barnard, A. M. 

b. Ackworth, N. H.; on staff 1st Texas 
Mounted Vols., Mexican war; civil eng.; 
Rochester, N. Y. 

s^Nathan Bryant Cobb, A. M. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; .cadet 1843-45; A. M. 
in course 1873; has held many public 
offices, d. So. Strafford, Vt., 1906. 

♦Charles Edward Denison, A. M. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; ch. draughtsman. 
Cent. Vt. R. R.; asst. eng. Conn. & 
Passumpsic; ch. eng. Marietta & Colum- 
bia R. R.; Peoria & Oquawka; Peoria & 
Burlington; Toledo, Peoria & Western; 
Tunica & Petersburg; city eng. Peoria, 
111.; capt. 8th 111. Vols.; capt. and bvt. 
maj. 18th Inf., U. S. A.; reed, mortal 
wound in battle of Shiloh. d. 1863, 
Peoria, 111. 

*Roswell Dow, A. M. 

b. Hanover, N. H.; prin. of schools; 
held many public offices; son Ray Storrs 
in class 1895; d. Sycamore. 111., 1902. 

Bernard G. Farrar, B. S. 

b. ,St. Louis, Mo.; extensive plantation 
and slave owner; freed slaves in '61; 
aide-de-camp on staff Maj. Gen. Natha- 
niel Lyon, and Maj. Gen. Halleck; col. 
30th Mo. Vols.; col. 6th U. S. colored Inf.; 
brigade commander; brev. brig. gen. 
U. S. Vols.; U. S. Asst. Treasurer St. 
Louis, Mo. 

*Edinund Brush Kellogg, A. B., M. M. S.,C. E. 

b. Chilhcothe, Ohio; asst. eng. Northern 
R. R. in N. H.; div. eng. Cent. Vt. R, R.; 
surveyor Santa Cruz Co., Cal.; ch. eng. 
Peoria & Burlington R. R.; d. Knoxville, 
III., in 1855. 

*Edwin McNeil, (certificate). 

b. Litchfield, Conn.; asst. eng. in charge 
of constructing "Starrucca Vallev" 
viaduct; Penn. R. R.; N. J. Central; 
Cayuga & Susquehanna; ch. eng. Del., 
Lackawanna & Western, 1849-56; Lack- 
awanna & Bloomsburg 1849-56; loc. and 
con. eng. Macon & Brunswick (Ga.) 
1856-59; pres. Lackawanna & Blooms- 
burg ■ 1859-65; eng. Shipaug Valley; 
banker, Litchfield, 1865-75; d. West 
Point, 1875. 

*Orlanda Dana Miller, M. C. E., M. M. S.; 
A. M., D. D. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; L^niv.clerg. at Repub- 
lic, Ohio, Albany, N. Y., No. Adams, 
Mass., Nashua, N. H.; Univ. clergyman; 
Oriental scholar, author; d. So. Merri- 
mack, N. H., 1888. 

*John Brown Milroy, (certificate). 

b. Washington co., Ind., brother maj. 
gen. R. H. MQrov, '43; cadet 1842-44, 
completing the military course; col. 77th 
Reg. Ind. Mil.; capt. Co. A., 9th Ind. 
Vols., "The Bloody Ninth"; promoted 
maj.; held many public offices; d. Del- 
phi, Ind., 1896. 

*William Addison Newman, M. M. S., A. M. 
Bvt. 1st Lieut. 9th U. S. Inft. (Ransom's) 
Mex. war; U. S. inspector customs; 
d. Toronto, Canada. 

t*Daniel S. C. M. Potter, A. M., D. D. 

b. Bath, N. Y.; Episcopal clergyman; 
d. .\rkansas. 

Simon Manlv Preston, A. M. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; Prof. N. U.; asst. eng. 
Conn. River Valley R. R.; Northern 
(N. H.) R. R.; Chicago & Northwestern 
R. R.; ch. eng. Natchez, Jackson & 
Columbus, Chicago, Burlington & Pacific; 
cons. eng. Chicago, Rock Island & 
Pacific; Toledo, Askaloosa & Western R. 
R.; capt. .ind asst. adj. gen.; col. 58th 
v. S. C. I. and brev. brig, gen.; civil 
eng. and banker; Seattle, Wash. 

Otis Seth Tenney, A. M., LL. D. 

b. Hanover, N. H.; maj. 2nd Ky. Cav. 
C. S. A.; Prin. of schools; lawyer; Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

*John C — Crowningshield, 1842-45. 

b. .Salem, Mass., capt. co. E., 1st Mass 
Vols., Mex. war; editor Salem Adver- 
tiser, Salem Democr.\t)c Journal; 
d. Andover, Mass., 1898. 

*John Augustus Hall, 1841-44. 

b. Glastonbury. Conn.; gen. agent .-Etna 
Fire Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn. d. Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1855. 

*Stillman Hemmenway, 1841-44. 

b. West Windsor, Vt.; lawyer; Fair, 
haven, Vt., and La Moille, 111., d. La 
Moille, 111., 1863. 

*Milan Hebard Sessions, 1842-44. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; lawyer, Vt., Wis., and 
Neb.; capt. 21st Wis. Vols.; held many 
public offices; speaker. Neb. House oj 
Rep.; d. Minneapolis, Minn., 1898. 



*William Everett Tutherly, 1842-44. 

b. Unity, N. H.; in tusiness Claremont, 
N. H.; held many public offices; d. 
Claremont, 1893. 


tF— T— Alba, M.D. 

*Alexander Moses Bennett, A. M. 
Westmoreland, X. H. 

*CharIes Willard Burt, A. B. 

b. Westmoreland, N. H.; lawyer; De- 
troit, Mich.; d. there 1S59. 

tEdwin C— Cross, M.D. 

*Henry Louis Shafter HaskeU, A. M. 

b. Weathersfield, Vt.; mem. 11th 111. 
Vols.; lawyer, Bloomington, 111. 

*Lucius Darwin Peirce, A. M. 

b. Chesterfield, N. H.; lawyer; Win- 
chenden, Mass. 

tThomas P. Ashe. 

e. f. Demopoli.s, Ala.; planter in Mo.?; 
servedinC. S. A.? 

*Horace Everett Barron, 1843-45. 

b. Bradford, Vt.; asst. eng. Passumpsic 
(Vt.) R. R.; hotel business, Faribault, 
Minn.; prominent in politics; d. Fari- 
bault, Minn., 1892. 

*Linus Dewey Bishop, 184^-45. 

b. Sandy Hill, N. Y.; prin. of schools, 
lawyer, Mass. and 111.; It. col. 9th Cav., 
civil war; d. Ft. Edward, N. Y., 1879. 

*Norman Williams Bridge, 1843-45. 

b. Pomfret, Vt.; author; Pomfret, Vt. 

*De Witt Clinton Cleaver, 1842-46. 

e. f. Pottsville, Pa.; min. eng.; d. 1862. 

*John Oliver Cleaver, 1843-46. 

e. f. Pottsville, Pa.; min. eng.; d. 1853. 

♦Daniel Baehr Cole, 1842-45. 

b. Salem, N. Y.; editor S.\lem Press, 
1850-69; Salem Review 1877-84; held 
many public offices; d. Salem, N. Y., 

Roswell Elijah Merrick, 1843-45. 

b. Glastonbury, Conn.; in business in 
Glastonbury, Conn., where he died in 
1904 (?) 

*Edward Weston Morris, 1842-46. 

b. Strafford, Vt., manufacturer, d. Hart- 
ford, Vt. 

* Joseph Anthony Mower, 1844-46. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; served in eng. corps 
U. S. A. Mex. war; 2d It. U. S. Inft. June 
18, 1855; col. 11th Mo. Vols.; maj. gen. 
U. S. Vols.; command of 20th armv 
corps; col. U. S. A. 1866-69; d. New 
Orleans, 1870. 

*Marshall Perkins, M. D., 1842-45. 

b. Croydon, N. H.; M. D. Harv. Med. 
Coll.; asst. surg. 14th N. H. Vols.; phys. 
Marlow. N. H.; d. Marlow, N. H., 1902. 

*Horace Truman Hanks Pierce, 1843-46. 

b. Chesterfield, N. H.; brick mfr.; It. 
2d N. H. Vols., civil war; capt. 5th N. 
H.; .d. Keene.N.H., 1877. 

*James Wellington Putnam, 1842-45. 

b. Crovdon, N. H.; Univ. clerg. Dan- 
vers, Mass., 1849-64; held many public 
offices; author; d. Danvers, Mass., 1864. 


George Williamson Balloch, A. M., LL. D. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; asst. eng. Sullivan 
Co. R. R.; 1st It. 5th N. H. Vols.; It. col. 
and ch. com. 11th and 20th Army Corps; 
bvt. brig. gen. U. S. Vols.; claim agent, 
Washington, D. C. 

*Napoleon Boardman, M. C. E. 

b. Grand Isle, Vt.; asst. and div. eng. 
Lake Champlain & Conn. River, 1847-51; 
Lebanon Springs; res. eng. Rock River 
Val.; Sheboygan, Fond-du-lac & Miss.; 
ch. eng. Milwaukee & LaCross; loc. eng. 
C. & N. W.; C. M. & St. P. ch. eng. Mich. 
Air Line 1866-70; Sheboygan & Miss.; 
Niles & South Bend; Fond-du-Lac & 
Lake Superior; Chippewa Falls & East. 
Grand Trunk; W^isconsin Midland; city 
eng. Fond-du-Lac, where he died in 

Gustave ArvUien Breaux, A. B., (LL. B.) 

h. Lafayette, La.; col. .30th La. Vols., C. 
S. A.; lawyer and planter, Lafayette, 

♦Albert BusweU, A. B., (M. D.) 

b. Hartland. Vt.; asst. surg. 8th Vt. Vols. 
Phys. Togus, :Me. 

*Francis Xavier Chase, M. C. E. 

b. Cornish, N. 11.; civil eng.; St. Paul 

William Pitt KeUogg, LL. D. 

b. Orwell, Vt.; lawyer; ch. .iustice Su- 
preme Court, Neb.; col. 7th 111. cavalry 
and commanded cavalry brigade; col. of 
customs New Orleans, 1865-68; U. S. 
senator La. 1868-72, 1877-83; governor L. 
1872-77; congressman La. 1883-85; exten- 
sive plantation owner; address Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

*Paul Raymond Kendall, A. B. 

b. Phillipston. Mass.; founder and first 
pres. Lombard L'ni^'.; 1st It. and Q. M. 
12th Mo. Vols.; Q. M. on staff of Gen. 
Hatch, Army of Tenn.; pres. Clinton 
Liberal Inst., Fort Plain, N. Y.; Smithon 
Coll., Loganport, Ind., Galesburg, 111. 

*James Garfield Murphy, A. B., (M. D.) 

b. Alstead, N. H.; phys.. Brattleboro, Vt. 

tStephen H. Nichols, A. M. 
Weathersfield. Vt. 

*Caleb OUver, A. B., B. S. (?) 

b. Athol, Mass.; prm. of schools; Law- 
rence, Mass. 




John Gideon Parker, A. M., (M. D.) 

b. Peterboro, N. H.; phys.; Warner, 

John Van Ness Standish, A. M., Ph. D., LL. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; has traveled exten- 
sively and has published many articles 
on his travels; prof. math. Lombard 
Univ. 1854-92; pres. 1892-95; author; 
Galesburg, 111. 

Solomon Mason Whipple, A. B., (M.D.) 

b. Croydon, N. H.; pres. N. H. Med. 
Soc; New London, N. H. 

*Charles Rollo Wright, A. B. 

b. Williston, Vt.; civil eng. 
d. Forrest City, Iowa. 

id lawyer; 

William Henry Harrison Hall, 1844-47. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; went to Cal. in 1849 
and worked in the mines; pilot and capt. 
capt. on ships along Pacific coast; capt. 
6th Vt. Vols, civil war; man. of oil farms 
in Pa. and W. Va.; address Chelsea, Vt. 

*George Washington Nevins, 1843-46. 

e. f. Norwich, Vt.; removed to Texas; 
was a member of Lopez's mil. exped. to 
Cuba in 1852; was captured and execu- 
ted by the Spanish govt. 

tFreeman Parker, 1842-46. 

e. f. Washington, Vt.; lumber mfr., As- 
toria, Ore. 

*Wilder W— Parker, 1842-46. 

b. Orange, Vt.; eng. Norwich copper 
mine, Mich'., 1846-48; went to Cal. in 
1849; prop. Hotel, San Francisco 1849-52; 
alderman 1850-52; lumber mfr. on "Lewis 
& Clarke" River, 1852-60; Astoria, Ore.l 
1860-80; coll. of customs, 1861-71; held 
many public offices; d. Astoria, Jan. 9, 

*Judson Slafter, 1844-46. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; 1st sergeant 23d Mich. 
Vols. d. in hosp., Knoxville, Tenn., 1863. 

*George Tucker, 1844-46. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; capt. 4th Vt. Vols, 
civil war; drill-master general "Army 
of the Potomac," lawyer, Va. and Wash. 
D. C; held many offices; d. 1880. 

* William Howard Tucker, 1845-46. 

b. Sharon, Vt., instrument man Cent. 
Vt., R. R. 1846-8; asst. eng. Plattsburg & 
Montreal R. R.; Conn, and Passumpsic; 
Pittsburgh & Whitehall, ch. clerk and 
cashier commissary dept. "Army of the 
Cumberland;" historian; d. 1895 White 
River Jc, Vt. 

ships running between Oregon & China; 
one of the principal owners of the Ore. 
Rail. & Nav. Co.; dir. in many railway 
Co.'s; Tilton, N. H., named in honor of 
his family; d. Tilton, N. H., 1902. 

*David Lawrence Morill Commings, M. D., 

b. Cornish, N. H., M. D. Castleton Med., 
Coll.; asst. surg. 4th N. H. Vols, civil 
war; d. in service 1863. 

*Luther S — Dixon, 1845-47. 

b. Milton, Vt.,; lawyer, Portage, Wis.; 
dist. attorney, 1852-56; Judge 9th Dist. 
1856-58; justice supreme court 1858; ch. 
justice 1859-74; was one of the most dis- 
tinguished lawyers in the country; d. 
Milwaukee 1891. 

*Henry Floyd, 1845-47. 

b. Lebanon, N. H.; asst. eng. Mich. Cent. 
R. R.; St. Paul R. R. in Wis.; county 
surveyor; has held many public offices; 
d. Eureka, Wis., April 17, 1905. 

Elias Lyman, 1844-46. 

b. Royalton, Vt.; in business Kewanee, 

*George Briggs Lyman, 1844-47. 

b. Royalton, Vt.; agent Adams Expiess 
Co., San Francisco, 1850-65; d. Hartford, 
Vt., 1865. 

t*George C — Smith, 1845-47. 

b. N. H., 1829; e. f. Meriden, N. H.; capt. 
17th 111. Vols.; wounded at Chickamauga, 
where he commanded a brigade; prin. 
Madison school. St. Paul, Minn. 1869-98; 

d. St. Paul, 1898. 

*Evan W. Thomas, 1845-47. 

e. f. N. E. Md.; capt. 4th U. S. Art. 
killed by Modoc Indians, 1873; in lava 
beds of Colorado. 

John W. L. Tyler, 1845-47. 

b. Chesterfield, N. H.; served in Mo. 
Vols, in Mexican war; capt and state 
drill master Ohio Vols.; instructor in 
writing; address, Rome City, Ind. 

t*Edmund Weston, (M. D.) 1845-49. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; M. D. Univ. of Vt. 
Med. Coll.; capt. Co. F., U. S. Sharp- 
shooters; U. S. employ. Wash., D. C; d. 
Wash., D. C, about 1900. 

tAlfred C— Wilson, 1845-47. 

b. Massena, N. Y.; It. col. 47t 

Ky. Vols 

♦Charles Elliott Tilton (Certificate). 

b. Sanbornton, N. H.; went to Cal. in 
1849 and engaged in business, meeting 
with great financial success; formed 
banking firm of Ladd and Tilton, Port- 
land, 1859-1880; established a line of 

*Clinton Spaulding Averill, B. S., A. M. 

b. Milford, N. H.; prof. nat. sci., N. U.; 
1849-50, 1860-62; lawyer and banker, 
Milford, N. H., where he died in 1878. 





*NeweU Gleason, B. S., C. E. 

b. Wardsboro, Vt.; asst. eng. Jefferson- 
ville, Columbus, Piqua & Iiid.; ch. eng. 
Cincinnati, Peru & Chicago R. R.; Du- 
buque Western; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne 
& Chicago; Iowa & Lansing; Indianap- 
olis & Chicago; Grand River VaUey; 
Grand Rapids & L. Shore; Mansfield, 
Coldwater & L. Mich.; Chicago, Dan- 
ville & Vincennes; col. 87th Ind. Vols.; 
bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. Vols.; d. Chicago, 
111., 1886. 

*Jacob Parker Gould, B. S. . 

b. Stoneham, Mass.; civ. eng. N. \ . Cent. 
R. R.; Stoneham Branch R. R.; maj. 
13th Mass. Vols.; col. 59th Mass. Vols.; 
rec'd wound in mine explosion in front 
of Petersburg, Va., from which he died 
Aug. 21, 1864; the G. A. R. post at Stone- 
ham is named in his honor; d. Stoneham, 

* Jesse Augustus Gove, B. S. 

b. Ware, N. H.; was an accomplished 
draughtsman and painter; lawyer; capt. 
10th C. S. Inft.; col. 22d Mass. Vols.; shot 
through the heart at the battle of Gains 
Mills, June 27, 1862, while rallying his 
regiment for a final stand; Concord, 

William Partridge, B. S. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; asst. eng. Sullivan co., 
N. H. R. R.; Trevorton, Mahonny & Sus- 
quehanna; Sunbury & Erie; bridge 
eng.; 1st It. 43d Wis. Vols.; top. eng. 
U. S. Vols.; Cornell, 111. 

*Calvin Lewis Robinson, A. M. 
Lawyer, Jacksonville, Fla. 

*William Wallace Benjamin, 1846-48. 

b. Bridgeport, Vt., prin. of military 
schools; prin. Mt. Pleasant mil. acad. 
1862-82; bank president; d. Sing-Sing, 
N. Y., 1882. 

*Stillman Emerson Dana, 1845-48. 

b. Waitsfield, Vt.; went to Col. in 1849 
with Gen. Jackman '36 and Pres. Wheat- 
on of "N. U.;" civ. eng. Portage, Wis., 
and supt. locks and canals, 1856-72; gen'l 
baggage agent. Great Northern R. R. 
1872-90; held many public offices; d. St. 
Paul, Minn., 1894. 

*Lyman Couch Granger, 1846-48. 

b. Pittsford, Vt.; M. D. Coll. Phys. & 
Surg., N. Y.; asst. surg. U. S. N.; d. of 
wounds rec'd at Ft. Jackson; d. White- 
hall, N. Y., 1864. 

*Henry Barnet White, 1846-48. 

b. Shelburne, Vt.; hotel bus., Massena 
Springs, N. Y.; emp. V. S. custom house, 
N. Y., 1880-86; d. Massena about 1S90. 

*Thomas Foster Wright, 1845-48. 

b. Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; s. Maj. -Gen. 
Geo. Wright, U. S. A.; left N. U. in 1848 
to enter West Point; cadet West Point, 
1848-50; joined Gen. Wm. Walker in his 
filibustering exped. against Nicaragua; 

also with Gen. Walker in his attack on 
Honduras and was severely wounded; 
col. 2d Cal. Vols, and bvt. brig.-gen. U. 
S. v., civU war; adj. 32d U. S. Inft., and 
killed by Modoc Indians in lava beds of 
Oregon, 1872. 


Grenville Mellen Dodge, C. E., LL. D. 

b. Danvers, Mass.; asst. eng. 111. Central; 
Rock Island; eng. Peoria branch. Rock 
Island, Miss. & Mo.; conducted over 
25,000 miles of surveys for Union Paci- 
fic, from the Mo. River to Cal. state line; 
during civil war, rebuilt part of "Frisco" 
line; Mobile & Ohio; Memphis & Charles- 
town; Nashville & Decatur; ch. eng. 
L'nion Pacific 1866-70; Oregon Short Line; 
Texas & Pacific; International & Great 
Northren; Southern Utah; New Orleans 
& Pacific; M. K. & T.; Oriental Con- 
struction Co. roads in Mexico; Des 
Moines & Northern; Des Moines & 
Northwestern; Mexican Southern; Fort 
Worth & Denver City; Denver, Texas 
& Fort Worth; built the iron bridge 
across the Miss. River; Council Bluffs & 
Omaha; pres. N. Y. "N. U." Alumni 

assoc. 1880 ; col. 4th Iowa Vols. civ. 

war; maj. gen. Vols, in command 16th 
Army Corps; M. C. Iowa 1867-69; chair- 
man commis. to investigate condition 
War Dept., Span. Am. War. Address, 
New York City. 

Obed Poss, B. S. 

b. Buxton. Maine; teacher, planter, 
Altamont, Fla.; limiber manufacturer, 
Houlton, Maine. 

Ormando Wyllis Gray, C. E. 

b. Townsend, Vt.; civil eng.; surveyor 
and publisher of numerous cotmty and 
state maps and atlases; Bernardston, 

tHenry Hobart Gillum, B. S. 

Civil eng.; capt. and ass. q. m.; Kansas, 

*Francis Miner Lincoln, B. S. (M. D.) 

b. Boston, Mass.; asst. surg. 9th Mass. 
Vols.; surg. 35th Mass. Vols.; asst. surg. 
U. .S. A.; Boston, Mass. 

*Richard SuUivan Little, C. E. 

b. Grafton, N. H.; location and con- 
structing eng. Rock Valley R. R.; Mil- 
waukee & Mississippi; Milwaukee & 
Watertown; Ranchman; d. Littleton, 
Colo., 1900. 

♦Lafayette Washington Peirce, A. M. 

b. Chesterfield, N. H.; lawyer; Games- 
ville, Ga. 

*John Minot Stanyan, A. B. 

b. Andover. Mass.; went to Cal. m 1849; 
emploved in Australia and Nicaragua; 
capt. 8th N. H. A'ols. civ. war; author; 
historian 8th N. H. Regt.; d. Milford, 
N. H., 1905. 




''Joseph E. Young, B. S. 

b. Athol, Mass.; e. f. Lowell, Mass.; asst. 
ens;. Ohio & Pa. R. R., 1851; Alleghany 
Val., Canton & South,. 1852; Ft. Wayne* 
Chicago 1852; organized and built Chi- 
cago & Great Eastern R. R. 1860 ? 

was vice-pres. and gen. man. this road 

1860 ; organized and built Chicago, 

Danville & Vinoennes 1866-70; gen. man. 
this road — ? constructed Mich. Air Line 
18 — ; Kansas City, Emporia & South. R. 

R. ; eng. in cons, in Ind. & 111. 1905; 

d. 71 Park ave., Chicago, 111. 

*ChaTles Carrol Caroenter, 1848-49. 

b. Mass.; left N. U. to enter West Point; 
command Asiatic Fleet, 1894-96, during 
the Chinese-Japanese War; rear-adml. 
U. S. N.; d. Portsmouth, N. H., in 1902. 

*John S. Day, 1846-48. 

b. Keene, N. H.; banker, Boston; d. 
Brookline, Mass., about 1890. 

tCharles H. Dearing, 1846-48. 

e. f. Decatur, Ga.; capt. 11th Ga. Vols. 
C. S. A. 

Ralph Smith Dorr, 1846-48, 

b. Roxbury, Mass.; merchant, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; address, Colorado City, Colo. 

*He-iry Whitcomb HoUey, 1846-48. 

b. Pierrepont Manor, N. Y.; asst. eng. 
Cleveland & Pittsburgh; Parkersburgh 
c% Cincinnati; Crawfordsville & Fort 
Wayne; ch. eng. Southern Minnesota, 
supt. of this road, 1870-74; capt. of a 
Vol Company on "Frontier Duty" dur- 
ing Indian Troubles, 1862; author of a 
number of works; mining eng., British 
Columbia, 1891-97; d. Fort Steele, B. C, 
1897; last address, Everett, Washington. 

*Frederick William Lander, 1848-50. 

b. Salem, Mass.; graduated by certificate 
from Capt. Partridge in 1850; made a 
Transcontinental exploration and sur- 
vey for U. S. Gov't to determine practic- 
ability of a R. R. to Pacific Coast; en- 
gineered and built the "great overland 
wagon route" across the Rockies; made 
five Transcontinental surveys; secret 
service U. S. Gov't 1861; brig. gen. of 
Vols.; d. 1861 of disease brought on by 
service in the field. 

*Calvin May, 1847-48. 

b. Gilsum, N. H.; L'niv. clergyman; LT. S. 
Revenue Service; d. Keene, N. H., 1862. 


tSamuel Batchelder, A. M. 

Prin. of schools; said to have been an 
officer in the C. S. A.; Kemper Springs, 

Luther Loren Baxter, B. S. 

b. Cornwall, Vt.; maj. 4th Minn. Vols.; 
col. 1st Minn. Heavv Artillery; judge 
7th Judicial District; Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Sullivan Holman McColUster, A. M., D. D. 
b. Marlboro, N. H.; Univ. clergyman; 
prin. Westbrook (Maine) Seminary; 
pres. Buchtell Col. Akron, Ohio; traveler 
and author; Marlboro, N. H. 

*John Baldwin Thayer Mead, B. S. 

b. Lowell, Mass., ch. eng. Terre Haute 
& Alton R. R.; State "drill master" 111. 
Vols.; 1st lieut. ad.i. 28th 111. Vols.; d. 
1862 of wound received of battle at Shi- 
loh; Bunker Hill, 111. 

*Ephraim Morris, A. M. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; manufacturer and 
banker; Hartford, Vt. 

*Dunbar Richard Ransom, B. S. 

b. Fayettsville, N. C; s. col. T. B. Ran- 
som '25; capt. and brev. col. LT. S. Art.; 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

*Thomas Edward Greenfield Ransom. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; s. Truman B. Ransom 
'25; civil eng. in 111.; capt. maj., It. col. 
and col. 11th 111. Vols.; brig. gen. and 
bvt. maj. gen.; commanded 17th Army 
Corps during Atlanta campaign; d. in 
1864 near Rome, Ga., of dysentery 
brought on by exposure and over work; 
was one of the most efficient and gallant 
officers in the army; Ransom Post, G. A. 
R., St. Louis, Mo., is named in his honor; 
is buried in Rose Hill cemetery, Chicago. 

t*Solon Shedd, B. S. 

Civil eng.; served in 


*Lewis M — Strobel, B. S. 

b. near Charleston, S. C; planter; capt. 
8th Texas Cavalry or Terry's Texas 
Rangers, C. S. A.; d. Chenango, Texas, 

*Leonard Jaryis Wright, (certificate). 

b. Norwich, Vt.; div. eng. Northern 
Central R. R. of Pa., 1852-58; Quakake & 
Catawissa, Pa.; div. eng. Alleghany 
Valley, 1866-68; Conn. Valley; Boston, 
Hartford & Erie; eng. on Conn. River 
R. R.; div. eng. N. Y. & New Eng.; capt. 
9th Mich. Cav. Vols.; d. Newton, Conn., 

*Wimam Rowe Baxter, (A. B.) 

b. Cornwall, Vt.; lawyer; capt. 9th Minn. 
Vols. civ. war; killed in battle of Gun- 
town, Miss., 1864. 

Charles Franklin Kingsbury, M. D., 1848-50. 
b. Gilsum, N. H.; M. D., Dart. Med. Coll.; 
phys., Lyme, N. H., 1860-90; has held 
many public offices; vice-pres. Boston 
N. LT. Alumni Assoc; West Medford, 

*Daniel Lindsay, 1848-50. 

b. Bristol, Vt.; manufacturer, Bristol; 
d. 1900. 

* Albion Jabez Mower, 1848-49. 

b. Calais, Vt.; recruiting officer for 3rd 
6th and 9th Vt. Vols.; extensive farmer; 
s. Ira Rich, N. U. Class '90; d. Calais, 
Vt.. 1902. 



''Henry Adams Smalley, 1848-49. 

b. Burlington, Vt.; grad. West Point, 
1854; col. oth Vt. Vols., civ. war; brev. 
brig. gen. U. S. Vols.; d. New York, 1888. 


*Charles Young Denniston, A. B. 

b. Plattsburg, N. Y.; civil eng. and real 
estate; d. Hudson, Wis., 1886. 

*Harvey Webster Emery, B. S. 

b. Lisbon, N. H.; prin. of schools, Va.; 
lawver Portage, Wis.; state drill master; 
lieut. col. 5th Wis. Vols.; d. 1862 of 
disease contracted at second battle of 
Bull Run; Madison, Wis. 

* William Henry Greenwood, C. E. 

b. Dublin, N. H.; constructed over 4,000 
miles of railway; asst. eng. Central 
Military Tract Ry. in 111.; American 
Central; ch. eng. Kansas Pacific; con. 
eng. Denver Pacific; gen'l manager 
Denver & Rio Grande; Pueblo & Arkan- 
sas Valley, through "Royal Gorge," 
designed the famous "hanging bridge" 
in this gorge; ch. eng. Marion <fc Mc- 
Pherson; ch. eng. ^lexican National; 
murdered near Rio Hondo, Mex., 1880; 
mem. Am. Soc. C. E.; G. A. R. Post, 
Putney, Vt., named in his honor; capt. 
51st lil. Vols.; lieut. col. and topograph- 
ical engineer 4th Army Corps; Putney, 

*Henry H — Howard, A. B. 

b. Thetford, Vt., prin. of schools; dept. 
provost marshal in war; county judge; 
lawyer; 1st It. 21st Iowa Vols.; Law- 
rence, Kansas. 

*William Henry Hubbard, B. S. 

b. Windsor, ^'t.; civil eng. and in busi- 
ness, Duluth, ^Minn. 

*Samuel Curtis Simonds, B. S. 
In business; Hudson, Wis. 

John Parker Towne, A. B. 

b. Milford, N. H.; banker and lawyer; 
Edgerton, Wis. 

*Leonard Jarvis Wright, (certificate) 

b. Norwich, Vt.; div. eng. Northern Cen- 
tral R. R. of Penn.; Quakake and Cata- 
wissa. Pa.; Conn. Valley: Hartford & 
Erie; New York and New Eng.; capt. 9th 
Mich. Vols. civ. war; d. Newton, Conn.; 
March 20, 1889. 

*Royal Ladd Burge. 

b. Alstead, N. H.; lawyer, Nev.; held 
many public offices; treas. M. K. & T. 
R. R.; d. Clinton, Mo., 1868. 

*Samuel Hammond Currier, M. D., 1848-52. 
b. Norwich, Vt.; M. D., U . V. M. '57; 
asst. surg. Sth Vt. Vols, civil war; phys. 
Norwich, Vt.; d. Norwich, Vt. 1890. 

*George Henry EUiott, 1848-50. 

b. Lowell, Mass.; left N. U. to enter 
West Point; col. U. S. engineers; carried 
out some of the most difficult eng. work 
for the U. S. Gov't.; d. 1902. 

Albert A. Fletcher, 1849-51. 

b. Bridgport, ^'t.; banker, Bridgeport 
and Middlebury, Vt.; col. gov's staff; 
state senator; address, Middlebury, Vt. 

*Charles Jackson Ford, D. D. S. 

b. Uley, England; e. f. Middlebury, Vt., 
dentist, Dubuque, Iowa; and St. "Louis, 
Mo.; capt. and surg. 6th Iowa Vols.; 
.d. St. Louis, Mo., 1868. 

*Charles Edward Griswold, 1852. 

b. Boston, .Mass.; in business, 1854-61; 
maj.; It.-col.; and col. 22d Mass. Vols.; 
Col. 36th Mass. Vols.; killed in action 
May 5, 1864. 

t*Peverill S. Peake, 1848-50. 
e. f. Bristol, Vt. 

t*Edwin S— Stowell, 

e. f. Cornwall, Vt.; capt. 5th Vt. Vols.; 
maj. and It.-col. 9th Vt. Vols, civil war; 
stock man; d. Cornwall in 1880. 

*Noble Adolph Tompson. 

b. Cornwall, Vt.; merchant; d. Chicago, 

*Solomon Erskine Woodward, 1849-51. 

b. Millbury, Mass.; mfr. woolen goods, 
Woodstock, Vt.; 1st It. 1st Vt. Vols.; 
capt. and bvt. maj. U. S. A.; d. Wood- 
stock, Vt., 1876. 


ames Edward Ainsworth, C. E. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; asst. eng. govt 
surveys, Iowa; cons. eng. Iowa Falls & 
Sioux City R. R.; ch. eng. Cedar Falls & 
Minnesota and various railroads now 
operated by the C. M. ct St. Paul; locat- 
mg eng. St. Louis <fc Hannital; ch. eng. 
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley 
and Siouv City & Pacific; capt. 12th Iowa 
Vols.; Moline, 111. 

Benjamin Franklin George. 

b. Hillsboro, N. H.; asst. eng. Marietta 
<fc Cincinnati; Racine & Miss, in Wis 
1855-56; Chicago, Ohio & Nebraska 1857; 
prin. asst. eng. Boston, Lowell & Nashua 
1866-73; ch. eng. Boston & Lowell 1875- 
76; ch. eng. Manchester & Keene 1876-80; 
supt. of the road 1880-83; address, Ben- 
nington, N. H. 

♦George Preston Greely, B. S. (M. D;) 

b. Nashua, N. H.; phvsician surgeon; 
4th N. H. Vols.; Nashua, N. H. 

tHenry Osgood Herrick, B. S. 

Planter; in Anderson (?), So. Carolina. 

John Quincy Adams McCollister, (M. D.) LL. 

b. Marlboro, N. H.; physician; surgeon, 
53rd Mass. Vols.; vice-pres. Boston 
Alumni Assoc; Waltham, Mass. 

*SewaUTruax, (certificate). 

b. Mississquoi Co., Canada; e. f. Franklin, 
Vt.; asst. eng. on Union Pacific survevs; 
crossed the "Plains;" U. S. Govt, sur- 
veyor, Washington & Oregon; maj. 
Oregon cav. civil war; d. Spokane, 
Wash., 1894. 





Walter Aikea, 1850-2. 

b. Franklin, N. H.; eng. in charge of cons. 
Mt. Washington Ry. in N. H.; inventor; 
prominent hotel man; served in 1st N. 
H. Vols., civ. war; Mason; d. Franklin, 

* Addison Richardson Baldwin, 1849-51. 

b. Topsham, Vt.; pres. Mass. Chemical 
Co.; Swanee River R. R. Co.; d. Char- 
lotte, N. Y., 1896. 

Eber Richards, 1850-52. 

b. Schroon, N. Y.; pulp mfgr. Ticonde- 
roga, N. Y. 

*Nathan Abiel Chauncey Smith, 1850-52. 

b. Chslsea, Vt.; 1st It. 12th Wis. Vols., 
under Gen. Bryant. '54; It. 32d Wis Vols.; 
ch. bond div. P. O. dept.; d. Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1900. 


*Clinton Spaulding Averill. 

(see class of 1849.) 

tXhomas S — Brownell. 

Planter; Greenville, So. Carolina. 

*George Edwin Bryant, LL. D, 

b. Templeton, Mass.; capt. 1st Wis. 
Vols.; col. 12th Wis. Vols.; brev. brig, 
gen. in command 1st brigade, 3d division 
17th Arniv Corps; lawyer; d. Madison, 
Wis., 1907. 

George Priest Conn, A. M., (M. D.) 

b. Hillsboro, N. H.; M. D. Dart. Med. 
Col. 1856; phys. E. Randolph, Vt., 1856- 

61; Concord, N. H., 1863 ; asst. surg- 

12th Vt. Vols. civ. war; surg. B. & M. R. 

R. 1880 ; prof, of Hygiene Dart. Med. 

Col. 1894 ; author; phj'sician; Con- 
cord, N. H. 

*WiUiam H— Ensign, B. S., M. D. 

b. Middletown, Conn.; surg. U. S. Army; 
New York City. 

Henry Oakes Kent, A. M., LL. D. 

b. Lancaster, N. H.; col. 17th N. H. 
Vols.; lawyer and banker; has held 
many public offices; trustee "N. U."; 
Lancaster, N. H. 

*William Day Munson, B. S. 

b. Colchester, Vt.; lieut. col. 13th Vt. 
Vols.; asst. eng. St. Croix & Lake Su- 
perior R. R.; farmer and surveyor; d. 
Colchester, Vt., 1903. 

Jonas H— Piatt, D. S. 

Banker and Marine insurance broker; 

♦Zephaniah Piatt, B. S. 

b. Milton, Vt.; merchant; Hudson, Wis. 

*Howard Cornelius Bancroft, 1850-52. 

b. Montpelier, ^'t.; wholesale dry goods 
merchant, Columbus, Ohio; d. Colum- 
bus, .Ohio. 

*Charles Edward Griswold, 1850-53. 

b. Boston, Mass.; maj. and It. col. and 
col. 22d Mass. Vols.; col. 56th Mass. Vols.; 
shot through the neck in 1864 at the 
"Battle of the WUderness." 

Oscar Hopestill Leland, (A. M.), 1851-53. 

b. Baltimore, Vt.; A. B. & A. M. Baylor 
Univ.; prof. math, and astronomy 1856- 
61; Waco Univ.; Texas, 1861-64; adj. 30th 
Texas Cav. C. S. A.; U. S. revenue ser- 
vice; postmaster; large real estate owner; 
Waco, Texas. 

tDaniel B. Tarr. 

e. f. Rockport, Mass.; raised a Co. for 
civ. war; last address, Sudbury, Mass. 

tXhomas E. Morris, 1851-53. 

e. f. Buffalo, N. Y.; maj. 15th Mich. 

*Hartop Percell Thomas, 1850-53. 

b. W. Fairlee; s. Gen. Stephen Thomas; 
civ. eng. on Western Rys.; sutler 17th 
Army Corps; Rv.. conductor; d. Cen- 
, tralia. Wis., 1900. 


*Delano Franklin Andrus, B. S. 

b. Norwich. Vt.; merchant; d. Soman- 
auk. 111., 1856. 

tSamuel Edgar Briggs, B. S. 
Claremont, N. H. 

Bela Stevens Buel, B. S. 

Civil eng.; agent Wells Fargo Express 
Co.; Spencerport, N. Y. 

William Smith Burton, A. B. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; editor No. Adams 

(Mass.) Transcript; Univ. clergyman; 

maj. 3rd Mich. Cav.; printer; New York 

*Arthur Chase, B. S., LL. B. 

Lawyer; Claremont, N. H. 
George Dewey, B. S., M. M. S., LL. D. 

b.^ Montpelier, Vt.; admiral U. S. navy, 

Washington, D. C. 
Charles Hatch Long, B. S. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; capt. 6th N. H. 

Vols.; lieut. col. 17th N. H. Vols.; col. 

1st N. H. heavy artillery; agent B. & M. 

R: R.; Claremont, N. H. 
*Col. Charles Hildreth Lewis, B. S., LL. D. 

b. Alton, Maine; civ. eng. Minn.; capt. 

and brev. lieut. col. 16th U. S. Inf,; pres. 

"N. U." 1880-1890; d. Beverly, Mass., 


♦Walter Aiken, 1850-52. 

b. Franklin. N. H.; inventor of manj- 
machines; eng. in charge of building 
Mt. Washington (N. H. R. R.); designed 
1st locomotive; hotel owner in White 
Mts. and Bermuda Islands; served in 
1st N. H. Vols. civ. war; d. Franklin, 
N. H., in 1890. 

William M. Bates, 1852-54. 

b. Glastonbury, Conn.; hotel manager, 
St. Nicholas, N. Y.; Ocean House, New- 
port, R. I.; Congress Hall, Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y.; Fifth Avenue Hotel, 
Everett House, N. Y.; New Southern 
Hotel, St. Louis; address, Everett 
House, N. Y. City. 




George Blood French, 1851-54- 

e. f. Proctorsville, Vt.; 1st sergt. 1st Vt. 
Vols.; adj. 4th Vt.; capt. Co. F. "Fron- 
tier" or 26th N. Y. Cav.; stockman; 
Fremont, Neb. 

*Thomas Gorman, 1852-55. 

e. f. Northampton, Mass.; Univ. clerg. 
Columbus, Ohio, Nashua, N. H., Mai- 
den, Mass.; d. Columbus, Ohio, 1890. 

*Alfred Gordon Hall. 

b. Portland, Conn.; adj. 9th Conn. Vols.; 
lieut. col. U. S. A.; d. St. Louis, Mo., 

Oscar Eugene Learned (certificate) 1851-54. 
b. Fairfax, Vt.; lawyer; lieut. col. 1st 
Kansas Vols.; supt. Haskall Institute, 
Lawrence, Kans.; Supt. Southern Kan. 
Ry.; editor Lawrence Daily Jodrx.^l; 
address, Lawrence, Kansas. 

tCharles V. Lord, 1852-54. 

b. Bangor, Maine; merchant, Bangor, 

*George Olcott, 1850-52. 

b. Charleston, N. H.; banker, Charles- 
ton, d. about 1898. 

*Wmis R— Peake, 1852-54- 

b. Bristol, Vt.; held many public offices; 
manufacturer; d. Bristol, 1901. 

t*Egbert Phelps. 

b. Middlebury, Vt.; teacher and lawyer; 
capt. 19th U' S. Inft.; author; d. Joliet, 
111.; about 1902. 

John M. Schall, 1851-54. 

e. f. Norristown, Pa.; It. 2d Pa. Vols.; 
col. 87th Pa. Vols.; brigade commander; 
maj. gen. Pa. N. G.; col. Pa. Vols, in 
Spanish-American War; address, Nor- 
ristown, Pa. 

*EpaphoToditus Hager Seymour. 

b. Middlebury, Vt.; eng. U. S. N.; d. 

Washington R. Vermilye, Jr. 

e. f. New York; banker New York; ad- 
dress, Bergen Ft., N. J. 


♦George Pearsons Buel, B. S. 

b. Lawrenceburg, Ind.; civil eng. Colo.; 
col. 58th Ind. Vols.; commanded "Pion- 
eer Brigade" army of the Tennessee; 
lieut. col. 29th U. S. Inft.; col. 15th Inft.; 
Lawrenceburg, Ind.; d. 1887. 

* Arthur Chase, A. B. 

(See class 1855.) 

♦Frederick Howard Farrar, B. S. 

b. Natchez, Miss.; asst. eng. "Board of 
Public Works" La.; lieut. col. 1st La. 
Regulars; killed by an e.f plosion of a 
shell at the battle of Murfersboro, 1863, 
while in command of his regiment; 
Point Coupe, La. 

♦Frederick Norton Freeman, B. S. 
(See Class of 1857.) 

Levi Gleason Kingsley, B. S. 

b. Shrewsbury, Vt.; 2d lieut. 1st Vt. 
Vols.; maj. 12th Vt. Vols.; Q. M. Gen. 
Vt. Nat'l Guard; brig. gen. Vt. Nat'I 
Guard; merchant; Rutland, Vt. 

tLorenzo Pottter, B. S. 

1st lieut. 8th 111. Vols.; Chicago, III,. 

tAugustine E— Smith, B. S. 
Clarendon, Vt. Ohio? 

tWiUiam H— Chase Strong, B. S. 

Col.C.S.A.;Pensacola, Fla. 

Arba Nelson Waterman, M. S., LL. D. 

b. Greensboro, Vt.; lawyer; lieut. col. 
100th 111. Vols.; judge circuit court 
1886-90; judge appelate court; Chicago, 

Edward Bancroft Williston, B. S. . 

b. Norwich, Vt.; col. 6th U. S. Artillery; 
brig. gen. U. S. Vols.; Spanish war in 
command of artillery corps; Chicka- 
mauga, Ga.; provost marshal gen. 
Manila, P. I.; retired 1901 with rank of 
brig, gen.; governor soldiers home 
Washington, D. C. 

Henry Clay Wood, A. M., B. S. 

b. Winthrop, Maine; A. B. Bowdoin, '54; 
U. S. army (retired) New York City, N. 

♦Jedediah Hyde Baxter, M. D., A. M., LL. B., 


b. Strafford, Vt.; M. D. "U. V. M." '60; 
surg. 12th Mass. Vols.; surg.-gen. U. S. 
A.; author; d. Washington, D. C, 1890. 

♦George Butterick, 

b. Concord, Mass.; sergt. 47th Mass. 
Vols.; capt. 3d U. S. C. I.; planter; La.; 

d. Concord, Mass., 1895. 

William Henry Fullerton, 1853-55. 

b. Windsor, Vt.; in business, Windsor, 


♦Samuel Newhall Hartshorn, 

b. Lyndeboro, N. H.; d. there in 1894; 
civ. eng.; served with Lafayette Artillery 
CO. in defences at Portsmouth, N. H., 
during civ. war. 

Geo. Watts Hubbard, 1853-55. 

b. Windsor, Vt.; manufacturer, Windsor, 

Guirdon S. Hubbard, 1853-55. 

b. Chicago, 111.; capt. 88th 111. Vols.; real 
estate business. Chicago; address, Chic- 
ago, 111. 

William R. Huntington, A. M., D. D. 

e. f. Lowell, Mass.; A. B. Harvard, 1857; 
P. E. clerg>'man; rector Grace Church, 
New York. 

John MitcheU, 1853-55. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; lawyer; judge 
Iowa circuit court; d. Des Moines, Iowa. 


* Warren Clark, B. S. 

b. Hopkinton, N. H.; prin. of military 
schools; state drill master; N. H. Vols.; 
lawyer; d. Concord, N. H., 1891. 





*Frederick Norton Freeman, B. S., A. M. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; prin. ol military 
schools; col. N. Y. Nat'l Guard; manager 
Penn. Coal Co.; Newbury, N. Y. 

Elias Burton Hart, A. M. 

Vice pres. Central Crosstown Railroad 
Co. (N. Y. City); capitalist, New York 

*De Forrest Holt Merriman, B. S. 

b. Bradford, N. Y.; merchant; Phila- 
delphia, Perm. 

Charles Foster Sayles, B. S. 

b. So. Adams, Mass.; asst. eng. Housa- 
tonic Tunnel in Mass.; ch. eng. Pittsfield 
& No. Adams; Lee & Hudson; civil eng.; 
No. Adams, Mass. 

*Harry Niles Worthen, B. S. 

b. Thetford, Vt., lawyer; maj. 1st Vt. 
Vols., lieut. col. 4th Vt.Vols.; d. Hanover, 
N.H. 1901. 

tFrank B — Fenton, 1854-56. 

e. f. Bennington, Vt.; capt. 111. Vols. 

*Frederick Fayette Fletcher, 1854-56. 

b. Jericho, Vt.; merchant, Minneapolis, 
Minn.; d. Minneapolis, 1890. 

Levi W — Goodrich, 1854-55. 

e. f. Pittsford, Mass.; surveyor, Texas; 
capt. 30th Texas Cav. C. S. A.; lawyer, 
Waco, Texas. 

Brownell Granger, 1854-56. 

b. Greenfield, Mass.; adj. 11th Mass. 
Vols.; capt. and bvt. col. U. S. Vols, on 
staff duty; ch. eng. of horse railroads in 
Boston; commissioner for state on 
Hoosao Tunnel; ch. eng. yards and 
docks Charlestown navy yard, 1874-77; 
supt. mines, Beechmont, Nova Scotia. 

*Samuel Dana Hayes, 1854-56. 

e. f. Brookline, Mass.; s. Allen Augustus 
Hayes, '25; asst. state chemist; d. 1860. 


b. Stanstead, Canada; judge (Vt.) 

*Benjamin Hinman Steele, A. B 

b. Stanstead, Canada; 
supreme court, 1865-70; d. 1873 

William Augustus Treadwell, 1854-56. 

b. Salem, Mass.; New York State "drill 
master" with rank of capt.; capt. 14th 
N. Y. Art.; col. 1st N. J. Vet. Vols.; mil. 
ed.; New York Post; min., Cal.; address, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

George Otis Tyler, 1854-56. 

b. Lowell, Mass.; capt. 43d Mass. Vols.; 
lumber mfgr., Burlington, Vt.; address, 
Somerville, Mass. 


*George Washington Hobbs, B. S. 

b. Worcester, Mass,; "drill master'' 
U. S. Vols, civil war; served with the 
6th Mass. Vols, in the defense of Wash- 
ington; one of the founders of the High- 
land mil. acad., Worcester, Mass ; at- 
torney. New York, New Haven & Hart- 
ford R. R.; d. Uxbridge, Mass., 1900. 

t*Frank A — Page, B. S. 

2nd lieut. 2nd U. S. Inft.; lawyer! Ta- 
coma Park, Washington. 

t*J. Webster Childs, 1855-57. 

e. f. Paint Creek, Mich.; col. 4th Mich, 
Vols.; d. Washington, D. C. 

Arthur Lawrence, (D. D.) 1855-56. 

e. f. Boston, Mass.; 1st lieut. 20th Mass, 
Vols, and aid on staff of Gen. O. O, 
Howard; P. E. clergyman, Stockbridge, 



*Robert E. Hitchcock, B. S. 

1st lieut. U. S. marine corps; killed at 
the first battle of Bull Run; first Ver- 
monter to fall in the civil war; Shore- 
ham, Vt. 

tCyrus M — Merriman, B. S. 

Lumber merchant; Williamsport, Pa. 

*Edgar Parker, B. S. (M. D.) 

b. Framingham, Mass.; M. D. Harv. '63; 
physician; asst. surg. 13th Mass. Vols'; 
portrait painter; d. Bridgewater, Mass. 

♦Joseph Steadman, B. S., A. M., (M. D.) 

b. Medfield, Mass.; sergt. in the famo 
"6th Mass." Regt. civil war and served 
defense of Washington 1861; lieut. col. 
42nd Mass. Vols., in command of regt. 
Jan. 1863, July 1864; physician; Jamaica 
Plains, Boston, Mass.; d. 1900. 

Archibald S. Taylor, B. S. 

Capt. U. S. Marine Corps, civU war; 
Newark, N. J. 

Charles Tyler Walcott, B. S. 

b. Readsboro, Vt.; asst. eng. Fitchburg 
R. R.; Conn. River R. R.; Pittsfield & 
No. Adams; Boston & Albany; Hoosac 
Tunnel; 1st asst. eng. Lee & Hudson; 
ch. eng. Troy & Greenfield; Ware Div. 
Mass. Central; Brattleboro & Wilming- 
ton (Cent. Vt.); Greenfield, Mass. 

t*Frank Power Amsden, 1856-57. 

b. BoonvUle, N. Y.; s. Joel Amsden, '34; 
R. P. I. Troy, 1854-56; capt. 1st Pa. L. 
Art.; city eng. Scran ton. Pa.; asst. eng. 
Del. Lackawanna & Western; res. eng. 
Flushing & North Shore R. R., Long 
Island; Morris & Essex; d. about 1894. 

to— N.? Baker, 1856-58. 
e. f. Sacremento, Cal. 

t*Warren Joynes Clark or (J. W.) name 
changed to J. W. DePoincy, 1856-58. 
e. f. St. Marys, Ga.; col. Ga. Vols. C. S. A. 

*Robert Jackson Cowden, 1855-58. 

b. Boston, Mass.; priv. 1st Mass. Vols.; 
capt. 31st N. Y.; capt. 56 Mass.; killed 
in battle of Cold Harbor, 1864. 


♦Samuel Hazard Cross, 1856-58. 

b. Westerly, R. I.; town clerk, 1869-82; 
state senator, 1869-82; state auditor, 
1882-87; sec. state, 1887-89; mem. state 
board of Education, 1873-97; treas. Paw- 
catuck Vallev St. Ry.; d. New York 
City, July 2, 189S. 

Walter Delafield, (A. M.) 1854-56. 

b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; civ. eng. 1856-58; 
banking, 1858-60; A. B., St. Stephens' 
coll., 1866; Episopal clergyman; d. Chic- 
ago, 1900. 

*Edwy WeUs Foster, (M. D.), 1856-58. 

b. Shelburne Falls, Mass.; leader band 
27th ilass. Vols.; M. D. Boston Univ. 
Med. Coll.; dentist, physician, author, 
musical composer; d. Boston, Mass., 

t*Wallace Albert King, 1855-57. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; lieut. 4th Mich. Vols.; 
Priv. Co. B. 7th R. I. Cav. "college cava- 
liers;" painter; d. Keene, N. H., about 

Charles E. Parker, 1856-58. 

b. Vergennes, Vt.; capt. 7th Vt. Vols.; 
in business in Vergennes, Vt. 

Thomas O. Seaver, 1856-58. 

b. Pomfret, Vt.; col. 3d Vt. Vols.; rec'd 
a "medal of honor" from congress; 
judge of probate, Woodstock, Vt. 

Holland Wheeler, 1856-58. 

b. Saxton's River, Vt., asst. eng. Leaven- 
worth, Lawrence & Ft. Gibson R. R. 
Leavenworth branch Kansas Pacific; 
eng. Solomon, Junction City & Ft. 
Kearney; McPherson branch, Kansas 
Pacific; Kansas Central; Kansas Pacific; 
ch. eng. Sedalia, W^arsaw & Southern; 
eng. elevated R. R. Kansas City; asst. 
eng. Mo. Pacific R. R.; city eng. Law- 
rence, Kansas; U. S. mineral surveyor; 
water works eng.; capt. 3d Regt. Kan. 
militia in civil war; address, Lawrence. 


*Gustavus M. Bascom, B. S. 

b. — . Ohio; e. f. Columbus, O.; drill 
master Ohio Vols.; It.-col. and asst. 
adjt.- gen. 23d Army Corps; bvt.-col.; 
U. S. Vols.; capt. 13th U. S. Inft.; d. 
Portsmouth, R. I.; 1884. 

t*George W. Field, B. S. 

Capt. o9th Mass. Vols.; Northfield, Mass. 

Charles Morton, C. E. 

b. Boston. Mass.; asst. city eng.; Boston; 
eng. surv. oflSce, 1867-85; supt. of sewers; 
mem. Am. Soc. C. E.; cons, eng.; Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

*Edmufid Rice, B. S., A. M. 

b. Cambridge, Mass.; col. 19th Mass. 
Vols, civil war; col. 6th Mass. Vols. 
Spanish-American war; col. 26th V. S. 
Vols. P. I.; col. 19th U. S. Inft.; brig.- 
gen. (retired); in command "Columbian 
Guards" World's Fair, Chicago; guards 
Louisana Purchase Expos. St. Louis, 
1904; d. Wakefield, Mass.— 1906. 

Samuel WaiKer Shattuck, C. E., A. M. 

b. Groton, Mass.; sergt.-maj. 6tli Mass. 
Vols.; capt. 8th Vt. Vols.; brigade-adjt. 
pres. and vice-pres. N. U.; dean of the 
dept. of math, and bus. man., Univ. of 
IIH; Champaign, 111. 

*Sumner Timothy Smith, B. S., (M. D.) 

Master's mate U. S. N.; phys.; Athol, 

*Noel Byron Howard, 1856-59. 

b. Fairfax, Vt.; teacher in N. C. 1859-60; 
col. 2d Iowa Vols. 1864; served as brigade 
commander for some time; d. — Florida, 

*Byron Hector Kilbourn, (M. D.), 1857-59. 
b. Milwaukee, Wis.; M. D. Rush Med. 
Coll.; one of the founders Phi Delta 
Kappa Frat. "N. U." It. 3d Wis. cav.; 
phys. Milwaukee; d. Milwaukee in 1897. 

Henrv Alfred Robbins, (M. D.), 1858-60. 

b. St. Louis, Mo.; M. D. U. of Pa.; med. 
dir. 2d Wis. Vols.; phys. U. S. A.; surg. 
and maj. France Nat. Guard during the 
"Commune"; prof. Georgetown L^niv. 
Med. Coll.; author of medical works; 
phys.; Washington, D. C. 

William Starr, 1857-59 

b. Seneca Falls, N. Y.; 6th Mass. Vols.; 
clerk A. M. dept. civil war; in business 
New Orleans, La. 

Charles Albert Curtis, A. M. 

b. HaUowell, Maine; A. B. Bowdoin, 
1877; mil. instructor, 6th Maine Vols.; 
act. asst. adj. gen. on the staff of Gen. 
W. L. Hancock, civ. war; capt. U. S. A.; 
prof. mil. science, N. U. 1869-80; pres. 
N. U. 1875-80; author; commandant, 
Univ. of Wis. 1898—. 

Josiah Hall, B. S. 

b. Westminster, west, Vt.; col. 1st Vt. 
Cav.; confined in Libby prison; took 
part in 78 battles and engagements with 
his regiment; farmer and eng.; coll. 
Fresno, Co., Cal. 

*Charles Bradley Stoughton, A. M., LL. D. 
b. Chester, Vt.; drill master Vt. Vols.; 
col. 4th Vt. Vols.; bvt. brig.-gen. IT. S. 
Vols.; lawyer; Bellows Falls, Vt. d — . 

*Walter Abbott, 1857-59. 

e. f. Warren, R. I.; U. S. Naval Acad., 
1859-61; It. com. U. S. N.; d. Madeira 
Islands, 1871. 

tGeorge V. Boutelle, 1857-59. 

e. f. Troy, N. Y.; maj. 21st N. Y. Vols.; 
civil eng.? 

♦Edward Aiken Chandler, 1857-61. 

b. Pomfret, Vt.; state drill master, Vt.; 
1st It. 3d Vt. Vols.; in business Redwood 
Falls, Minn.; d. there in 1886. 

t*James K — Ewart, 1857-61. 

e. f. Sparta, O.; capt. 26th Ohio vols.; 
banker MaysvUIe, Mo., in 1900. 





*Thomas Wilkins Eayre, 1858-61. 

e. f. Viiicentown, N. J.; drill master Vt. 
Vols.; adjt. 5th N. J. Vols.; capt. and 
asst. adj.-gen.; shot through the heart 
at Spottsylvania court house. 

*TUomas Albert Henderson, (LL. B.) 

b. Dover, N. H.; LL. B. Harvard I-aw 
School; It.-col. 7th N. H. Vols.; shot 
while in command of regiment in battle 
of "Deep Bottom,"' near Richmond, in 

tNathaniel Irish, 1857-59- 

e. f. Pittsburgh, La.; capt. Pa. It. artil. 
during civil war. 

*Frank Curtis Pierce, 1858-61. 

e. f. Augusta, Me.; left N. U. to enter 
army; capt. 6th Maine. 

t* Julius R. Richardson. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; paymaster U. S. N. 
merchant and mem. Stock Exchange, 
Chicago, 111. 


Theodore Harvey Kellogg, A. M., (M. D.) 

1st It. 7th squadron, R. I. Cav. "College 
Cavaliers"; phys.; author; supt. of va- 
rious insane hospitals, N. Y.; Riverdale, 

*Edward Treadway Jones, 1859-61. 

b. Chelsea, Vt.; left N. U. in 1861; state 
"drill master"; drilled 2d, 3d, 4th, 6th, 
and 8th Vt. Vols.; served in the field 
with 6th Vt. Vols.; d. of disease con- 
tracted in service. 

t Vt. Lt. Artil. 

+*Walter A. Phillips, 1859-61 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; It. h 
d. 111. 1902. 

*Van Beuren Sleeper, 1859-62. 

b. Chelsea, Vt.; 2d Vt. Vols, and Signal 
Service; citv treas. Lowell, Mass., 1883- 
90; d. Lowell, 1890. 

tNicholas Tanco, 1859-61. 

e. f. Matanzas, Cuba; is said to have 
been an officer in the Cuban army. 

*Henry Elijah Alvord, C. E., LL. D. 

b. Greenfield, Mass.; 1st sergt. 7th 
squad. R. I. Cav. "College Cavaliers" 
maj. 2d Cav. Mass. Vols.; capt. 10th U. S. 
Cav.; prof. mil. science, Mass. Agricul- 
tural Coll. pres. and dir. of agricultural 
colleges in Maryland, New York, Okla- 
homa, and New Hampshire; chief dairy 
division U. S. Agrl. Dept., Washington, 
D. C; d. St. Louis, Mo., 1904. 

Charles Henry Atwood, B. S. 

b. St. -Albans, Vt.; merchant,, St. Al- 
bans, Vt. 

*George Alonzo Bailey, B. S. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; drill master Vt. 
Vols.; private 7th squad. R. I. Cav.; 
capt. 11th Vt. Vols.; d. Woodstock, Vt., 

Curtis Sawyer Barrett, B. S. 

Capt. and Q. M. U. S. Vols.; capitalist, 
Cleveland, O. 

tCharles O — Bradlev, B. S. 

b. Lebanon, N. H.; 1st sergt. 1st N. H. 
Vols.; capt. 13th N. H. Vols.; capt. N. H. 
Heavy Artillery; capt. 20th U. S. Inft.; 
d. Fort Maginnis, Mont. 1887; Concord, 
N. H. 

Charles Edmund Bush, B. S. 

b. Shoreham, Vt.; sergt.-maj. 7th R. I. 
Cav. "College Cavaliers"; banker, Or- 
well, Vt.; pulp mfr., Ticonderoga, N. 
Y.; address New York City. 

George Albert Converse, B. S., A. M. 

h. Norwich, Vt.; grad. U. S. Naval 
Acad. 1865; has held many important 
commands in LT. S. N.; "rear-admiral 
U. S. N.; Washington, D. C. 

Charles A. Coolidge, B, S., (M. D.) 

b. Boston, Mass.; M. D. Univ. of Wor- 
cester, Ohio 1873; served in civil war; 
It.-col. 9th U. S. Inft. and in command 
of regiment at the taking of Peking, 
China, 1900; col. 2d U. S. Inft.; brig.- 
gen. (retired'); San Fransicso, Cal. 

William Strong Dewey, B. S. 

b. Quechee, Vt.; private Co. B., 7th 
Squad., R. I. Cav.; capitalist and man- 
ufacturer; Quechee, Vt. 

William Haven, B. S. 

1st It. 6th N. H. Vols 
umwa, Iowa. 

merchant; Ot- 

*Rufus Leander Moses, B. S. 

b. .Montpelier, Vt.; 1st sergt. 3d Vt. 
Vols.; teacher and civil eng.; d. Ran- 
dolph, Vt., 1872. 

*George Hawes Ober, B. S. 

Fayetsville, Vt. 

tA.— H.— Page, B. S. 

e. f. Warren, Mass.; served in Penn. 

*Rody Patterson, Jr., B. S. 

b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; prop, of Springhurst 
Stock Farm; d. Lexington, Ky., 1886. 

Clayton Eugene Rich, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Shoreham, Vt.; capitalist, 
New York City. 

*Charles Edward Steele, B. S. 

b. Chelsea, Vt.; Windsor, Vt. 

*William Spencer Vernam, B. S. 

b. Lvons. N. Y.; left N. U. to become 
adj. 175th N. Y. Vols, civil war; 1st It. 
and ch. Ordnance, Dept. of the Gulf; 
capt. 18th U. S. Cav., but continued as 
ch. Ordnance; U. S. Consul China 1869- 
72; broker firm Wm. S. Vernam & Co., 
Wall street 1892-98; N. Y. man. Morse 
Iron Works and Dry Dock Co. 1898-1902; 
vice-ores, and gen. man. Manhattan 
Tool Co. 1902; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1902-06; 
d. N. Y. City, 1907. 




Charles Edward Ashcroft, 1859-61. 

e. f. Boston; left N. U.; to become drill- 
master Mass. Vols.; mech. eng. and an 
authority on steam eng.; address Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

tWilliam B. Hays, 1859-61. 

b. Pittsburg, Pa.; city recorder, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

*Charles Arthur Hoyt. 

e. f. Deerfield, Mass.: 
d. 1903. 

merchant N. Y. 

John William Parsons, (M. D.), 1860-61. 

b. Rye. N. H.; M. D. Harv. Med. Coll.; 
asst. surg. 24th Mass. Vols.; physician 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

*Albert Sabine, 1861-62. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; left N. U. to enter 
army; 1st It. First U. S. Inft.; d. 1863 of 
disease contracted at siege of Vicks- 


Lemuel Abijah Abbott, B. S. 

b. Barre, Vt.; capt. 10th Vt. Vols.; capt. 
6th U. S. Cav.; bvt. maj. U. S. A.; (re- 
tired 1883); author; Barre, Vt. 

Edward Dean Adams, M. S. 

b. Boston, Mass.; mem. firm Winslow. 
Lanier & Co., bankers, 1878-93; railroad 
organizer; pres. Cataract Cons. Co.; 
chairman board of directors Northern 
Pacific R. R.; fellow Amer. Soc. C. E.; 
representative Deutsche Bank, Berlin, 
Germany; chair, finance com., Allis- 
Chalmers Co.; trustee "N. U." 1904 — ; 
N. Y. City. 

tWarren Franklin Bascom, B. S. 

Civil engineer, Whitehall, N. Y. 

*Julius Jacob Estey, B. S., A. M. 

b. Brattleboro, Vt.; brig. -gen. in com- 
mand of Vt. Nat. Guard; pres. Estey 
Organ & Piano Co.; d. Brattleboro, Vt., 

tWilliam Gerrish, B. S. 

Chelsea, Mass.; d. 1903. 

*Charles Daniel Gregory, B. S. 

b. Concord, Vt.; merchant; d. St. Louis, 
Mo., 1886. 

*Dwight Henry Kelton, A. M., LL. D. 

b. Montpelier. Vt.; mem. 98th N. Y. 
Vols.; capt. 11.5th U. S. C. I.; major U. S. 
Inft.; retired in 1888; author; d. Mont- 
pelier, Vt., 1906. 

*Charles Nelson Kent, B. S. 

b. Lancaster, N. H.; 1st It. 17th N. H. 
Vols.; historian of regiment; mem. firm 
Geo. P. Rowell & Co., New York, N. Y; 
d. Myrick, L. I . 1906. 

Thomas Jefferson Lasier, B. S. 

Freeport, 111.; editor L.vke Superior 
Mixer; The National Eagle, N. H.; ch. 
clerk Bureau and Supplies, Navy Dept., 
Washington, D. C. 

tRobert Chandler Lord, B. S. 

e. f. Boston, Mass.; 1st It. 3d U. S. Inft.; 
civil engineer, Chicago, 111. 

tFrederick Halsey McCuUoch, B. S. 

e. f. Fort Wayne, Ind.; saiil to have been 
a planter in Virginia? 

'*Ralph Metcalf, B. S. 

b. Newport, N. H.; 1st It. Penn. Nat. 
Guard; receiver Dime Savings Bank, 
Chicago, 111.; d. Chicago, 1904. 

Arthur Paine Morey, B. S. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; priv. 7th Squad. R. I. 
Cav., "College Cavaliers"; capt. 22d U. 
S. C. I.; bvt. ma.i. U. S. Vols.; Vt. State 
drill master; banker; Sedalia, Mo. 

tjohn Holbrook Osgood, B. S. 

b. Pomfret, Conn.; capt. U. S. C. I.; 
Pomfret, Conn. 

*Dudley Farley Phelps, B. S., LL. B. 

b. Groton, Mass.; LL. B. Harv. 1867; 
adj. 20th U. S. C. I.; chief law officer, 
v. S. Custom House; lawyer; New York, 
d. Mass., 1906. 

Henry Moses Phillips, A. M. 

b. Athol, Mass.; priv. 7th Squad. R. I. 
Cav.; instructor commis. officers Vt. 
Vols. 1862; 1st It. and bvt. capt. 4th 
Mass. Cav.; pres. Phillips Mfg. Co.; 
mayor Springfield; post-master; state 
treas.; sec. Mass. Mut. Life Ins. Co., 
Springfield, Mass. 

*Abbott Allen Shattuck, B. S., A. M. 

b. New Ipswich. N. H.; corp. 6th Mass. 
Vols, in defence of Washington, Vt. 
state drill master; capt. 25th U. S. C. I.; 
Kansas City. 

Charles Francis Thorndike, B. S. 
Beverly, Mass. 

*Charles Foster Tillinghast, Jr., B. S. 

1st It. and adj. 7th Squad. R. I. Cav., 
"College Cavaliers"; civil eng.; killed 
in 1871 by an oil well explosion in Penn. 
Pittsburg, Penn. 

*Francis Asbury Sawyer, B. S. 

Member firm of F. A. & J. Sawyer, 
and Charles Sawyer, Woolen Mfrs.; 
Dover, N. H.; d. Bo.ston, Mass., 1889. 

*Edward Stanley Abbott, 1862. 

b. Beverly, Mass.; entered from Harv. 

Univ. to take mil. course; 1st It. and 

bvt. cant. 17th U. S. Inft.; d. of disease 

contracted in service. 
*Charles Guy CargiU, (M. D.\ 1861-63. 

b. Lancaster, N. H.; left N. LT. to enter 

army ; corp. 16th Vt. Vols.; M. D. Dart.; 

phys. San Juan de Baptista, Cal.; died 

there. June, 1900. 

*William Henry Chaffin, 1861-63. 

b. Claremont, N. H.; capt. 14th Vols.; 
killed in battle Sept. 19, 1864, at Opequa, 


tWilliam Aseph Dodge. 

b. Post Mills, Vt.; It. Co. B., 9th Vt. 
Vols.; address Post Mills, Vt. 




Lloyd Byron Fuller, 1861-62. 

b. Plainfield. N. H.; served in 111. Vols, 
in charge forage post of Vicksburg; 
capt. 2d U. S. Inft.; planter; asst. eng. 
Chicago & Alton; Peoria & Rock Island; 
Oilman , Clinton & Springfield; ch. eng. 
Chicago & Danville; Kansas City, Em- 
poria & South.; Kansas City, Memphis 
& South.; supt. cons. Mex. Central; asst. 
city eng. Chicago and built cribs for 
water works; eng. in charge of bridges, 
Chicago; address Chicago, 111. 

*Frederick William Galbraith, 1861-62. 

b. Mt. Vernon, Me.; state drill master; 
2d It. 3d Maine Vols.; capt. and It. col. on 
Gen. O. O. Howard's staff; lawyer; d. 
Cambridge, Mass., 1896. 

*Edward Myron Granger, 1861-63. 

b Pittsford, Vt.; 1st sergt. "Harris 
Light Cav." of N. Y. city; shot through 
the body during Sheridan's raid through 
Winchester in 1864. 

Walter Scott Hazelton, 1861-63. 

b. Strafford, Vt.; served in Co. B.. 7th 
R I. Cavalry, "College Cavaliers"; 
banker; Elkhart, Ind. 

Horace Chapin Henry, 1861-62. 

b. N. Bennington, Vt.; It. 14th Vt. Vols.; 
railroad contractor, building large part 
of Minneapolis & St. Louis "Boo Line"; 
Northern Pacific; Great North.; Everett 
& Monte Cristo; address Seattle, Wash 

William Romeo Hoyt, 1861-62. 

b. St. .\lbans, Vt.; 1st It. 10th Vt. Vols.; 
lawyer. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

William Rutherford Mead, 1861-63. 

b. Brattleboro, Vt.; A. B. Amherst Coll..; 

architect, firm McKim, Mead & White, 

N. Y. city. 
tFred Walter Moores, 1861-63,. 

e. f. Charlestown. Mass.; s. Fred Moores, 

U. S. N.; said to have served in civ. war. 

*John Howard Peck, (M. D.) 

b. E. Montpelier, Vt.; M. D., Univ. of 
Vt.; phys. Montpelier; d. there 1880. 

George Frederick Putnam, 1861-63. 

b. Croydon. N. H.; lawyer; banker; 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Henry Lake Slayton. 1861-62. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; drill master N. H. 
Vols.; capt. U. S. C. I.; grad. Albany 
Law School; supt. schools, Texas; man. 
Slayton Lyceum Bureau, Chicago, 111. 

Charles Sleeper, 1861-63. 

b. St. Albans, Me.; supt. San Francisco 
clearing house; San Francisco, Cal. 

tEUis Pitcher Walcott, 1861-63. 

e. f. Utica, N. Y.; Co. B., 7th R. I. Cav. 

"College Cavaliers"; 1st It. 8th N. Y. 
Heavy Art.; civil eng.. La Crosse, Wis. 

t*FrankUn Hamilton Walcott, 1861-63. 

e. f. New York.; Mills, N. Y.; priv. Co. 
B, 7th R. I. Cav., "College Cavaliers"; 
sergt. mai. N. Y. Vols.; in business N. 
Y. city; d. N. J. in 190.S. 

Adin Hamlin Whitmore, 1861-63. 

e. f. Springfield, Vt.; 2d It. 16th Vt. Vols.; 
real estate and insurance; East Las 
Vegas, New Mexico. 

Frank Whitney, 1861-62. 

b. Lynn, Mass.; mem. banking -firm 
Whitney Bros. & Co., Boston, Mass., 
and has charge of branch house in Cal- 
cutta, India. 


e. f. Cherry Valley, Mass. 

t*John Curry Boyd, B. S. 
e. f. Boston, Mass. 

Oscar Barron Child, B. S. 

b. Pomfret, Vt.; adj. 8th Vt. Nat. Guard. 
railwav mail clerk; planter Deland, Fla. 

John Jasper Dewey, M. S. 

b. Quechee, \ t.; pres. A. G. Dewey & Co. 
Woolen Mfg. Co., Quechee; pres. Wood- 
stock, R. R.; trustee N. U.; Quechee, Vt. 

Joseph Hiram Goulding, A. B. 

b. Potsdam, N. Y.; 1st It. 6th U. S. C. I.; 
sec. and tteas. Dorset Marble Co.; treas. 
Wilmington Savings Bank, Wilmington. 

Samuel Harrison Green (A. M.), D. D., 
(LL. D.) 

b. Enosburg, Vt.; A. M., D. D., Colgate 
Univ.; LL. D. Columbian Univ.; D. D. 
and LL. D. Norwich Univ.; Baptist 
clergyman; pastor Calv. Church, Wash- 
ington, D. C; acting pres. Columbian 
Univ. (now George Washington Univ.) 
1890-1904; Washington, D. C. 

Henry Augustus Howard, B. S. 

Windsor, Vt.; private 60th Mass. Vols.; 
lawyer; district attorney Warren Co.; 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 

William Woodbury Howard, B. S. 

b. Hallowell, Me.; govt, surv., Minn, 
man. Gas Savings Co., St. Paul, Minn. 

Joseph Swift Richards, M. S. (L L. B.) 

b. Geneva, N. Y.; LL. B. Columbia Law 
School, '69; private 60th Mass. Vols.; 
lawyer; New York. 

Benjamin Kearney Roberts, B. S. 

b. Memphis, Tenn.; 2d It. 7th Iowa Cav.; 
capt. and asst. adjt.-gen. U. S. Vols.; 
bvt. maj. U. S. Vols.; col. U. S. art. 
corps; Washington, D. C. 

tCharles Henry Smart, B. S. 

In business, Manchester, N. H. 

*Jesse Bishop Smith, B. S. 

e. f. Strafford, Vt.; It. U. S. A.; d. — ? 
Straff 6rd, Vt. 

Leonard Boardman Brown, 1862-64. 

b. Stark, Me.; editor Maine Standard 
1868-73; Concord P.\teiot 1874-78; Bos- 
ton Globe 1878-79; People and Patriot 
1879-81; address Concord, N. H. 



Henry E. S. Cowles, 1862-63. 

b. Clareniont, N. H.; merchant, Boston, 
Mass.; address Clareinont, N. H. 

t*George Albert Folsom, 1862-64. 

e. f. Sunrise City, Minn.; capt. 57th U. S. 
C. I.; advertising business, Boston, d. 
Maiden, Mass., in 1900. 

Augustus ViUerov Hill (M. D.), 1863-64. 

b. Salem, N. Y.; M. D. Coll. Phys. & 
Surg.; phys. Guttenburg, N. J. 

*Edmund Charles Houghton, 1862-65. 

b. Shaftsbury, Vt.; merchant No. Ben- 
nington, Vt.; served in corps cadets at 
Newport, Vt.; 1864; d. Pasadena, Cal., 

William Fowle Ladd, 1862-64. 

b. Portsmouth, N. H.; cotton merchant, 
Galveston, Texas. 

*Thomas Greenfield Rice, 1861-63. 

b. Winslojv, Me.; 1st sergt. 2d Maine 
Cav.; 2d It. 4th U. S. Cav.; d. 1865 near 
Vicksburg, Miss., of disease contracted 
in service. 

*John Robertson, 1862-65. 

e. f. Charlestown, N. H.; P. E. clerg.; 
Jesuit priest; d. East Indies about 1890, 

t*Marshall Burton Stebbins, 1863-65. 

b. Bradford, Vt.; mem. hardware firm 
Davis, Stebbins & Co., Boston, d. Mai- 
den, Mass., in 1890. 

Holland Newton Stevenson, (C. E.) 

e. f. Cambridge, N. Y.; C. E., R. P. I.. 
Troy, N. Y.; ch. eng. U. S. N.; served 
at battle of "Manila Bay" in 1898; ad- 
dress Washington, D. C. 

Edward Lothrop Stoddard, 1862-65. 

b. Boston, Mass.; P. E. clerg.; rector 
Jersey City, N. J. 

*James Verilyea Sweetser, 1863-65. 

b. Marion, Ind.; extensive manufacturer 
and banker; d. Marion, Ind., 1906. 

Clarence Weston Tolles, (M. D.) 1862-65. 

b. Clareniont, N. H.; M. D. Bellevue 
Med. Hosp.; phys.; Claremont, N. H. 

Charles Eben Wentworth, 1862- 64. 

h. Cincinnati, Ohio; printer and mfr.; 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Charles Henry Wood, 1862-64. 

b. Gardner, Mass.; treas. and manager 
continental mills, Lewiston, Maine, ad- 
dress Boston, Mass. 

William B.— Eaton, Jr. 

e. f. Groton, Mass.; purser Bangor & 
Boston S. S. Co.; Boston, Mass. 

*tWilliam Chauncey Hayden Needham, B. S., 
M. D. 

e. f. Groton, Mass.; private 60th Mass. 
Vols.; physician; held many state offi- 
ces; Columbus, Ohio. 

*Charles Henry Reed, B. S. 

b. Boston, Mass.; merchant, Boston, 
Mass.; d. there 1882. 

Reuel Small, B, S. 

b. Newrj^, Me.; lawyer; official Reporter 
of Debates in the U. S. House of Rep- 
resentatives, Washington, D. C. 

Samuel Thomas Wellman, C. E. 

b. Wareham, Mass.; corp. 1st N. H. 
Heavy Art. 1864-65; eng, for Richmond 
Potts & Loring 1866-69; erected many 
furnaces in various parts of the U. S.; 
eng. and asst. supt. Nashua (N. H.) Iron 
Co., 1870-73; ch. eng. and supt. Otis Steel 
& Iron Co., 1873-89; pres. Wellman, 
Seaver Eng. Co., Cleveland, O., 1890- 
1902; Wellman, Seaver, Morgan Eng. 
Co. 1902; their Cleveland plant is a model 
of its kind; this company has erected 
furnaces and steel plants in all parts of 
the world; has taken out many patents; 
mem. Am. Soc. C. E.; pres. Am. Soc. 
Mech. Eng. 1900-04; Am. Inst. Elec. Eng.; 
British Inst. Mech. Eng.; Ver. Deutscher 
Ei.sen-putten-leute: retired from presi- 
dency of this Co., 1907 

^James Anson Lawrence Whittier, 
LL. B. 

Lawyer, Boston, Mass. 

B. S., 

*Charles Henry Potter, 1863-65. 

e. f. Greenfield, Mass.; mfr., Fitchburg, 
Mass.; d. 1897. 

Eli Gowdy Stiles, 1862-64. 

b. Melrose, Conn.; farmer and business 
man, Melrose. 

Charles Frederick Tibbetts, 1862-63. 

b. Augusta, Me.; drummer 21st Maine 
Vols.; 1st sergt. Maine Vols.; address 
Augusta, Me. 


* James Edwin Batchelder, C. E. 

b. Highgate, Vt.; Priv. Co. E. 5th Vt. 
Vols.; grad. West Point. '68; 1st lieuf. 
U. S. Cavalrv; civil eng.; commandant 
N. U.; Northfield, Vt.; d. Montana, 1880. 

tSeth Henry Benson, B. S. 

e. f. Blackstone, Mass., farmer. 

George Partridge Colvocoresses, A. M. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; captain U. S. N.; 
navigator U. S. S. Concord at battle of 
"Manila Bay" 1898; commandant U. S. 
Naval Academy, Annapolis, M. D. 1905; 

Harland Page Davidson, A. M. 

b. Hooksett, N. H.; prin. schools in Pa., 
N. J. and Vt.; commandant military 
acad. Morgan Park, 111.; in 1888 opened 
Northwestern military academy, and 
has been its supt. since that date; editor 
and author; A. M. "N. U." 1892. 

fFrancis Marion Gowdy, B. S. 

b. Melrose, Conn.; and post- 
master; Melrose, Conn., d. there 1886. 

*Myron Robert Hurlbut, h. S. 

b. St. Albans. Vt., asst, paymaster C. V. 
R. R. 1869-80; d. St. Albans, Vt. 




Wesley Kimball Walton, B. S. 

b. Dixfield, Maine; Lawyer; see. land 
dept.; Woodruff, Utah. 

*Henry Clay Baxter, 1862-64. 

b. Derby Line, Vt.; son Portus Baxter, 
'25; 1st It. bvt. maj. 11th Vt. Vols.; hotel 
business; d. 1891 at Derby Line, Vt. 

Charles Phillip Burr, 1863-66. 

e. f. Batesville, AA.; cotton broker; St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Henry Clay Clark, 1863-66. 

b. Roxbury, N. H.; col. N. Y. N. G.; 
supt. Jordan, Marsh & Co. store, Boston, 

*William Fiske, 1863-64. 

b. Roxbury, Mass.; served 43d Mass. 
Vols.; in business Boston and Liver 
pool; d. Roxbury, 187.3. 

Howard Fremont HiU (A, M.) (Ph. D.) D. D. 
b. Concord, N. H.; cadet 1863-65; A. B. 
Dart., '67; P. E. clergy.. Concord, N. H.; 
Chaplain Vt. N. G. 1883-95; trustee N. U. 
1895 ; author; address Concord, N. H. 

tWinslow Metcalf Lindsay, 1862-64. 

e. f. Laconia, N. H.; is said to have been 
a capt. in the Kansas Vols., civil war. 

John Henry McLoud, 1863-65. 

b_. Calais, Vt.; prin. school, Hardwick, 
Vt.; merchant, Hardwick, Vt. 

*George Edmund Otis, LL. B., 1863-65. 

b. Boston, Mass.; served in 6th Mass. 
Vols.; LL. B. Harv. Law School, 1867; 
Judge Superior Court, Cal.; lawyer in 
partnership with Fred. W. Gregg, ex. 73, 
at San Bernardino, Cal., d. there 1905. 

*Augustus Lorenzo Papanti, 1863-66. 

e. f. Boston, Mass.; capt. 2d Mass. Cav.; 
prop. "Papanti's Dance Hall," Boston; 
d. 1904. 

*James Ezekiel Porter, 1862-63. 

b. Strong, Me.; left N. U. to enter West 
' Point; grad. '67; 1st It. 7th Cav.; served 
in Indian campaign; killed in "Custer's 
Last Fight," June 25, 1876. 

Charles Montgomery Reed, (A. B., LL. B.), 

b. Brookline, Mass.; A. B. Dart., 1867; 
LL. B. Harvard; lawyer; Boston, Mass. 

tCharles Storey Wheelright, 1863-66. 

b. Roxbury, Mass.; .said to have .served 
in civil war; in business. Providence, 
R. T. 

Nathaniel Webster Ellis, C. E. 

1'. Fordham, N. Y.; asst. eng. Suncook 
R. R.; Sugar River R. R.; asst. eng. 
Boston & Maine R. R.; division eng. on 
the Orequipa & Pumo R.. R. in Peru; 
Union Pacific & Central Rys.; water 
works eng.; Mem. Am. Soc. C. E.; Man- 
chester, N. H.; d. Boston 1889. 

t*Robert Grosvenor, B. S. 
Providence, R. I. 

Charles Marseilles A. M. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa.; editor and author; 
has one of the finest libraries in N. H.; 
Exeter, N.H. 

George K. Sabin, B, S., (M.D.) 

Physician; Brookline, Mass. 

*Charles R— WalUngford, B. S. 

b. Milford, N. H.; lawyer; employ., Pis- 
cataquis Pulp and Paper Co.; d. Mon- 
tague, Maine, 1904. 

William Henry Wentworth, C. E. 

b. Oswego, N. Y.; Priv. 184 N. Y. Vols.; 
div. eng. New York, Ontario & Western 
R. R.; locating eng. New Orleans, Mob. 
& Chattanooga; Houston & Tex. Cent.; 
Southern Pacific; cons. eng. Tex. Paci- 
fic; Houston, east and west Texas; eh. 
eng. Dallas and Wichita; Monterey and 
Mexican Gulf; div. eng. Mex. National; 
city eng. Dallas, Texas; cons. eng. and 
mine owner, Monterey, Mex.; mem. Am. 
Soc. C. E. 

*Frank Mortimer Whiting, B. S. 

Mem. firm F. M. Whiting & Co., mfrs. 
of silver goods; No. Attleboro, Mass. 

*James Knight Polk ChamberUn, 1865-67. 

b. Pomfret, Vt.; grad. Albany Law 
School; lawyer, Lincoln, Neb., where 
he died in 1889. 

William Richard Cutter, A. M., 1865-67. 

b. Woburn, Mass.; A. M. N. U. 1893; 
author; historical and genealogical works; 
librarian Woburn public library, Woburn, 

*Alexander Bryan Johnson, 1864-67. 

b. Utica, N. Y.; lawyer; N. Y. city; mem. 
Union League Club, he with his wife 
perished in the "Windsor Hotel" fire 
in 1902. 

Frederick Eugene Ransom, 1864-66. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; s. Col. Truman B. Ran- 
som, '25; civil eng.; 2d It. 11th 111. Vols.; 
priv. 3d U. S. Cav.; asst. eng. Union Pac. 
R. R.; address Soldiers' Home, Quincy, 

Charles Dole, A. M. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; prof. N. U. 1871-86; 
vice-pres. N. U. ; (sec Vermont Black Slate 
Co), Northfield, Vt. 

Clarence Lockwood Hathaway, A. M.,(M.D.) 
Physician, Winthrop, Mass. 

Henry John Skinner Howe, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; banker. Marshal- 
town, Iowa. 

Charles S — . Denison. 

b. Gambia, Ohio: B. S. and C. E. Univ. 
of Vt.; asst. eng. Milwaukee & North.; 
prof, drafting, Univ. of Michigan 1876 — ; 
address Ann Arbor, Mich. 




* William Henry Hunt, 1865-68. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; asst. eng. Northern 
Pacific R. R.; paymaster Central Vt. 
R. R. 1876-95: held many public offices: 
d. St. Albans, Vt., 1895. 


tjob Francis Davis, B. S. 

e. f. Falmouth, Mass. 

Walter Dole, B. S., A. M, 

b. Northfield, Vt.; graduate Meadville 
Theol. Sem.; Univ. clergyman. North- 
field, Vt. ■ 

t*Alfred Briggs Gilbert, B. S. 

e. f. Lanesboro, Mass.; lawj'er; d. New 
Orleans, La., 1875. 

*Charles Gilman TarbeU, B. S. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; private 8th Vt. Vols, 
and U. S. Signal Corps; prin. of schools 
in Vt., 111., Minn, and Cal.; Randolph. 
Vt.; d. 1881. 

tGeorge Morrison Willard, B. S. 

e. f. No. Hartland, civ. eng., Bismark, N. 


*tWUham Griffith Owen, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; druggist, Boston, 
Mass.; d. about 1880, 

*Adrian Scott (A. M., Ph. D.). 

b. Blaekstone, Mass.; supt. schools; 
author and prof, at Brown Univ.; farmer 
Blaekstone 1890-1905; prof, political and 
social Science and Inst, in Greek at the 
University 1905 — ; d. of apoplexy in 
Northfield, Dec. 11, 1905. 


♦Stephen Higginson Camnbell, B. S. 

b. Charleston, S. C; cashier Col. Nat. 
Bank; Denver, Col., d. Phoenix, Ariz., 

Waldo Park Clement, M. S. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; pres. Chilton Paint Co.; 
mem. firm Haven & Clement, brokers: 
mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange; New York, 

Samuel Dimmock Conant, B. S. 

b. Lyme, N. H.; mem. Greenfield pro- 
vis, militia, Spanish-Am. war; lawyer, 
Greenfield, Mass. 

Charles Greenleaf Griffith, B. S. 

e. f. Brooklyn, N. Y.; ch. eng. Montana 
Smeltmg Co.: Great Falls, Montana: 
min. eng.. New York. 

*Francis Zeno Kimball, B. S. 

b. Northfield. Vt.: prin. of schools in 
111.; d. Libertyville, 111., 1889. 

William Lemuel Steadman, B. S. 

b. Lawrence, Mass.: capt. Bat. C, ;Mass. 
Light Art.: manufacturer; Lawrence, 

*James Wheeler Swett, B. S. 

b. Bethel, Vt.; s. Rev. Josiah Swett, '37; 
prin. Rugby Academy; Wilmington, 
Del.; d. there 1876. 


tAlvin Morton Bailey, B. S. 
e. f. Montreal, P. Q. 

Henry Augustus Burt, B. S. 

b. Fairfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Burlington 
& Mo. R. R.; in Neb., Col. and Kan.; 
lawyer: Swanton, Vt. 

*Frank Richard Bates, B. S. 

b. Northfield, lawyer; Northfield, Vt.; 
d. there 1883. 

*William Ripley Dorr, M. S. 

b. Chatham, N. Y.; treas.and manager 
Home & Danz Mfg. Co.; treas. Life Ins. 
Clearing Co.; pres. Stanton Gold Mining 
Co., Arizona: pres. board of trade, St. 
Paul, Minn.: broker, N. Y. city; d. 1904. 

Paris Augustus Eastman, B. S. 

b. Rutland, Vt.: man. stock farm; Men- 
don, Vt. 

George Lemuel Huntoon, B. S. 

b. Springfield, Mass.; capt. Mass. Nat. 
Guard; jeweler, Boston, Mass. 

Cyrus Moses Johnston, B. S. 

b. Waitsfield, Vt., county attorney? 
Detroit City, Minn. 

Harry Tudor Lyman, B. S. 

b. W. Randolph, Vt.: cashier .\mericau 
Exp. Co.; Manchester, N. H. 1880-1903; 
Randolph, Vt, 

John Robert Moore, M. S., C. E. 

b. Elizabeth, N. J.: asst. eng. N. J. Cent. 
R. R.: asst. eng. for New York city, N. Y. 

Archie Lorenzo Sheldon, B. S. 

b. W. Rutland, Vt.; machinery broker; 
New York. 

Simeon Edson Belknap, 1869-71. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; in business, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Frank Foster Bennett. 

b. Northfield, Vt.: eng.: Henderson. 

Harry Warren Daniell, 

b. Franklin, N. H.: gen. supt. Winnipes- 
eoggee Paper Co., Franklin, N. H., ad- 
dress LaKeport. N. H. 

tWilliam Alanson Dver Davis, 
e. f. Rutland, Vt. 

Charles Alexander Gregg, 1869-71. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; employ. C. V. R. R. at 
St. Albans and New London 1872-1904; 
in charge of water service N. Y., N.H.and 
H. R. R., 1904 — : address. New London. 

Fred Wallace Gregg. (A. B.\ 1869-71. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; A. B. Dart.: law\-er; 
U. S. Commissioner. Arizona, 1882-3; 
.iudge County Court, Pima Co., Arizona, 
1885-87: member firm Otis (N. U. 66) 
Gregg & Hall. San Bernadino, Cal.. 1896- 
1906: Gregg & Surr. 1906 — ; 





George Wallace Metcalf, 1869-71. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; merchant and ranch- 
man, Douglass, Wyoming. 

George John Spear, 1870-72. 

b. Braintree, Vt.; hardware and nursery 
busmess, Greeley, Col. 

*Benjamin Ball Newton, 1870-73. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; e. f. Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
ch. eng. Foxburg, St. Petersburg & 
Clarion (Pa.) R. R. 1877-90; supervisor 
of terminals Port Richmond, Phila., for 
Reading Ry.; 1st asst. supt. 1890 — ; 1st 
div. Pa., R. R. 1894—; d. Pueblo, Col. 


Charles Edward Field, B. S. 

b. Greenfield, Mass.; employ Shipman 
White Lead Works; comptroller Nat. 
Lead Works; Chicago. 

Robert Alexander Silver, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; in business; North- 
field, Vt. 

Edward Denslow Upham, B. S. 

b. Pittsfield, Vt.; cashier Charles W. 
Brenneman & Co.' Cincinnati, O. 

William Herbert Best, 1870-73. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; employ Swift Bros., 
Chicago, 111. 

Edward Pancost Pitman, 1870-73. 

b. Swanton, Vt.; accountant, Fishkill- 
on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Frank James Saxe, 1870-73. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; manager and secre- 
tary. Export Lumber Co., of N. Y., 1895-; 
sec. and manager Atlantic Coast Lum- 
ber Co.; pres. and director, Export Tow- 
ing Co.; manager and director, Tupper 
Lake Mfg.. Co.; vice pres. and director. 
West Va., Southern R. R. Co.; office 42 

Edward Taylor Smith, 1870-71. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; cashier Clement Nat'l 
Bank. Rutland, Vt.; sec. Page Woven 
Wire Fence Co., Mich. 

D'Orsey Taylor. 1870-71. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; merchant St. Albans. 

William Herbert Tucker, 1871-72 

' W. Hartford. Vt ; merchant. White 

Ri\er Junction, Vt. 

George Edward Edson, M. S. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; lawyer; has made a 
specialty of geology and has one of the 
largest collections of minerals in Vt.; 
author; address, St. Albans, Vt. 

Theodore Chardavoyne Mcllwaine, B. S. 

Accountant with J. W. Tuttle & Co., 
Plattsburg, N. Y., 1887 — ; 

Waldo Henry Richardson, B. S. (M. D.) 

XT Boston, Mass.; M. D. Columbia; mem. 
New York School Board; physician; 
New York. 

*William Moser Rumbaugh, C. E., A. M. 

b. Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; capt. Penn. Nat'l 
Guard; commandant N. U. 1880-86; Prof, 
civil eng. 1879-86; employ Western Elec- 
tric Co., New York, d. there 1902. 

George Delbert Thomas, B. S., Ph. B., A. M. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; editor Boston Herald, 
author; pres. "N. U." Alumni Assoc. 
Boston; Alumni trustee; alderman. 
Waltham, Mass. 

Frank Clark Hatch, 1873-76. 

b. Woodstock, Vt.; col. governor's staff, 
Arizona 1883-86; commis. for Arizona 
1884-87; contractor and has constructed 
a large number of public works; mana- 
ger Hotel Royalton, New York, N. Y. 

Eben Barlow Jewell, 1872-73. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; ch. police, Dowagiac, 
Mich.; eng. in charge streets. 

*John Kerswell Stearns, 1870-74. 

b. Skowhegan, Maine; extensive manu- 
facturer of paint at Davenport, Iowa, 
where he died in 1890. 

Arnold Thayer, 1872-74. 

b. New York City: paint mfgr.. Maiden 
Lane, N. Y.; address Roslyn, N. Y. 


Harry Christopher Dole, B. S., A. M. 

b. Nortlifield, Vt.; journalist; editor. 
West Jersey Press, Camden, N. J. 

Burleigh Fulsom Spaulding, Ph. B., A. M. 

b. Craftsbury, Vt., 1st It. Vt. N. G., supt. 
of schools, Cass Co., N. D.; lawver; mem. 
cong. 1900-06; Fargo, N. D. 

Robert Manson Stephens, M. S. 

b. Geneva, 111.; merchant, Madison, N. J. 

Horace Alonzo Clifford, 1874-76. 

b. Lowell, Mass.; cashier North. Pacific 
R. R.' St. Paul, Minn. 

*William Russell Curtis, 1872-76. 

b. Yarmouth, Me.; purser Pacific Coast 
Steamship Co. 1880-1904; Port Townsend 
Wash.; d. Yarmouth, Maine, April 9, 

Benjamin Hale Douglass, (D. D. S.) 

b. Waterloo, N. Y.; D. D. S., Bait. Dent. 
Coll.; dentist, Boston, Mass. 

*David Bates Douglass, 1872-76. 

b. Waterloo, N. Y.; mfr. mill supplies, 
Phila.; d. Pomona, Cal., 1894. 

Frank Gardner Flint, 1874-75. 

b. Bellows Falls, Vt.; paper ^mfr.. Bel- 
lows Falls, Vt. 

t*William Tolman Sprague, 1873-75. 

b. — ? e. f. Boston,; supt. Bessemer Steel 
Works of the St. Louis Ore & Steel Co., 
So. St. Louis; d. there about 1890. 

Henry Bates Thayer, (A. B.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; vice-pres. Western 
Electric Co. and manager New York 
house; address, Bethune St., N. Y. city. 



Charles Horace Spooner, B. S., A. M., LL. D. 

b. Charlestown, N. H.; maj. Cal. N. G.; 
commandant St. Augustine Coll. Be- 
nicia, Cal. 1879-81; inst. of mathematics 
and commandant Vermont Academy 
1881-89; maj. V. N. G. 1888-89; prin. 
Fitchburg, (Mass.) public schools 1889- 
91; instructor and asst. in charge of 
second year class Manual training school, 
Wash. Univ., St. Louis, Mo., 1891-1904; 
pres. Norwich Univ. 1904 — . 

Henry Bowman Douglass, (M. E.) 1874-76. 
b. West Point, N. Y.; mining eng. Vin- 
ton Colliery Co., Vintondale, Pa. 

Francis Douglass, 1872-76. 

b. West Point, N. Y.; banker, Wilkes- 
barre. Pa. 

*Frederick Earl Du Bois, 1874-76. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; banker; d. Randolph, 
Vt., 1903. 

Edward Sprague Marsh, (A. B., LL. B.) 1874- 

b. Brandon, Vt.; LL. B., Boston, Univ. 
1882; lawyer, Brandon, Vt. 


Eugene Merwin Carr, B. S. (LL. B.), 

b. — ; e. f. Louisville, Ky.; LL. B. Co- 
lumbia, '81; brig.-gen. in command 
Washington, N. G.; lawyer; promoter, 
Seattle, Wash.; present address. Fair- 
bank, Alaska. 

John Benjamin Johnson, C. E., A. M. 

b. Montgomery, Vt.; professor of math. 
N. U.. 1879-90; mqth. and civil eng. 1890- 
1901; Emeritus prof. math, and eng., 
1901-06; prof, civil eng., Univ. of South- 
ern Calif., Los Angeles. 1906 — ; address 
Pasadena; during summer, Northfield, 

Charles Horace Spooner, A. B. 

(See Class 1878.) 

*William Franklin Baker, 1875-77. 

b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., lawyer, d. Notth- 
field, 188.3. 

Archie Mead Batchelder, 1875-76. 

b. Plainfield, Vt.; merchant and mfr. 

Plainfield, Vt. 

Edward McClure Peters, B. S. 

b. New York, 1860; commanded sailing 
vessel in So. American waters; It. U. S. 
Navy, Span.-Am. war; vice-pres. N. U. 
Alumni Association of New York; Com- 
mander N.J. Naval Reserves; supt. Chem- 
ical Tartar Co., 9th St. and Gowanus 
Canal, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Loomis Stevens Cull, 1873-78. 

b. Waterville, Vt.; lawyer; county 
judge 1891-96; Hot Springs, S. D. 

Harry Louis Fuller, 1876-78. 

b. Worthington, Mass.; e. f. Florence, 
Mass.; draftsman C. B. & Q. R. R. 
Galesburg, 111., 1878-79; div. eng. for 
U. S. Govt, on R. R. survey, promitory 
Utah to Helena, Mont., 1880-83; div. eng. 
Santa Fe R. R. 1883-84; min. eng. Lead- 
ville, Coll., 1885-87; div. eng. Rock Island 
& Pacific R. R., 1887-89; asst. eng. Nor- 
wood Eng. Co. as cons. eng. on filter 
plant cons. 1890-91; in private practice 
1892-94; ch. eng. Norwood Eng. Co., 
Florence, JMass., in hydraulic work 1895- 


otthfield, Vf. 

Frank Lee Howe, 1875-80. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; capt. Co. K., 1st Vt. 
Vols. Span. Am. war; lieut.-col. Vt. N. 
G.; marble and granite business. North- 
field, trustee N. U. 

Frank Henry Parker, 1874-79. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; prop. City Drug Store, 
Burlington, Vt. 

Frank Winslow Conn, C. E. 

b. E. Randolph, Vt.; asst. eng. Texas 
Pacific R. R.; Silver city and Deming; 
Mexican Central; Guatimala Central; R. 
R. in Chile; Mont. & Wells River in 
Vt., min. eng. & supt. Costa Rico; 
cons. eng. Transit Finance Co., 5 Nassau 
St., New York City ;mem. Am. Soc, C. 

Henry Martin Jones, B. S. 

b. Kingston, Mass.; mfr.; Kingston, Mass. 

Charles Wright Mead, C. E. 

b. Underhill, Vt.; asst. eng. N. P. R. R.. 
1881-84; Co. surveyor, Madison Co., 
Montana, 1834-87; 1892-9S; Co. supt. of 
roads and bridges, Madison Co., 1896-98; 
locating eng. Denver & Rio Grande R. 
R., 1888; U. S. Govt, contract surveyor, 
1888-90; surveyor. Pony Gold Mining 
Co., 1890-91; 1st lieut. Montana N. G., 
1896-98; 1st lieut. same Co. in Spanish 
American war; served in Phillippine Is- 
lands; Capt. 36th U. S. vol. Inft. Julv 12. 
1899; July l,'Ol, brev. maj. U.S A.; eng- 
in charge Manila and Dogupan Ry., 1900, 
01; city eng., Manila and sanitary eng. for 
the Phillippine Islands. 1901-02; 1st asst. 
eng. Canton and Hankon Ry., China. 
1902; ch. eng. 1903; ch. eng. and gen'l 
manager 1904-05; President and gen'l 
manager the Oriental Construction Co. 
of Shanghai, Hongkong and Manila, Feb. 
1905 — to date. Address 4a Peking 
Road. Shanghai, China. 

Marshal Davis Smith, B. S. 

b. Montello, Wisconsin; treas. N. U. gen. 
Alumni Assoc; business, real estate and 
insurance ; town representative, 1904- 

06, Northfield, Vt. 

William Howard Wilmarth, B. S. 

b. — , No. Attleboro, Mass., artist and 
musician, Milan, Italy; home address, 
.Attleboro, Mass. 



George Emmerson Dearing, 1878-80, 

b. Bethel, Vt.; farmer E. Bethel has 
held many public offices, address Royal- 
ton, Vt. 

tWilliam Smith Haddock, 1876-78. 

e. f. Brooklyn, N. Y.; pottery mfr., 
Trenton, N. J.? 

David Terry Winton, 1878-81. 

e. f. Bridgport, Conn.; editor, Mamaro- 
nack, N. Y. 

George TaftHobbs.B.S. 

b. Uxbridge, Mass.; s. Geo. W. Hobbs, 
'58; civil engineer, Uxbridge, Mass. 

Malverd Abijah Howe, B. S., M. S. (C. E.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; s. Asa Howe, '43; 
prof, civil engineering, Rose Polvtech- 
nic Inst., Terre Haute, Ind. 1887 — ; 
author several eng. test books. 

Fred Elton Steele, B. S. (M. D.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; M. D. Hahneman 
Med. Coll.; physician; member Board of 
Visitors, N. U.; Montpelier, Vt. 

Byron Thorp Carr, 1878-79. 

b. Galesburg, 111.; brother E. M. Carr, 
'79; train despatcher Cent. Pacific R. R.; 
supt. Oregon Ry. & Improvement Co., 
1890-92; supt. St. Ry., Seattle, Wash. 

Charles Marsh Davis (LL. B.) 1878-79. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; LL. B. Boston Univ. 
'89; lawyer; mill owner, Northfield, Vt. 

Clarence Eugene Randall, 1878-80. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; s. Geo. C. Rpndall in 
class 1904; ch. train dispatcher B. & M. 
R. R., Woodsville, N. H. 

James Michael Holland, B. S. (LL. B.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; LL. B. Univ. of 
Mich.; '85; lawyer and financier, New 
York City. 

Wilbur Clark Howe. B. S. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; brother F. L. Howe, 
'79; freight agent B. & M. R. R., Nashua, 
N. H. 

George Roberts Miner, M. S. 

b. Manchester, Vt.; editor New York 
Herald, Paris Edition, Sunday editor 
New York World; Sunday editor New 
York Herald. 1900-02; 1904—; dramatic 
editor New York Herald, 1902-04; New 
York City. 

Edwin Oscar Blanchard (D. D. S.') 1879-80. 
h. Plainfield, Vt.; D. D. S. Bost. Dent. 
Coll.; dentist, Randolph, Vt. 

*John Wesley Ramsay. 

b. St. Johnsbury, Vt.; asst. ed. various 
Vt. papers; ed. and pub. Gr.\nite City 
Le.vder. Barre, Vt., 1892-95; U.S. in- 
spector of customs, 1894-95; d. Richford, 
Vt., 1S95. 

Herbert Eugene Thayer, 1879-82. 

b. Warren, Vt.; teacher drawing; War- 
ren, Vt. 

Calvert King Mellen, M. S., A. M. 

b. Richmond, Va.; 1st It. 42d Sep. Co., 
N. Y. N. G., commandant De Veaux 
Coll. 1889-96, prop. 'Mellen School' 
Buffalo, 1896-1900; instructor Mathe- 
matics, Central high school, 1900-04; 
prin. of schools, 1904 — ; Buffalo, N. Y. 

Thomas Henry Nickerson, M. E. 

b. Harrington, Maine; merchant; Athens, 

Fred Silas Parker, B. S. 

b. E. Putnev, Vt.; lawyer, Ellendale, 
N. D. 1884-92; citv judge W. Superior, 
Wis., 1894-98; mayor 1898-1900; lawyer 
W. Superior, Wis. 

Ned Louis Sheldon, M. S., A. M. 

b. Stockbridge, Vt.; master, W. New- 
bury, Mass. H. S., 1885-88; Norwood, 
H. S. 1888-90; president Sons of Vt. 
Assn.; lawyer, Boston, Mass. 

Harry Denison Stewart, 1881-83. 

b. Bangor, Maine; gen. pass. agt. Mt. 
Desert (Me.,) R. R. 1887—; sec. Eastern 
Ice Co. 


Fred Rice Balknap, M, S. (M. D.) 

b. Rochester, Vt.; M. D. Bellevue Med. 
Hosp., studied in England and Ger- 
many; mem. state board of health, 1897; 
physician; Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Myron Lemuel Chandler, (M. D.) A. M. 

b. Berlin, Vt.; commandant Mt. Pleas- 
ant Mil. Acad.; M. D., U. V. M. '91; 
physician; Barre, Vt. 

Henry Blanchard Hersey, B. S. 

b. Williamstown, Vt.; adj. gen. New 
]Mexico, 1897-98; ranking maj. 1st Vol. 
Cavalry ' 'Rough Riders"; U. S. Weather 
Bureau Inspector; Louisville, Ky., 1898- 
1904; Cornell Univ., 1904-06; meteorolo- 
gist representing the U. S. Govt., with 
the Walter Wellman Expedition to the 
North Pole, 1905-06; meteoroloist with 
Lt. Frank P. Lahm, U. S. .A., in the 
International Ballooji Race in Europe, 
when this officer won the Bennett cup, 
in 1906; meterologist representing the 
U. S. A. with Walter Wellman Expedi- 
tion to North Pole, 1907—. 

Horace IngersoU Bettis, 1882-83. 

e. f. Salem, Mass.; asst. eng. B. & M. R. 
R.; Eastern (.Mass.) R. R. Thompson- 
Houston Elec. Co.; auditor of Disburse- 
ments, Southern Railway, Washington, 
D. C; osst. auditor Union Pacific R. R. 
of Omaha; auditor San Pedro, Los An- 
geles and Salt Lake R. R., at Los Angeles. 

tFrank B— ? Porter, 1881-82. 
b. Calais, Maine. 


Charles Herman Cheney, C. E. 

b. So. Manchester, Conn.; 1st Inspector 
Galveston (Texas) Jetty Works; asst. 
eng. Galveston Ship Canal; prof, civil 
eng. "N. U." 1889-90; civil eng. Cheney 
Bros., Manchester, Conn. 

Charles Henry Nichols, M. C. E. 

b. Braintree, Vt.; asst. eng. Boston 
Bridge, Works 1888-90; asst. bridge eng. 
Boston & Providence R. R. 1890-92: asst. 
eng. Keystone Bridge Works, and had 
charge of cons, south side and west side 
Elevated R. R. Chicago, 1892-94; eng. 
for Milliken Bros., N. Y.; 1st asst. ch. 
eng. Post and McCjrd Bridge Co.; ch. 
eng. Snare & Triest; Structural eng. 
Kirby, Petitt & Green, N. Y. City. 

Earl Hearv Prince, B. S. (LL. B.) 

b. Roxbury, LL. B., Univ.of Mich. Law 
School '89; mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade 1900 — ? grain merchant, Chicago, 

Phil Sheridan Randall, M. S. 

b. Montpelier; s. Col. F . V. Randall, vice- 
pres. "N. U."; lawyer; bank cashier; 
county judge, Ellendale ; lawyer, Little 
Falls, Minn., 1905—. 

Walter Evans Lewis, 1881-83. 

b — ; s. Col. C. H. Lewis '55; Architect, 
Boston, Mass. 

tRowland Wardwell Stewart, 1882-85. 

b. Bangor, Maine; in business, Bangor, 


Charles Edwin Austin, B. S., (D. D. S.) 

b. Hancock, Vt.; D. D. S.. Chicago Coll. 
of Dent. Surg.; dentist; Chicago, 111. 

*Ernest Victor Booth, M. S. 

b. Kent, Ohio; s. Rev. I. P. Booth, 
"Trustee" N. LT.: civil eng., Worcester, 
Mass., where he died in 1891. 

Paris Moore Fletcher, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Woodstock, Vt.; salesman 
Western Elec. Co., New York City 
1890-1900; manager, Burnett Co., Maiden 
Lane, 1902-04; in 1904 formed firm of P. 
M. Fletcher & Co.. dealers in electrical 
goods address, 32-34 Frankfort St., 
New York City. 

Walter Edwin Hassaxn, C. E., M. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; capt. 2d Mass. N. G. 
1893-98; asst. citveng., Worcester, Mass., 
1888-1903; supt. streets, 1903-05; inven- 
tor of the Hassam Street paving and in 
1903 formed the Hassam Street Paving 
Co.. of which he is general manager; 
address, W^orcester, Mass. 

♦Frederick Tyler Edserton, 1883-85. 

b. Norwich, Vt.; renorter and editor; 
d. Northfield, Vt., 18S7. 

Elmer Daniel McCarty, 1883-84. 

b. Waitsfield. Vt.; Supt. F. P. Holt, Ho- 
siery, l.acoiiia, N. H. 1890-98; Supt. of J. 
H. Tilton & Son in same line for work 
1898 ; address Laconia, N. H. 

Fred Thaddeus Austin, M. S., C. E. 

b. Hancock, Vt.; Architect. Brockton, 
Mass.; built many public buildings; 
"drum major" several New England 
Regiments, N. G., Adj. 5th Mass. Vols. 
Span.-Am. war, capt. Artillery Corps, 
U. S. A. 

Harry Hale Goss, B. S. 

b. Georgia, Vt.; engaged in general 
auditing business. Providence, R. I. 

Fred Farnham Hay ward, B. S. 

b. Tunbridge, Vt.; salesman, Prescott 
Piano Co., Concord, N. H., 1895-1904; 
Steinway Piano Co., Lowell, Mass., 

Luther Burnham Johnson, M. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; editor, Northfield 
News, Randolph Herald 1898 — ; offi- 
cial reporter Vt. House of Repre.senta- 
tives, 1900-04; State senator. Orange 
Co., 1906 — ; Randolph, Vt. 

William Alden Shaw, M. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; U. S. Weather Bureau 
Observer, Boston, Portland, New York, 
Pierre, S. D., Sioux City, Iowa, North- 
field, Vt. 1896—; 

William Orlando Belknap, 1884-86. 

b. So. Royalton, Vt.; merchant, So. 
Royalton, Vt. 

Nathaniel Reene Davis, 1883-86. 

b — , e, f. Northfield, Vt.; granite busi- 
ness in Montello, Mis. 

Harry Svmmons Denny, (B. S.) 

h. Northfield, Vt.; cadet 1885 Dec. 1887; 
in business, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Pearl Lewis Ellis (D. D. S.) 1883-85. 

b. Pittsfield. Vt.; D. D. S. Univ. of Md.; 
dentist, Swanton, Vt. 1888-1903; address 
Randolph, Vt. 

George Walter Gifford, 1884-85. 

b. E. Bethel, Vt.; ranchman, near Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Jonathan Eugene Tinker. 

b. Albany. Vt.; left N. U. to enter West 
Point in 1887; jeweler, Danville, Vt. 

*Henry Truman Way, 1885-87. 

b. Hardwick, Vt.; d. of lock-jaw in 1887. 


Elmer Adelbert Aseltine, B. S. 

b. Swanton, Vt.; prin. high school, 
Gobleville, Mich.. 1890-97; school ex-. 
Van Buren Co.. 1895-1900: ins. business; 
GoblevUle, Mich. 

Fred Howe Clark, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. city eng., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

George Herbert Cobleigh, B. L. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; address. So. North- 
field, Vt. 




Herbert Nelson Cross, B. L. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; lawyer, Springfield, 

Eidridge Wheeler Giltnan, C. E. 

b. Marshfield, Vt.; mer., Marshfield, Vt. 

Robert Liston Irish, B. S., M. S. (M. D.). 

b.— , e. f. Northfield, Vt.; M. D. Bellevue 
Med. Hosp., N. Y.; physician, New York 

Elmer Roland Juckett, M. S. 

b. Whitehall, N. Y.; lawyer; Co. atty. 
Fall River co., S. D., 1896-1900; co. judge, 
1900-1904; State's attorney, S. D., 1904; 
address, Hot Springs, S. D. 

*Fred Ellsworth Lamb, C. E. 

b. Pittsfield, Vt.; civil eng.; Boston, 
Mass.; d. Northfield, Vt., 1893. 

William Ethel Terrill. M. S. 

b. Underhill, Vt.; druggist and mfg. 
phar., 1892-1902; salesman; athletic man- 
ager N. U. ath. assoc; address, Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 

Aurin Ralph Shaw, M. S. (D. D. S.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; U. S. Signal Service, 
D. D. S. Northwestern Univ. Dent. 
Coll., '94; dentist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

WilUam Seth Prior, C. E., M. S. 

b. Underhill, Vt.; asst. city eng., Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1892-97; st. com., 1897- 
1903; 1st It. 2d Mass. N. G.; in business, 
Worcester, Mass. 

Fred Simeon Palmer, 1886-88. 

b. Underhill, Vt.; U. S. Insp. of Customs; 
Chicago, 111. 1891 — ; sec. Norwich Univ. 
Alumni Assoc, of Chicago, 1905 — ; 


Seth Burton Adams, C. E. 

b. Albany, Vt.; asst. eng. Georgia 
Central R. R. 1890-91; consulting eng. 
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspec. and Ins. 
Co., 1891— ;Phaa. Penn. 

Charles Edwin ColUns, C. E. 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; hydraulic eng. Locks 
& Canals Co., Lowell, Mass. 1890-92; 1st 
asst. eng. Pittsfield, Mass. 1892-95; cons, 
eng. Cambridge, Mass.; in charge of 
hydraulic work on Charles River 1895- 
98, city eng. St. Albans 1896-97; eng. and 
inspec. of bridge work B. & A. R. R. 
1897; hydraulic eng. with F. L. Fuller 
on water works 1898-1900; hydraulic eng. 
office Phila. Pa. 1900—; assoc. mem. Am. 
Snc, C. E. 

Homer John Dane, B. S. 

b. Jericho, Vt.; grad. 111. Coll. of phar- 
'92; hosp. steward, Vt., Vols. Span.-Am. 
war; druggist, Chicago and Northfield, 
Vt.; phar., Northfield, Vt. 

Herman Dressel, Jr., A. M. 

b. New York Citv, prin. No. Benning- 
ton, (Vt.) H. S. 1891-95; supt. and prin., 
Springfield, Vt. H. S., 1895-1903; Co. 
exammer, Windsor Co., 1896-1903; supt. 
schools Great Barrington, Mass., 1904 — 

John Huntoon Judkins, M. S. (M. D.) 

b. Prescott, Wis.; M. D. Bait. Med. Coll. 
'93; physician and druggist; North- 
field, Vt. 

tDexter Wadleigh Lewis, B. S. 

b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; s. Col. Chas. H. 
Lewis, '55; address. New Bedford, Mass. 

Ira Rich Mower, B, S. 

b. Calais, Vt.; salesman Parke, Davis & 
Co., Georgia, Atlanta, Ga.; mgr. Inde- 
pendent Drug Co., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Frederick Parker, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. with John 
W. Ellis, Woonsocket, R. I. 1891-95; 
asst. eng. in charge branch office B. & M. 
R. R., Springfield, Mass. 1895-96; eng. 
in charge of location Revere Beach & 
Lynn R. R. 1896-97; civil eng. at Woon- 
socket, R. I. 1898 — ; has built up an ex- 
tensive practice; eng. for an electric 
Ry., New Bedford to Fall River, Mass.; 
eng. for Horse Neck Beach R. R., 1903- 
05; address, Woonsocket, R. I. 


George Franklin Abbott, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Boston 
Elevated Ry., 1891-1906; Boston, Mass.; 
ch. eng. Camaguey Elec. Co., of Camag- 
uey, Cuba, 1906 — . 

George Langdon Ballou, B. S. 

b. — , e. f. Bethel, Vt.; draughtsman, 
Berlin Bridge Works; dir. and sec, Geo. 
A. Just Co. contracting eng., Long Island. 

N. Y. 

*Alfred Frederick Booth, C. E., A. M. 

b. Canton, N. Y.; asst. eng. with Chas. 
H. Chenev, So. Manchester, Conn., 
1891-92; inst. Northfield High School, 
1892-93; prin. 1893-94; grad. Canton, (N. 
Y.) Theolog. Sem., St. Lawrence Univ., 
1896; pastor Univ. church, St. Albans, 
Vt., 1896-97; d. Northfield, Vt., 1898. 

Heber Calvin Cady, C. E. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; trustee "N. U."; ath. 
dir. "N. U." Ath. Assoc; has held many 
town offices, treas. Northfield Savings 
Bank, 1900 — ; Town representative 
1906— ; Northfield, Vt. 

Carl Gilman Dole, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; s. Prof. Chas. Dole, 
'69; clerk, N. P. R. R., W. Superior. 
Wis., 1891-95; B. & M. R. R. 1895-98; 2d 
It. Co. F. 1st Vt. Vols., Span. Am. war; 
clerk P. O. Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Burton Wiley Farnham, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. city eng., Lowell, 
Mass., 1891-1902; eng. with Chas. Collins, 
'90 1902-04; asst. eng. New York Cen. 
R. R., 1904 — ; address, Chateaugay, N. 

Fred Miner Goodhue, C. E. 

b. Lowell, Mass.; asst. eng. Lock & Canal 
Co., Lowell, 1891-96; editor; civil eng., 
Lawrence, Mass.; asst. eng. U. S. Geolog. 
Survey, 1901-02; eng. for International 
Paper Co., Broad St., New York City. 





*Clarence Bonnett Riggs, C. E. 

b. Washington, D. C; asst. eng. Bristol, 
(Vt.) R. R.; Black River, (Vt.) R. R.; 
located and built Saco Valley, (.N. H.). 
ch. eng. New Roehelle, N. Y. water 
works. 1894-99; served with 8th N. Y. 
Vols. Span. Am. war; inspector Rapid 
Transit commis., N. Y. 1899 — ; died 
while working in the New York Subway, 
1906, Woodlawn, New York City. 

Ethan Allen Shaw, C. E., A. M. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; inst. math. Ran- 
dolph State Normal School, 1891-94; 
prin. Wells River, Vt., High School, 
1894-95; Newbury Sem. 1895-97; prof, 
physics and drawing, "N. U." 1897-1903; 
math., 1903—; Northfield, Vt. 

Edward Aiken Shuttleworth, C. E. 

b. Boston, Mass.; 2d It. U. S. A. '91, dur- 
ing railway riots in 1894; was commis- 
sary for all U. S. troops in city; 1st It. 
1898; ch. commis. on staff of Gen. Cop- 
pinger during Span. Am. war; capt. and 
qm. U. S. A.; founded 'Shuttleworth" 
prize; present address Fort Wright, 

Percy Gates Smith, C. E. 

b. Morrisville, Vt.; asst. eng. South- 
bridge, Sturbridge & Brookfield R. R.; 
asst. eng. Southbridge water works, and 
Mass. state roads, 1893-94; asst. city eng. 
Worcester, Mass., 1894-1903; mem. firm 
of Smith & Moore, gen'l eng's and sur.; 
44 Front St. .Worcester. Mass., 1904-1906; 
address. No. Conway, N -H. 

WilUam Hibbard Sprague, B. S. 

b. Chelsea, Vt.; mer., E. Brookfield, Vt., 
1893-1904; post master 1897-1905; law 
student, Chelsea, Vt., 1904 — ; sheriff. 
Orange Co., 1903— ; Chelsea, Vt. 

Harrison Gordon Woodruff, B. S. 

b. East Brookfield, Vt.; collection clerk, 
Amoskeag Nat. Bank, Manchester, N. 
H! 1893-1902; cashier. Granite Savings 
Bank & Trust Co., Barre, Vt., 1902—. 

Ralph Boynton Denny, 1887-88. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; banker; sec. Union 
Mutual Fire Ins. Co., Montpelier, Vt. 

Charles Edwin Quimby, 1885-90. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Boston & 
Albany, R. R.; ch. eng. for the Ludlow 
Mfg. Co., Ludlow, Mass., 1903—. 

Henry Charles Sweeney, 1887-89. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; editor and reporter, 
Rutland, Vt., 1890-1907; now at Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, address, Rutland. Vt. 

*Emerson Lafayette Young, 1888-90. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; orange shipper, Los 
Angeles, Cal.; d. there in 1900. 


Ephraim Wesson Clark, C. E. 

b. Peacham, Vt., draughtsman, Boston, 
Bridge W^orks, 1892-94; asst. in Dept. 
of civ. eng. West End St. Ry. Co., 1894- 
98; asst. eng. Boston Elevated Ry. Co.; 
Surface Lines, 1898; See. Boston N. U. 
Alumni Assoc. ,1898-1900; 1904-06; presi- 
dent, 1907 — . 

Joseph Spafford Craigue, C. E. 

b. Amsden, Vt.; asst. eng. Boston Board 
of Surv., 1892-94; H. S. Adams, 1894, 
1902: mining eng. for G. B. Markle & Co., 
Jeddo.Pa., 1902—. 

Charles John Clement Evans, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. with Post 
& McCord, New York City. 

Robert Henry Perse Ford, C. E. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; pres. gen. Alumni 
Assoc, of N. U., 1900-1906; asst. chief 
eng. of Central Vermont R. R., St. Al- 
bans, Vt., 1892-1906; prin. asst. eng. 
Missouri Pacific R. R. System, with 
headquarters at St. Louis, 1906 — , 

Benjamin Whitney Gleason, B. S., (M. D.). 
b. Brookline, Mass.; M. D. Univ. of Pa., 
1900; physician, Phila., Pa. 

Charles Warner Pierce, B. S., A. M. 

b. Manchester, Vt.; editor of The Her- 
.\LD, Northampton, Mass. 

Edmund Henry Ryan, B. S. 

b. Northfield; civ. eng. Locks and 
canals, Lowell, 1892-94; lawyer, Denver, 
1894-96: Monticello, Utah, 1896-1901; 
Cedar City, Utah. 1901 — ; county at- 
torney, San Juan Co., Utah, 1899-1900; 
L-on County, 1902 — , 

DeWitt Clinton Webb, C, E. 

b. Granville, Vt.: asst. eng. Central Vt. 
R. R., 1892-93; instructor N. U., 1894- 
95; eng. with H. S. Adams, Boston, 1895- 
1903, and had charge of important work; 
civil eng. U. S. Navy, 1903 — ; is at 
present at Key West, Fla., in charge of 
engineering work; mem. Am. Soc. C. E. 
and Boston Soc. C. E. 

tHomer Royce Chadwick, (D. D. S.) 1887-89. 
b. Franklin, Vt.; sergt. 1st Vt. Vols., 
Span. Am. war 1898; D. D. S. Best. 
Dent. Coll., 1899. 

Robert Alexander Child, 1887-89 

b. Bradford, Vt.: foreman, Lyndonville 
Journal 1891-1900; Tuttle Printing Co., 
Rutland 1900-1904; Bradford Opinion 
1904-1907; Sprinefield. Mass.. 1907-; 

Francis Arthur Eaton, 

b. Randolph, Vt., 1870; druggist, Barre 

Mathew Irving Gilder. 

b. 1851, e. f. St. Albans. 

Isadore Nelson Lunderville, 1887-89. 

b. Enosburg Falls, Vt.; hotel manager, 
Littleton, N. H. 

Erasmus Arlington Pond (M. D.) 1888-90. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; M. D. Univ. of Vt. '96; 
pitcher, Baltimore team Nat'l League, 
1896-98; surg. V. S. A.; pres. Board of 
Health, Island of Panay, P. I. 


George Leslie Andrews, B. S. 

b. Northfield Vt.; phar., Pasadena, Cal. 




Edward Cushman Bennett, B. S. 

b. Bennington, Vt.; grad. Bost. Univ. 
Law School, 1898; attorney at law, 
Bennington, Vt. 

Eben Watson Gaynor, M. S. (D. D. S.). 

b. Boston, Mass.; D. D. S., Bait. Dent. 
Coll., '98; dentist, Boston, Mass. 

Frank Albert Gokey, B. S. 

b. Washington, Vt.; in business at Ever- 
ett, Mass. 

Frank Dudley Holbrook, C. E. 

b. Boston, Mass.; eng. Brockton, Mass., 
1893-95; asst. eng. Holbrook, Cabot & 
Daly Con. Co., 1895-1900; civil eng. with 
U. S. Eng. Corps, Wellsburg, W. Va., 
1904 — ; mem. Am. Soc. C. E. 

Wilbur Dudley Hurlbut, C. E., M. S. (LL. B.) 

b. Georgia, Vt.; prin. Northfield High 
School, 1894-96; LL. B. Univ. Mich. ,'99; 
lawyer Omro, Wis. 

Frank Alden Manuel, C. E. 

b. North Troy, Vt.; extensive manufac- 
turer, Richford, Vt. 

Hiram Nathaniel Mattison, B. S. 

b. So. Shaftsbury, Vt.; town representa- 
tive, 1902-04; cashier National Bank, 
Chelsea, Vt. 

Oren Luther Pease, B. S. 

b. Hartford, Vt.; pharmacist and sec- 
retary Gladding Drug Co., Hartford, 

Flyn Guernsey Austin, 1889-90. 

b. Rochester, Vt.; sergt.-ma.i. 1st Vt 
Vols. Span. Am. War, head of ma- 
terial estimating dept.. Western Elec. 
Co., New York City, 1903 — ; 

George Frederick Bailey, 1889-91. 

b. Hyde Park, Mass.; 1st sergt. Co. F. 
1st Vt. Vols. Span. Am. war; engaged 
in freight transportation in the Klon- 
dike, 1897-98; 1st It. 2d U. S. Cav., 
Manila, P. I. 

■George Louis Harwood, 1889-92. 

e. f. Bennington, Vt.; druggist, Chester, 

George Griswold Hinsdale, 

b. St. George, Vt.; Employ Champlain 
Trans. Co., Burlington, Vt. 

Russell William Porter, 1889-90. 

b. Springfield, Vt.; surveyor assoc 
Mutual Insurance Companies; with Cook 
Arctic expedition of 1894 to West Green- 
land; with Peary Relief Expeditira 1897; 
with exploration party to British Col- 
umbia, 1898; with Peary Relief Expe- 
dition of 1899; with Baldwin Ziegler 
Polar Expedition 1901-02; as artist and 
surveyor with Zeigler Expedition 1903- 
05; was one of the first to climb Mt. Mc- 
Kinley; present address, 5 West Cedar 
St., Boston, Mass. 


Leo Bertram Clogston, C. E. 

b. Fair Haven, Vt.; Boston Elevated R. 
R.; Boston, Mass.. 1895-1904; clerk, Bos- 
ton P. O. 1904-; 

Ernest Willard Gibson, A. M. 

b. Londonderry, Vt.; prin. Chester, (Vt.) 
H. S., 1894-98; Alumni trustee N. U., 
Capt. Co. L, V. N. G.; attorney at law; 
Brattleboro, Vt. 

Harvey Levi Hinman, C. E. 

b. No. Strafford, N. H.; railway mail 
service, Coos, N. H. 

Howard Clinton Holden, C. E. 

b. Barre, Vt.; asst. eng. B. & M. and 
Boston Revere Beach & Lynn R. R.; and 
had charge of location of road at Revere 
Beach; division eng. Massachusetts 
Highway Commission, Boston, Mass. 

Leroy Chittenden H-ulburd, C. E. 

b. Brasher Falls, N. Y.; asst. eng. with 
S. Morgan Smith Co., York, Pa.; at 
Dunwoody, Ga., 1900-04; asst. eng. New 
i'ork Barge Canal, Albany, N. Y., 1904—. 

James Ernest Ross, C. E. 

b — ; e. f. EUendale, N. D.; insurance 
surveyor, Sanborn Map Co., New York 

Raymond Underwood Smith, C. E. 

b. Wells River, Vt.; attorney at law, 
Wells River, Vt. 

*George Eber Storrs, B. S. 

b. Island Pond, Vt.; prin. Whitcomb 
High School, Bethel, Vt., 1894-95; d. 
Bethel, Vt., 1895. 

Hal Holmes Stearns, C. E. 

b. Stockholm, N. Y.; insurance surveyor, 
Sanborn Map Co., New York City. 

*Harlan Badger Wasson, C. E. 

e. f. Methuen, Mass.; civil eng.; with 
Mass. highway commission; d. Boston, 
Mass., 1901. 

Clarence Henry Booth, 1890-92. 

b. Canton, N. Y.; s. Rev. I. P. Booth; 
employ Central Vt. R. R., St. Albans, 

Lester Hadley Bradley, 1891-93. 

b — ; e. f. Allien N. Y.; draftsman, Rem- 
ington Rifie Works, Allion, N. Y. 

*Charles Oscar Morrill, 1891-92. 

b. Cabot, Vt.; pharmacist, St. Louis, 
Mo.; where he died in 1899. 

William Haselton Rollo, 1890-93. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; in business Denver, 

♦Charles Reynolds Rudd, 1890-91. 

b. Illion, N. Y.; d. at Northfield in 1891. 

Herbert Livingston Sweet, 1890-91 (LL. B.). 
e. f. Alburgh Springs, Vt.; L. L. B. 
Columbian Univ. (now Geo. Washing- 
ton Univ.,) Washington, D. C; lawyer; 
Oshkosh, Wis. 

George Duff Whiteside, (M. D.)., 1890-94- 

b. Vergennes, Vt.; M. D., U. V. M. '99; 
phys.. Orange, N. J. 





Edgar Fletcher Carruthers, B. S. 

b. Bellows Falls, Vt.; insp. Barber Asp- 
halt Paving Co., New York City. 

Charles Horace Davis, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; civil eng. with A. W. 
Woods; civ. eng. and contractor, Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Fred Carnot Davis, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Metropoli- 
tan Water Board, Boston, Mass., 1895- 
1904; asst. eng. U. S. Reclamation Ser- 
vice, 1904 — 05; chief Estimating Dept., 
New York Barge Canal, .41bany, N. Y., 
1905—; address, Albany, N. Y., 

Frank James Donahue, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; insurance surveyor; 
Sanborn Map Co., New York City. 

Ray Storrs Dowe, B. S. 

b. Sycamore, 111.; s. Roswell Dowe, '49; 
Ry. mail service, Somerville, Mass. 

Philo Remington Hoefler, M. S. 

b. lUion, N. Y.; sec. Colorado Type 
Writer Exchange; sec. Granville Mining 
Co., Denver, Col. 

John Albert Holmes, B. S. 

b. Holyoke, Mass.; asst. eng. Boston 
Board of Survey, 189.3-95; asst. city eng. 
Somerville, Mass., 1895-96; park dept. 
Cambridge, 1896-1902; supt. parks, 1902- 
1903; asst. eng. Charles River Basin, 
1904 — : mem. Bost. Soc. C. E.; address 
12 Bridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Walter George Huntley, M. S. (D. D. S.). 

b. Northfield, Vt.; D. D. S. Bait. Dent. 
Coll., '98; dentist and merchant. North- 
field, 1898-1906; dentist in Newton, Mass., 
1906 — . 

Harry Chester Moseley, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; capt. Co. P., V. N. G., 
1903-05; merchant, Northfield. 

Bert Henry Prior, C. E. 

b. Underhill, Vt., asst. city eng.; Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1895-98; asst. st. commis, 
1898-1900; civ. eng., Worcester, Mass. 

Michael John Ryan, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Boston 
Elevated Ry., Boston. 

Fred Barnes Thomas, M. S. 

b. Stowe, Vt., capt.. Co. H. Vt. N. G.. 
lawyer. Jlontpelier. Vt. 

Samuel Adrian Thomas, C. E. 

b. Stowe, Vt., insurance surveyor, San- 
born Map Co., New York City. 

*Dean Clyde Warren, C. E. 

b. Stowe, Vt., asst. eng., Metropolitan 
Water Board, 1900-1903. div. eng. Mass. 
highway commission, 1903; asst. eng. 
New York Rapid Transit commission' 
in charge of tunnel construction work, 
1904-06; died of disease contracted while 
working in Subway, New York City. 

George Donnelly, 1891-93. 

b. — e. f. Bennington, Vt., musician; 
Boston, Mass. 


*Arthur Gilbert Andrews, C. E. (LL. M.). 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; LL. M., Geo. Washing- 
ton Univ.; attorney at law. New York 
City, 1902-05; d. Northfield, Vt., 1906. 

James Leland Averill, C. E. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; asst. eng. Berlin 
Bridge Co.; computer, Milliken Bros.; 
N. Y.; pres. Hudson Structural Co., 
Jersey City, N. J., 1900-06.— Address, 
24 Irving PI. New York. 

George Horace Briggs, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Cambridge, 
Mass., 1896-1900; asst. eng. Metropolitan 
water board. West Boyslton, Mass., 1900- 
05; eng. for City of Pittsburg on filtering 
plant at Aspinwall, Pa., 1905 — ; 

Charles Sargent Carleton, C. E. 

b. Portland, Maine; eng. with S. D. 
Warren & Co., 1900; Westbrook, Maine, 
1896-1900; capt. 1st Me. Vols. Span.-Am. 
war, 1898; prof, field eng. and drawing, 
Norwich University, 1900 — . 

Herbert Eugene Caswell, B. S. 

b. Milton, Vt.; principal of schools, 
Quechee, Vt., 1903-05; farmer, Colches- 
ter, Vt., 1905. 

Herbert Sawyer Clark, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. st. commission, 
Worcester, Mass., 1900-1903; civil eng. 
with Chas. Parker '90, on railroad work, 
1904; eng. in charge of Elec. Ry. cons. 
In R. I., 1904-06; in engineering work, 
Welland, Ontario, 1906 — ; 

John Leslie Collins, C. E. 

b. Northfield, Vt., asst. eng., Cambridge, 
Mass., 1896-1900, mem. firm, Collins 
Bros.; engs. and contractors, 1900-1903; 
eng. and contractor, office Albany, N. 
Y.; civil and hydraulic eng., Albany, 
N. Y., 1904 — . 

Harry Ray Dole, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt., s. Charles Dole, '69; 
sergt. 1st Vt. Regt. Span.-Am. war; 
capt. V. N. G.; with Pike Mfg. Co., Pike, 

N. H. 

Phil Sheridan Howes. B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt., corp. Co. F. 1st Vt. 
Vols. Span.-Am. war; with National 
Life Ins. Co., Montpelier, Vt. 

Edward Michael McCarthy, B. S. (M. D.) 

h. Northfield, Vt., JI. D. College Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, Boston, Mass., 1902; 
physician, Somerville, Mass., 1902 — . 

Charles Albert Plumley, A. M. 

b. Northfield. Vt.. capt. V. N. G., 1900- 
03; asst. clerk Vt. House of Representa- 
tives; mem. firm Plumley & Plumley 
lawyers. Northfield, Vt. 




Carroll John Scribner, C. E. ■ 

b. Cady's Falls, Vt., eng. Bridge De- 
partment C. V. R. R., St. Albans, Vt., 
1897-1905; draughtsman, B. F. Stur- 
tevant Co., Hyde Park, Mass., 1905-06; 
asst. to cons, eng., N. Y., N. H. & H. 
R. R., South "Station"; Boston, 1906 — . 

Leon Anson Skinner, B. S. 

b. So. Royalton, Vt., in business. So. 
Royalton, Vt. 

WilUam Preston Beauclerk, (M. D.) 1892- 


b. Troy, Vt., M. D., U. V. M. '96; phys 
eian, Concord, N. H. 

Charles Howard Brooks, 1891-95. 

b. Northfield, Vt.: phar., Wollaston, 

WilUam Granville Brooks. 

b. Northfield, Vt., phar., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Hall Cushman, 1892-94. 

b. No. Bennington, Vt., mfg. No. Ben- 
nington; in charge of his company's 
business in New York City, address, 
Flat Iron Building. 


Winifred BaUard Carr, C. E. 

b. Georgia, Vt., asst. eng. Metropolitan 
Park Commis., Boston, 1897-98; U. S. 
Coast Survey, 1898, 2d It. U. S. Art., 
1898; capt. Art. Corps, U. S. A.; Fort 
Schuyler, N. Y. 

Henry Vail Dunham, B. S., D. So. 

b. Worcester, Vt., head chemist. Casein 
Co., of America, 1898 — ; manager 
European business, 1902-03; gen. mana- 
ger, 1904 — ; Address, Bainbridge,N.Y. 

William Arba EUis, B. S., A. M. 

b. GranviUe, Vt.; insurance surveyor, 
Sanborn Map Co.; Commandant Kirk- 
wood, (Mo.) Military Academy, 1899- 
1900; librarian, Norwich Univ., 1902 — . 

*Wimam Clarence Spafford, B. S. 

b. No. Bennington, Vt., 2d It. Co. K., 
V. N. G., 1898, served with Vt. Vols. 
Span. Am. war, died at Chickamauga, 
Ga., of disease contracted in service, 
No. Bennington, Vt. 

Donald William Sutherland, (A. B.) B. S. 

b. Drummondville, P. Q.; A. B. Bishop 
Coll., Canada; civ. eng., Drummond- 
vlUe, P. Q. 

Charles Ernest Walker, B. S. 

b. Cumberland Mills, Me., 1st It. U. S. 
Vols., Signal Corps, Span Am. War; 
chemist Oxford Paper Co.; Rumford 
Falls, Me. 

Louis Phillip Booth, 1893-95. 

b. Long Island, N, Y., s. Rev. I. P. Booth; 
photographer, ProWdence, R. I. 

Walter Egbert Brown, 1892-96. 

b. Williamstown, Vt.; manager branch 
yard for Vermont Marble Co.; New 
York, N. Y., 1899-1905; mer., Northfield, 
Vt., 1905-1907; 

William Emmerson Clogston, 1893-95. 

b. Royalton, Vt.; phar. and prop, drug 
store; Boston. 

Guildford Henry Hill, 1893-97. 

b. East Fairfield, Vt.; address, E. Fau-- 
field, Vt. 

Edwin Booth, A. B. 

b. Morrisville, Vt.; bank clerk, Morris- 
viUe, Vt.; 1898-1903; 1905 — ; sec. Pow- 
der Co., Wilmington, Del., 1903-05; 

Lewis Charles Bump, B. S. 

b. Leister, Vt.; mfgr., Brandon, Vt. 

James Wilber Cook, B. S. 

b. Berlin, Vt.; chief output dept., West- 
ern Electric Co., New York. 

Frank Winslow Denison, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Rutland R. 
R., 1899-1903; asst. eng. C. V. R. R., 
St. Albans, Vt., 1907—. 

Paul Addison Dinsmoor, B. S. 

b. Lawrence, Kan.; lawyer; priv. sec. 
to J. D. Bowersock, M. C, from Kansas, 
Washington, D. C, 1900-03; manager 
Lawrence Iron Works, 1903-06; bus. 
manager "Lawrence Daily Journal", 
1906 — ; address Lawrence, Kansas. 

Charles Edward Duggan, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; civil eng.; with Chas. 
Collins, '90; Northfield, Vt. 

George Harold ElUs, M. A. 

b. Granville, Vt.; post grad. work at 
Clark Univ., 1902-3; prin. High School, 
Chester, Vt., 1903-4; employ Sanborn 
Map Co., New York City; 1904-1906; 
editor and proprietor "Gold Center 
News," Gold Center, Nev., 1906-1907; 
address, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Leonard Joel Parker, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. with Chas. 
F. Parker, ('90) civil eng. and contractor, 
1900-04; cons. eng. for the Providence 
Gas Co., Providence, R. I., 1904—. 

George Everett Talbot, B . S. 

b. Athol, Mass.; eng. and inspector for 
the Dept. of Education of N. Y. City, 
1905—; address 268 W. 134 St., N. Y 

Arthur EUsworth Winslow, C. E. 

b. Berlin, Vt.; instr. eng. dept. Rose 
Polytechnic, Terre Haute, Ind., 1898-99; 
asst. eng. Vajidalia Line R. R.; in charge 
of resurvey of road, 1899; asst. eng. 
Everett, Mass., 1900; prof, civil eng. 
Norwich Univ.. 1900—; C. E. Thayer 
School Dart., 1903. 



Hiram Idd ngs Bearss, 1894-96. 

b. Peru, Ind.; raised vol. Co. for Span.- 
Am. War, 1898; 2d It. U.S. M. C; capt. 
1903; has had extensive service in Cuba, 
Philippine Islands and Panama; home 
address, Peru, Ind. 

Roy Atwood Bullock, 1894-96. 

b. Berlin, Vt.; clerk, Northfield, Vt. 

George Douglass Evans, 1894-97. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; corp. Co. F. 1st Vt. 
Vols. Span. Am. war; express messen- 
ger, Bellows Falls, Vt.; 1900-04; address 
Cochituate, Mass. 

Nathan Allen Goodspeed, 1894-96. 

b. Montgomerv, Vt.; left N. U. to enter 
West Point; grad. 1902; 2d It. 3d U. S. 
Cav., Jefferson Barracks, Nev. 

Joseph Howard Ladd (M. D.) 1894-96. 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; M. D. Dart. Med. Coll., 
1900; physician; Beverly, Mass. 

Charles Robert MaxweU, 1894-96. (A. M.) 

b. Fayston, Vt.; teacher; A. M. Co- 
lumbia Teachers Coll. 1903-05; prin. 
Webster school, Quincy, 111., permanent 
address, Waitsfield, Vt. 

Frank Leroy Aldrich, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Addit 
Water Supply Commis., New York City, 
1902-03; insurance surveyor. Sanboorn 
Map Co., 1904—. 

Hezekiah Kibbe Brooks, B. S. 

b. St. Albans, Vt.; ch. Chemist, Casern 
Co., of Am., Bellows Falls, Vt., 1899- 
1905; Claremont, N. H. Paper Co., 1905: 
address St. Albans Bay. 

Charles Horace Eaton, B. S. 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; asst. eng. Guayaquil 
and Quito R. R. Co., 1899-Aug. 1903; 
eng. for Government of Ecuador 1903; 
Cerro de Pasco R. R Co., 1903-04; civ. 
eng. for the Sioux City Stock Yards, 
Sioux City, Iowa, 1905—; 

George Prentiss Lovell, B. S. 

b. Alfred, Me.; insp. Boston & .-Albany 
R R • asst. eng. New York Central R. R., 
N. Y. City, 1904; eng. N. Y. Fire Insur- 
ance Ex., New York, 1904-06; pres. 
Norwich Mining Co., Gold Center, Nev., 
1906 — ; address 52 Broadway, N.Y city. 

John Pool Mosely, B, S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; commandant, Nor- 
wich Univ., 1900; insurance surveyor, 
Sanborn Map Co., N. Y. City. 

Fred Aldrich Webster, B. S. (D. O.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; D. O. Bost. Coll. of 
Osteapathy, 1902; in practice New \ork 
City, 1902—; 

Leon Bernard Allen (M. D.), 1894-96. 

b. Brookfield, Vt.; M. D., U. V. M., 1900; 

physician, Post Mills, Vt. 

Chester James Hurlbut, (M. D.) 1894-96. 

b. Georgia, Vt.; M. D., U. V. M., 1900; 
physician, Omro, Wis. 

*John Lewis Tupper, 1895-96. 

b— ; e. f. Bradford, Vt.; Bugler Co. K. 
1st Vt. Vols., and d. of disease con- 
tracted in service. 


Sanford Harris Ashley, B. S. 

b. Milton, Vt.; eng. Chicago, Mil- 
waukee & St. Paul R. R., Chicago, 111., 
1901-03; locating eng., Chicago & Alton, 
1903-04; Pa. R. R., 1904-05; New York 

Richard George Rich, B. S. 

b. Manchester, Conn.; Corp. Co. F. 1st 
Vt. Vols. Span. -Am. war; insurance 
business. So. Manchester, Conn. 

Jeffers Foster Richardson, B. S. 

b. Stockbridge. Vt.; mem. N. Y. Produce 
Exchange, representing E. W. Paige & 
Co., 1900-01; sec. Milford Quarry Co., 
1902-03; resident salesman Buffalo 
Steam Roller Co., 1904 — ; address. New 
Kenmore, Albany, N. Y. 

Harold Samuel Richmond, B. S., (C. E.) 

b. Northfield, Vt.; Draftsman Boston 
Bridge Co.; Bridge Designer, B. & M. 
R. R., Boston, Mass., 1902-05; eng. steel 
const. Stutt Bros. St. Louis, 1905-06; 
Westinghouse, Church & Kerr Co., N. Y. 
city, 1906-07; eng. in charge of structural 
work with .1. W. Barstow & Co., 50 Pine 
St.,N. Y. city 1907— . 

Berton WiUiam Sibley, B. S. 
b. Westford, Vt.; 1st Lt. U. S. Marine Corps; 
home address, Essex June, Vt. 

Bert Frank Allen, 1896-98 (D. D. S.) 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; D. D. S. Bait. Dent. 
Coll.; dentist, Northfield, Vt. 

William DriscoU, 1896-98. 

b. — ; e. f. Greenfield, Mass.; asst. eng. 
111. Central R. R., Louisville, Ky., 1900- 
02; Gulf & Ship Island, Gulfport, Miss., 
1902-04 ; hydraulic eng. for Mexican 
Govt., 1904-. 

Ralph Wales Dunsmoor, (B. S.) 1896-99. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; B. S. Dart., 1901; in 
business, Burlington, Vt. 

Mark Leonard Poor, 1896-98. 

b. Stowe, Vt.; address, Stowe, Vt. 

Frederick Fullerton Willey, 1896-97. 

b. Chester, Vt.; address, Chester. 

Everett Howard Field, 1897-99- 

b. Feb. 4, 1872; e. f. Guildford, Vt.; from 
Dart. Coll., in soph, class. 

Charles Hobart Grant, 1897-99. 

b. June 12, 1873; e. f. So. Ryegate, Vt.; 
granite mfg.. So. Ryegate, Vt. 

Fred Thompson Bass, B. S. 

b. Randolph, Vt.; draftsman, American 
Bridge Co., Brooklyn, 1901-03; asst. eng. 
Post & McCord, structual engs.. New 
York City, 1904—; Flushmg, L. I. 



Dean Orris Carr, B. S. 

b. Georgia, Vt.; draftsman American 
Bridge Co., 1901-02 at Berlin, Conn.; 
1902-03 at Phila., Pa., 1903-04, at New- 
Brighton, Pa., asst. eng. Pa. R. R., at 
Oil Citv, Pa., 1902-03; draftsman. Pa. 
Bridge^Co., New Brighton, Pa., 1904—. 

Louis Franklin Chamberlin. 

b Newbury, Vt.; draftsman, Berlin 
Bridge Works, Berlin, Conn., 1901-02; 
Riter-Conley mfgr. Co., Pittsburg, 1902- 
04; Post & McCord. New York City. 
1904 — 06; Minnesota Foundry Co., Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 1906 — . 

Harry Guy Clark, B.S. 

Civil eng. and mem. nrm Seymour, 
Ciark, Hills Co.; engs. and contractors, 
Springfield, Mass. 

Irving Clendenen Ellis, B. S. 

b. Bucksport, Maine; Ellis' Granite 
Works; Northfield, Vt. 

Carl Danforth Hazen, B. S. 

e f. Worcester, Mass.; asst. eng. Pa. R. 
R., Pittsburg, Pa., 1902-04; N. Y. Cent. 
R. R. 1906 — ; address Tarrytown, N. 

Leonard Melvin Newton, B. S. 

Oloott, Vt.; asst. eng. Pa. R. R. 1901-04; 
N. Y. Central, 1904 — 06 ; civ. eng. 
Philijjpine Islands, 1906 — . 

William Everett Robertson, B. S. 

Chemist; Chilton Paint Co., N. Y., 1901- 
03 ; Boston El. R. R., 1903-04; asst. to 
the supt. of the Vermont Power & Mfg. 
Co., St. Albans, Vt., 1904—; St. Albans, 

Charles Edward Wheatley, B. S. 

b. Mcintpelier, Vt.; 1st Lt. 117th Co. Coast 
Artillery, U. S. A., Fort Fremont, S. C, 
home address, Montpelier, Vt. 

Douglas Munroe Barclay. 

b.— Dec. 29, 1881; e. f. Barre, Vt.; Sept. 
28, 1898; s. Wm. Barclay; discharged 

George Henry Clarke, 1898-99. 

. b— Nov. 7, 1881; e. f. Enfield, N. H.; 
sergt. 1st N. H. Vols. Span. — Am. war; 
Bugler U. S. Art. 

Joseph Theron Lance. 

b. Cabot, Vt.; grad. Albany Business 
Coll. 1900; bookkeeper, Waltham, Watch 
Tool Works, at Springfield, Mass., 1900- 
01; in business, Cabot, Vt., 1901-03; 
member firm Lance & Wood, Northfield, 
1905-07; Lance & McCormick, 1907—. 


Feb. 18, 1880; e. f. Lyndonville, Vt.; 

George Dana Murch 
b— Feb. 18, 18: 
U. S. Ry. Mail Clerk, Troy, N. Y 

Norbert Vincent Mullin, 1897-98. 

e. f. Worcester, Ma 

b. — Jan. 22, 

student Univ 

Pa. Med. Coll. 

Jesse Albert Pillsbury, 1897-1900. 

b. — Nov. 29, 1880; e. f. Essex, Vt. 

William Steele Pingree, 1897-1900. 

b. Hartford, discharged at end of Junior 
year; law student and assistant to his 
father, 1900-02; student Boston Univ. 
. Law School 1902 and 1903 ; admitted 
to the Bar, 1904; lawyer, firm Pingree, 
Pingree and Pingree, White River Jc, 
Vt., 1904—; 

James Macomber Wardner, 1897-98. 

b. — March 22, 1882; e. f. Rainbow, N. 
Y.; sergt. 1st N. H. Vols. Span. Am. war; 
hospital steward, U. S. A., 1900. 

George Frank Waugh, 

b. — e. f. Lowell, Mass.; sergt. Mass. 
Vols. Span.-Am. war; left N. U. to enter 
West Point; grad. 1905; 2d It. 1 5th 
U. S. Inft. Manila, Pa. 

Leon Frank Booth, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; manager Produoe 
Exchange, Rockland, Mass. 

Frank Henry Burr, B.S. 

b. Bellows Falls, Vt.; 2d It., 3d Infantry, 
U. S. Army, Fort Lawton, Washington. 

Henry Albert Chase, B. S. 

Instructor in chemistry Norwich Univ., 
1902-06; chemist, Berlin Paper Co., Ber- 
lin, N. H., 1906—; 

Willard Lynn Fuller, B. S. 

b. Essex Jet. Vt.; civ. eng., Baltimore 
& Ohio R. R. 1902-04; asst. eng. Deep 
River R. R., W. Va., Deep River, W. Va., 
1904-06; asst. city eng.. Oil City, Pa., 

Harry Mansur Hobson, B. S. 

b. Brighton, Vt.; draftsman. Am. Bridge 
Co., 1902; transitman. West Side Coal 
Belt R. R., Pittsburg, Pa., 1902-03; 111. 
Cent. R. R. in Miss., 1903; min. eng. at 
Harrisburg, 111., private practice, 1904; 
asst. eng. Toledo, St. Louis & New Or- 
leans, 1904-05; asst. to ch. draftsman, 
Pensacola, Alabama, & Western R. R., 
190.5-06; with Tidewater R. R., Co.. 
1906—; Norfolk, Va. 

Timothy Holland, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; insurance surveyor, 
Sanborn Map Co., New York City. 

Robert Truman Phinney, B. S. 

h. Montpelier, Vt.; 2d It. 12th Infantry, 
U. S. Ai-my; Montpelier, Vt. 

Tohn Theodore Smith, B. S. 

b. Russell, N. Y.; asst. city eng. 1903-04; 
supt. Chas. R. Loucks Lumber Co., 
Cranberry Lake, N. Y., 1904 — ; 

Lawrence Bernard Stebbins, B. S. 

b. No)thfipld, Vt.; asst. eng. with Chas. 
F. Parker, '90, Woonsocket, R. I. 1902- 
04; eng. with Jolin Freeman, Providence 
R. I., 1904-06; Metropolitan Water 
Supply Commis. of N. Y., 1906 — ; 
address Babylon, Long Island. 

Frank Strong, B. S. 

b. Philadelphia, Pa.; asst. eng. Penn. 
Penn. R. R., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Guy Henry Watson, B. S. 

b. I.yndonville, Vt.; instrument man. 
Boston & Albany, 1902-04; ast. eng. 
Penn. R. R. 1904-05; res. eng. Bethel 
(Vt.) Quarry R. R., 1905-1906; a.sst. eng. 
B. & M. R. R., 1906—; address, St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. 

Bertrand Dorr Barker, B. S. 

b. Poultney, Vt.; asst. eng. U. S. Coast 
and Geodetic Survey, 1903-05; executive 
officer of the U. S. S. "Hydrographer" 
on survey along New England coast and 
Va., 190.5-06; excutive officer on U. S. S. 
"McArthur'', 1906; assistant engineer in 
the survev, 1906 — ; address, Chicago, 

Benjamin Brooks. 

h.— Jan. 31, 1878; e. f. Oldtown, Me.; s. 
Jacob Brooks; discharged 1898. 

George Benjamin Jonathan Edwards, i898. 
b. Northfield, ^'t., Sept. 22, 1878; s. Geo. 
Edwards; farmer, Northfield, Vt. 

Arthur Weston Hare, 1898-1900. 

b. Worcester, Mass.; student W. P. 1., 
1900-01; Thayer School Dart., 1901-02; 
asst. eng. with Rapid Transit Subway 
Cons. Co., 1903-06; eng. for N. Y. City 
on Reservoir work, 1906 — ; address, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Adelbert Anson Hutchinson 1899- 1900. 

b— . Aug. 9, 1880; e. f. Northfield, Vt.; 
supt. of cons, for Old Colony Elec. Ry. 
Co. Mass., 1904-06; asst. to the GenT 
Supt. Potomac Elec. Light and Power 
Co. Address, Washington, D.C. 

Charles Wesley Hawksworth, 1898. 

b. — April ]9, 1878; e. f. Newton, Mass.; 
priv. U. S. A. 

Henry Ward Orser, 1898-1900. 

b. — Sept. 30, 1879; e. f. Newbury, Vt.; 
bank clerk, and Insurance business North- 
field, Vt. 

Martin WilUam Peck, 1898-1900 (D. O.). 

b. Dec. 14, 1880; e. f. Montpelier. Vt.: 
D. O., Kirksville, Mo. Coll. of Osteopathy. 

Arthur Pettigrew Quimby, 1898-1900. 

b. — April 26, 1878; e. f. Lyndonville, Vt. 

♦Alfred Swenson, 1898-1900. 

b. — Oct. 5, 1881, e. f. Wellesley, Mass.; 
d. 1903. 

George Edward Thomas, 1898-99. 

b- Stowe, Vt.; Aug. 28, 1879; brother S. 
A. Thomas '95; insurance surveyor; 
Sanborn Map Co., N. Y. City, 1900—. 

Arthur Garfield Baker, B. S. 

b. Northfield. Vt.; instrument man, citv 
eng. office, Fitchburg, Mass., 1903-04; 
insurance surveyor, Sanborn Map Co.. 
New York, 1904-07; inspector lumber. 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Boston, 
1907—; address, Northfield, Vt. 

Ernest Stearns Ball, B. S. 

b. — ; draftsman, Riter-Conley mfgr. Co., 
Pittsburg, Pa., 1903-04; Post & McCord, 
N. Y., 1904-1906; present address. North- 
field, Vt. 

John Henry Byrd, B. S. 

b. — : draftsman, Riter-Conlev mfgr. Co., 
Pittsburg, Pa., 1903-04; Post & McCord, 
New York, 1904-1906; eng. with Indiana 
Bridge Co , Muncie, Ind., 1906—. 

Elroy Albert Chase, B. S. 

b. Northfield, draftsman. Cross Bros. 
Granite Works, 1903—, Northfield, Vt. 

Gilbert Clarence Eastman, B. S. 

b. Milford, Ma»s., civil eng. for Milford, 

Robert Burns Farquharson, B. S. 

b. — ; 1st Lt. U. S. Marine Corps; Wash- 
ington, D. C 

Kemp Russell Blanchard Flint, B. S. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; with Sherburne and 
Flint, 1903-1906; in business. North- 
field, Vt., 1906—. 

John Harold Foster, B. S. 

e. f. Waltham, Mass.; Post Graduate. 
Work in Chemistry. M. I. T., Boston; 
Waltham, Mass.; inst. Lawrence Acad- 
emy, Groton, Mass., 1904-1905; 

Samuel Leslie Fuller, B. S. 

Draftsman, Riter-Conley mfgr. Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa.; draftsman, G. B. Markle Coal 
Co., Jeddo, Pa., 1904-1905; construction 
engineer for the Friday Contracting Cog,. 
Pittsburg, 1905 — . 

Emilo Guerra y Giro, B. S. 

b.^ Santiago de Cuba; 4th asst. Public 
W^orks; had charge of construction of 
longest highway bridge in Cuba, 600 
span, 1903-1905; level man, Guantanamo 
& Santiago R. R., 1905-1906; in charge 
of party of surveys on Bayomo Dis- 
trict, 1906—. 

Fritz Louis Metzger, B. S. 

b. Rutland, Vt.; transit man, S. S. Brady 
& Bros., Engineers, Fairmount, Va., 1903 
1904; Supt. of construction, 1904-1905; 
eng. in charge Ohio <fe Western Va. R. R., 
April to Oct. 1905; Supt. of construction 
U. S. Govt, Power Houses, on Ohio River 
dams, 1905 — . Home address, Rutland, 

Stanley John Parsons, B. S. 

b. Walcott, Vt.; draftsman, Riter- 
Conley mfgr. Co., Pittsburg, Pa., 1903- 

04; asst. eng. Western Md. R. R., 1904 

Cumberland, Md. 

Harry A. Peabody, B. S. 

b. Chester, Vt.; asst. eng. on Electric 
Ry. with Chas. F. Parker 90, 1903-1905; 
asst. eng. Col. & S. R. R., in Wyoming, 
1905 — . home address Chester Vt. 



John Tinney Powers, B. S. 

b. Bennington, Vt.; transitman, N. Y. 
Central R. R., 1903-04; insurance sur- 
veyor. Sanborn Map Co., 11 Broadway 
New York, 1904—. 

Marshall Morrill Stocker, B. S. 

b. Danville, town representative, sur- 
veyor, Danville, Vt.; instructor at Sum- 
mer School, N. U., 1905-1906. Address, 

*Robert Lee Wilkins, B. S. 

Law student, Univ. Mich.; Ann Arbor, 
Mich.; Viroqua, Wis.; d. 1904. 

Allan Rawson Williams, B. S. 

b. Jericho, Vt.; dfaftsman Wabash R. R., 
Fairmount, W. Va., 1903-04; asst. eng. 
C. V. R. R. on Bethel, Vt., Quarry R. R. 
1904; 2nd Lt. 24th Inft. U. S. A., 1905—; 
home address, Jericho, Vt. 

Seth WiUJams, B. S. 

b. Foxboro, Mass.; 1st Lt. U. S. Marine 
Corps, Phillipine Island ; permanent 
address, Foxboro, Mass. 

William Marsh Anderson. 

b. — Jan. 27, 18S1; e. f. Northfield, Oct. 
4, 1899; s. Rev. A. W. C. Anderson. 

Daniel Black Burnette. 

b. — Jan. 29, 1881; e. f. Jersey City, N. J. 
in 1899; served in U. S. Vol. Sig. Corps, 
Span. Am. War; served in Alaska with 
U. S. Signal Corps, 1903-05; address, 
Jersey City, N. J. 

James Squire Brown ell. 

b. Nov. 21, 1879; e. f. Woodstock. Vt. in 
1899; s. W. H. Brownell; druggist, Wood- 
stock, Vt. 

Harry Knights Briggs. 

b. — May 22, 1878; e. f. Athol, Mass., in 
1899; s. Chas. M. Briggs; address, Athol, 

Richard Fleming Barker, 1899-1902. 

b. — Aug. 13, 1881; e. f. Bellows Falls, 
Vt.; employ Casein Co. of Am. at Adams, 
N. Y., 1903. 

Robert Arthur Bletzer, 1899-1900. 

b. — Aug. 10, 1880; e. f. Jamaica Plain, 
Mass.; in business, Springfield, Mass., 

Herman Baker Chase, 1899-1900. 

b. May 26, 1881; e. f. Hyannis, Mass.; 
address, Hyannis. 

Albert Bayley Chamberlin, 1899-1901. 

b. — Jan. 12, 1884; e. f. Newbury, Vt. 

Arthur John Dunton, 1899-1900. 

b. — Dec. 28, 1881; e. f. Lyndon Center, 
Vt.; s. Silas Dunton, address, Lyndon, Vt. 

Frank Steele Drown, 1899-1900 (B. S.) 

b. New Y'ork, N. Y., July 11, 1879; e. f. 
Boston, Mass.; corp. 1st Reg. Mass. 
Coast Art.. 1902 — ; spec, agent U. S. 
Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1903 — ; 
address, 67 Tillston Ave., Mattapan, 

William Reynolds Farrington, 1899- 1900. 

b. — Jan. 1, 1881; e. f. Brandon, Vt.; s. 
F. H. Farrington; address, Brandon, Vt. 

Clinton Rufus Farr, 1899-1900. 

b. — July 22, 1878; e. f. Northfield, Vt.; 
merchant; Westfield, Mass. 

Harold Sherman Frost, 1898-1900. 

e. f. Lyndonville, Vt. 

*EUot Granger. 

b. — Nov. 7, 1881; e. f. Roxburv, Mass.: 
s. F. E. Granger; d. 1903. 

Francis Byron Judd, 1899-1 901. 

b. June 10, 1882; e. f. Des. Moines, Iowa; 
s. Rev. Allen Judd; furniture business, 
Des Moines. 

Louis Henri Janvrin, 1899-1903. 

b. — Saratoga Sprmgs, N. Y.; address, 
Saratoga, N. Y. 

*John Charles McCarty, 1899-1900. 

b — Jan. 3, 1881; e. f. Brasher Falls, N. 
Y.; d. 1901 of consumption. 

Charles Louis Pelkey, 1899-1900. 

b. — June 2, 1878; e. f. Waltham, Mass.; 
address, Boston, Mass. 

Willis Garfield Prior, 1899-1900. 

b — Nov. 18, 1879; e. f. Underhill, Vt.; 
civil eng. with Bert H. Prior '95; Worces 
ter, Mass. 

William Franklin Robinson, 1899-1900. 

b — Oct. 27, 1880; e. f. Dorchester, Mass.; 
left N. U. to enlist in U. S. A.; 2nd Lt. 
8th U. S. Inft., Ft. Niagara, N. Y. 

Frederick Percival Rogers, 1899-1900. 

b — Sept. 1, 1881; e. f. Orchard Lake, 

Fred Newman Snelling, 1899-1900. 

b — May 13. 1881; e. f. Haverhill, Mass.; 
address; Haverhill, Mass. 

William Clarence Thompson, 1899-1902. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; studied music Naples, 
Italy; employed with Western Electric 
Co., New York City, 1906—. 

Francis Bowen Upham, 1899-1900. 

b — March 24, 1S81; left N. U. to enter 
West Point. 2d It. 78th. co. Coast Art. 
Fort Adams R. I. 1905. 

Merrill Dole Wheeler, 1899-1900. 

b — April 29, 18S2; left N. U. to enter 
West Point. 

Harry Oakes Young, 1899-1900. 

b — Oct. 20, 1880: e. f. Lancaster, N. H.; 
address, Seattle, Washington. 

Charles Franklin Gallup, B. S. 

b Woodstock, Vt.; asst. eng. with G- 
B. Markle Coal Co., Jeddo, Pa., 1904- 
1905; eng. N. Y. Rapid Transit commis. 
.sion, 1905 — New York City. 



Ralph Leon Gilman, B. S. 

b. Chelsea, Vt.; asst. city eng., Mont- 
pelier, Vt., 1904-1905; with N. E. T. & T. 
Co. as inspector; manager and now en- 
gineer. 1905 — Boston Mass. 

William Selden Hutchinson, B. S. 

b. Enosburg Falls, Vt.; instrument 
man with R. H. Ford, '92 on railway 
survey, to Bethel, (Vt.). Granite Quarry 
1904. — home address, Enosburgh Falls, 

Joseph Edmund McGreen, B. S. 

b. Bellows Falls. Vt.; chemist Casein 
Co. of America, 1904-05; chemist. Provi- 
dence, R. I., 1905—. 

Earl Dexter Perry, B. S. 

b. Worcester, Mass.; asst. eng. on R. R. 
survey to Bethel (Vt.) Granite Quarry's 
for C: V. R. R., 1904—; Pa. R. R. New 
York City, 1905—. 

Homer Eyton Chase Rainey, B. S. 

— ; e. f. Randolph, Vt.; eng. with the 
N. Y. Fire Insurance Exchange, 32 

Nassau St., New York City. 

George Christopher Randall, B. S,. 

b — ; s. Clarence E. Randall, '82; ch. train 
dispatcher; Wyoming Div., Colorado 
Southern R. R., Cheyenne, Wyo.; 1904- 
1906; chief clerk, Supt. Car Service. Col- 
orado & Southern Ry., 1906 — .Address, 
Denver, Colo. 

Guy Garfield Russell, B. S. 

b. Hartland, Vt.; with Ballardvale Co., 
1904-1905; pharmacist with Willis H. 
Lowe Co., Boston, 1905-1907; store 
keeper, M. I. T., Boston, Mass., 1907—. 

William Elbridge Charles Washburn, B. S. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; asst. eng. Post and 
McCord, New York City, 1904—. 

Craig Oscar Burt, 1900-02. 

b. Stowe, Vt.; lumber mfgr., Stowe, 
Vt., 1902—. 

George Halliday Chapin, 1900-1902. 

b — ; e. f. Melrose Highlands, Mass.; in 
business, 259 Washington St., Boston. 

*George Eldridge Dunham, 1900-01. 

b. Worcester, Vt.; student M. I. T.; d. 
Boston, Mass., 1903. 

Ira Liman Holden, 1900-1901. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; farmer, Northfield, 

Ferdinand Leroy Maxwell, 1900-01. 
b — ; e. f. Northfield, Vt. 

Royal Lee Mead, 1900-1902. 

b — ; e. f. Madison, Montana; s. capt. 
Chas. W. Mead '81; priv. U. S. M. C. 

Stanley Dayton Nichols, 1900-02. 

b. Roxbury, Vt.; agent, C. V. R. R., Bol- 
ton, Vt., 1905—. 

Harry Orlando Smith, 1900-02. 

b. Stowe, Vt., March 12, 1883; commis. 
2d. It. in U. S. Marine Corps, 1902; 1st Lt. 
1904; at present is serving in Santa 
Domingo, Cuba; permanent address, 
Stowe, Vt. 

Nathan Lee Thomas, 1900-01. 

b. Stowe, Vt.; insurance surveyor; 
Sanborn Map Co., 11 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. 

William Oliver Tuck, 1900-01. 

b — ; e. f. Haverhill, Mass.; civil engineer, 
Boston, Mass. 

Ralph Alburton Booth, A. B. 

b. — ; e. f. Morrisville, Vt.; teacher at 
Stafford Springs, Conn., 1905 — . 

Joseph Cleophas Coulombe, B. S. 

b. — ; Canada; e. f. Island Pond; sec. 
Bullfrog Mining Co., Gold Center, Nevada 
with headquarters in New York, 52 

Harry Raymond Deal, B. S. 

b. Piermont, N. H., asst. Commandant 
Mich. Mil. Acad. 1905-1906; now at 
Piermont, N. H. 

shant, Northfield, 

Joseph Harold Denny. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; 

John Joseph Howard, B. S. 

b. Bellows Falls, Vt.; Commandant St. 
Johns Mil. Acad. Ossining-on-Hudson. 

Ernest Allen Lawrence, B. S. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; draftsman with Post 
& McCord, Struct. Engs., 1905—, New 
York City. 

Edward Moore, B. S. 

b. Island Pond, Vt.; teacher in San Mateo, 
Calif., 1905—. 

Joy Clyde Ross, B. S. 

b. No. Dakota, exploring in Alaska, 1906 

Percival Creighton Sinclair, B. S. 

b. Johnson, Vt.; asst. eng. with Durkee, 
White & Towne, engs., Springfield, Mass., 

Vincent John Brennan, 1900-1902. 

b. Quechee, Vt.; discharged 1902; asst, 
chemist with Cassella Color Co., Boston, 
1902-1905; asst. chemist for F. E. Al 
teaux & Co., Boston, 1905-1906; asst- 
to the agent and chemist for Brampton. 
Woolen Co., 1906 — ; address, Newport, 
N. H. 

Henry Fitzgerald Causebrook, 1902-1904. 

b. Island Pond, Vt.; asst. eng. with U. S. 
Geol. Survey 1904 — . 

Homer Ferrin, 1900-1903. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; in cracker and biscuit 
industry, Davenport, Iowa, 1905 — . 





Edwin Irvin Hibbard, 1901-1902. 

b. E. Brookfield, Vt.; carpenter, Montpe- 

Haroll Moore Howe, 1902-1903. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; part. Co. F., V. N. G., 
1st Inf. State Militia; associated with 
father, F. L. Howe, 'SO. in Marble busi- 
ness, Northfield, Vt. 

Daniel A — Holland. 1900-1903. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; student Med. Col. U. 
V. M., Burlington. 1903-06; student Med. 
Col. in Mich. 1906—. 

Arthur Russell Lunt, 1900- 1902. 

b. Gorham, N. H.; address Gorham, N. 

William Renssellaer McFeeters, (A. B.), 1902- 
D. En 
vard Law School 1904- 

William Henry Morrill, 1900-1902. 

b. — ; e. f. Northfield, Vt.; address. North- 
field, Vt. 

Park Valentine Perkins, 1901-1903. 

b. Bennington. Vt.; student M. " I. T.; 
mgr. Bullfrog Mining Co., Gold Center, 
Nev., 1904—. 

Fred Elton Steele, Jr., 1900-1903. 

b. — ; e. f. Montpelier, Vt.; student Bal- 
timore Med. Col. 1903 — . 

Daniel Putnam Thompson, 1900-1902. 

b. Bellows Falls, Vt.; home address, 
Bellows Falls,. 


Clarence Raymond Andrew, B. S. 

b. Island Pond, Vt.; asst. eng. Govt, 
work, Ohio river. 1906; structural eng. 
Youngstown, O., 1906 — . 

Sydney Wallace Bampton, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Boston, Mass.; address Dor- 
chester, Mass.; asst. eng. on Charles River 
Basin, Boston, 1906-1907; eng, with 
John Collins, '96,Waterbury, Vt., 1907—. 

Ludlow Osmond Barker, Jr. B. S. 

b. Westerly, R. I., Inspector U. S. Govt. 
Lock No. 11, Ohio river, July 1-Nov. 13, 
1900; draughtsman S. and W. R. R., 
Johnson City, 1906 — . 

Daniel Rogers Barney, B. S. 

b. Springfield, Vt,; surveyor with San- 
born Map Co., 11 Broadway, N. Y., 

Hugh James Betterley, B. S. 

b. Dummerston, Vt.; with Western Elec- 
tric Co., N. Y. city, 1906-1907; surveyor 
for U S. Govt, with headquarters at 
Manila, P. I., 1907 — . 

Arthur Emory Burr, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Bellows Falls, Vt.; asst. eng. 
with Central Colorado Power Co.. at Col- 
orado Springs, Colo., 1906 — . 

Jose Maria y Farragoitia Carbonell, B. S. 

b. Habana, Cuba; eng. of the city, Hab- 
ana, Cuba, 1906 — . 

William Safford Clarke, B. S. 

b. Milford. Mass.; post graduate course 
at Harvard, 1906 — . 

Dana Howes Oilman, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Brattleboro, Vt.; chief of 
party on R. R. Const, work. Fort Worth, 
Tevas, for Colo. & Southern R. R., 1906-. 

Charles Ralph HartweU, B. S. 

b. Montpelier, Vt.; surveyor with San- 
born Map Co., 11 Broadwav, N. Y., 

Bradford Pierce Hovey, B. 8. 

b. Fort Hill, Okla., post graduate course 
in chemistry, at Univ. of Penn., Phila., 

Tames Baldwin Swett, B. S. 

b. — ; e. f. Southern Pines, N. C; .surveyor 
for U. S. Govt. Civil Service with head- 
quarters at Manila, P. I., 1906 — . 

Clarence Arthur Tenney, B. S. 

b. Windham, Vt.; served in Spanish- 
American War; with Maryland Highway 
Commission, Baltimore, Md., 1906 — . 

Frank Nelson Tinker, B. S., (C. E.) 

b. Albany, Vt.; 1905-1906; graduate 
Thayer school, Dartmouth; returned 
1906 and graduated with honor; on Elec- 
tric R. R. const, work on road from Ben- 
nington, Vt., to No. Adams, Mass., 1906-. 

Carl Augustus Barrett, 1902-04. 

b. — ; e. f. Stoneham, Mass.; with Even- 
IXG Record, Boston, Mass., 1904 — . 

Clarence Myron Burnett, 1902-05. 

b. — ; e. f. Bethel, Vt.; eng. at Bethlehem, 
Penn., 1905 — . 

Clarence Ray Calderwood, 1902-04. 

b. St. .Tohnsbury, Vt.; bookkeeper with 
Flint Granite Co., Albany. N. Y. 

William Edward Carleton, 1902-05. 

b. Portland, Me.; with the S. D. Warren 
& Co., Paper Mills, Westbrook, Me., 

WiUiam John Darling, 
b. .So. R 
gate, Vt. 

So. Rye- 

Harry Freeman Doe, 1902-05. 
b.— ; e. f. Bradford. Vt. 

Alvah Robinson Eaton, 1902-03. 
b. — ; e. f. Springfield. Vt. 

Halsey Charles Edgerton, (A. B.) 1902-1904. 

b. Northfield, Vt.; left 1904 to enter 
Dartmouth, grad. 1906; student Tuck 
School of Finance; expert accountant. 

Malcolm James Edgerton, (A. B.), 1902-04. 
b. Northfield, Vt.; grad. Dartmouth, 
1906; asst. principal in Union School 
Montpelier, 1906 — . 

Carl George Huntington, 1902-04. 

b. Rochester, Vt.; address West Randolph, 


*Fred Jay Kimball, 1802-1004. Martin Leroy Rumrill, 1902-04. 

e. f. Nashua, N. H.; died there 1905. b. Northfield, Vt.; insurance surveyor 

with Sanborn Map Co., 11 Broadway, 
William Edgar Maxham, 1902-03. N. Y. citv., 1905 — . 

b.—;e.f. Bethel,- Vt. 

Willie Amos Tower, 1902-04. 
William Clayton Newell, 1902-04. b. Barton, Vt.; with Barton National 

b. Dovleston, Penn.; with the N. P. R. Bank, 1904-06; at Hotel Ormond, Flor- 

R. with headquarters at Kalama, Wash. ida, 1906-07; Barton, Vt., 1907—. 




Very few facts are known concerning the cadets given in the 
following "Roster." This list is printed with the desire that 
our alumni, past cadets, and friends, will assist us in obtaining 
complete sketches of these old cadets for the second volume of ^he 
History of Norwich University, which is being compiled, and will 
be issued in 1908. 

It will be noticed that a large number of these old cadets came 
from the South, and we would especially ask the co-operation of 
the historians, genealogists and librarians of the Southern States 
in obtaining the desired data. 


Henry Barbour 1822-25 

Nathaniel Lord 182.3-25 

Phineas Varnum 1825 


John Barker 1825-26 

Thomas C-- Noble, Jr 1864-66 

Charles Brooks Ormsbee 1862-65 

Frank Curtis Pierce, U. S. Vols 1858-61 

Frank S— Rouse 1864-67 

Silas Wait Wyman 1864-66 


Frederick A — Hatch 1853-55 

Samuel W — Knowles 1854-56 

Charles V— Lord 1852-54 

George T— Moody 1853-56 

George C — Norcross 1853-55 

George A — Parsons 1854-56 

Edwin B— Patten 1854-56 

Thomas A — Pickering 1854-56 

A — P — Titcomb 1854-56 


Harland P — Sargent 1856-58 


Andrew J— Todd 1845-47 


William Henry Metcalf 1860-62 

Charles Frederick Nichols 1861-63 

Charles Frederick Norris 1860-62 


Henry Marble 1866-68 


Samuel Fellows Stoddard 1862-65 


Philip Eastman 1821-23 


Robert Hallowall 1822-25 


George Merrick 1823-25 

John Odlin Page 1821-25 


Nathaniel Lord 1823-25 


Frederick D — Lyford 1863-66 


. Norman Call 1861-63 

Edward Pay son Nichols 1860-62 


James E— Pillsbury 1860-62 


Benjamin Brially Eaton 1862-64 


Frank Ernest Batchelder 1863-67 

John H— Hunt 1853-55 


William E— Bartells 1822-25 

W— G — Dean 1840-42 

Frederick Dana 1822-25 

George Knight 1825-26 

William C— Smith 1865-67 

Henry B— Streeter 1835-37 

Phineas H. Varnum 1823-24 

G — R— D— Wingate 1821-23 

William P. Widgery 1821-23 


James E — Porter 1863-66 


Thomas Greenfield Rice 1861-63 


Charles Stephens Clark 1863-66 

Lewis S— Clark 1864-67 


Edward Bailey 1821-22 

Joseph S— Bailey 1821-23 


Amos Hutchinson 1823-25 

Luther J— Fletcher 1840-42 


Amos S— Hutchinson 1823-25 


Edward French 1821-23 

Robert Means 1821-22 

William M— Murray 1821-23 

Langdon Wilson 1821-22 


Ephraim G — Graves 1842-44 

Thomas J— Noyes 1821-23 

Benjamin M— Tyler 1821-23 


Husea B— Burnham 1845-47 


William P— Winklev 1835-37 



Chester C— Hutchins 1822-23 


Levi Bartlett 1821-23 


Justus Stephens 1837-38 


George H— Carter 1850-52 


George Edwin Gilman 1863-66 


James Baker 1821-23 

Oliver Hastings 1820-21 

David Hubbard 1854-56 

John Robertson 1862-65 


Fred Shumway 1864-66 


Samuel Edgar Briggs 1855 

William Henry Chaffin 1861-63 

E — J— Chase 1853-55 

George Stevens 1835-37 

John W— Taplin 1821-25 


William N— Davis 1834-36 


Ephviam Hutchins 1820-25 

Hamilton Hutchins 1820-25 

Robert Parker Kimball 1825-27 

Charles West 1823-25 

Charles E— Thompson 1820-22 

Oliver Sparhawk 1820-21 


Alexander Raliston Chase 1821-24 

Andrew R. Chase 1822-26 

David H. Chase 1822-25 

David Lawrence Morrill Commings. . . 1844-47 
Amos Richardson 1842-44 


Samuel Powers 1820-21 

William M— Whipple 1836-37 


Charles Fisher 1848-50 


James F— Willis 1822-23 


John Bell 1823-25 

James Norris 1820-23 


John Elliot Wright Hammond 1846-48 


Adolphus R— Smith 1847-48 


William F— B— Babcock 1822-25 

R— M— Chesman 1835-37 

Henrv Gould 1820-22 

Joel Gould 1820-22 

Edward E— Harvey 1847-48 

Edwin F (or P) Knight '. 1841-43 

John F— Knight 1840-42 

David Mark 1840-41 

John A— Miller 1842-43 

J— Miller 1834-36 

Charles H— Olcott 1820-22 

William Olcott 1820-22 

S— C— Putnam 1835-37 

Horace H— Smith 1820-21 

Luther Wood 1854-56 


Jonathan P — Darling 1823-25 

Joshua H — Darling 1821-25 

Thomas H,— Darling 1821-25 


Asahel H — Quimby 1856-58 


Samuel G— Chase 1821-24 

Joseph Sargent 1834-36 


James Whitcomb Buel 1861-63 

John S— Day 1846-48 

Solon H— Lathrop 1848-50 

Calvin May 1847-49 

John W— Prentiss 1820-21 


Winslow Metcalf Lindsey, Capt. Kansas 

Vols (?) 1862-64 


John Chase 1861-63 


William Barrows 1835-38 

Elbridge Benton 1835-37 

Jesse Billings 1835-37 

George Dickson 1835-37 

Moses Jewell 1836-38 

Anthony Morse 1827-28 

Reuben P— Riddle 1845-47 

Lemuel Shattuck 1834-38 

George W— Smith 1861-63 


Justus Grant 1837-40 


Elias F— Smith 1858-61 

George C— Smith 1845-47 


Benjamin Franklin Shepard, A. B., 

M.C.E 1842 


Lewis Kimball, Jr 1859-61 


Timothy Phelps 1827-28 


Moses L— F— Barron 1846-48 


Luke E (?) Miller 1837-39 

Samuel Robbe 1835-37 


Thomas J. Harris 1820-22 


Walter Webster Dearborn 1863-66 


Enoch Gibson Hooke, A. B 1845-47 


Charles Henry Langdon-Elwin 1822-25 


Hiram M— Couch 1840-41 


Napoleon R— Atkinson 1837-39 


Samuel Newell Fifield 1848-50 


William P— Moody 1838-40 


Edwin Gould 1854-55 


William H— Moore 1839-40 

Charles Henry Osgood 1861-63 


Gilbert W— Colby 1844-47 


George Jennes 1823-25 

William W— Keyes 1823-25 


Asa Reynolds 1845-46 


John B— Davis 1835-37 

John A— Page 1842-43 

John Stone 1835-37 

Calvin K (or R.) Tupper 1848-50 


Daniel E— Wright 1844-46 




Frank B— Fenton. Son of C. W. 

■ Fenton 1854-56 

Edwin Ruggles Paige 1863-66 

George H— Parker 1854-56 


Darwin Cooley 1827-28 


George A— Mathew 1835-38 


William Henry Johnson 1862-64 


Charles H— Ross 1863-65 

Joel H— Tracy 1826-28 

T— H— Tracy 1825-27 


Charles Jones Chapin 1862-65 

Charles Jarvis Cutts 1863-64 

William Cowper Elliot 1863-66 

John Chester Wells 1863-66 

Lemuel B— Whitney 1821-23 


Riley M— Adams 1826-27 

Daniel Lindsev 1847-49 

Peverill S— Peake 1848-50 


William Griswold 1821-24 

Lewis E— Hopkins 1854-55 

Penniman 1853-54 

Israel D— Smith 1821-24 

Decires Wadsworth 1825-26 

A— W— Wilkins 1853-54 


Asaph G— Fletcher 1821-24 

Ryland Fletcher. 1821-24 

Asa Wheeler, Jr 1820-23 


S — C — Huntington 1843-45 

Stephen D — Sargent 1837-39 


Lorenzo D — Allen 1861-63 

Alonzo P— Buck 1827-29 

William Hebard 1861-63 

Jeremiah D — Merrill 1837-38 

Norman Robinson 1860-62 


Frederick A— Barton 1825-27 


Alonzo E— Smith 1853-55 

Augustus E — Smith 1856 


Martin VanCongdon 1854-56 


William E— Corbin 1821-23 

Henry S— (L?) Smith 1839-41 


George Alfred Davis 1863-66 


Chauncey Gray 1845-46 

James B — Soule 1849-50 


Albert S— Tuttle 1852-55 


Edward P — Reynolds 1852-54 


Jesse Stoddard 1820-21 


Sardis Burchard 1861-64 


Jonas Webster 1848-50 


D— T— Brown (son of H. B. Brown) . 1856-57 

Nile R — Colburn 1835-38 

Levi Cowen 1839-40 

Cummings F — Gillette 1835-38 

John Gillette 1835-38 

Albert Hazen 1837-39 

Orvis Hazen 1837-39 

Smith Hazen 1837-41 

Silas B. Leach 1822-24 

Charles Lyman 1823-25 

George Lyman 1823-25 

Orson Mack 1838-40 

Charles A. (or C.) Marsh 1821 

Rav Marsh 1820-22 

Orson Neal 1840-42 

Silas P— Newton 1847-48 

William Porter 1840-42 

James Rice 1846-48 

J Sprague 1845-48 

H— Stone 1845-48 

James C— Udall 1835-37 

Frederick T.— Waite 1845-48 

Albert Webster 1821-22 


Porter Cotton 1821-24 

Edward H— Cutts 1846-48 

Samuel B— Harding 1848-50 

Albert F— Hyland 1847-49 

Charles H— Perry 1820-22 

Squire Page 1838-40 

C— Perry 1836-39 

Ora S— Rogers ■. 1837-40 

John Sabine 1861-63 

George Morrison Willard, B. S 1870 


Delos C— Hawkins 1854-5 


Charles Parsons Allen 1861-63 

Ira Hayden Allen. Jr 1862-63 


Nathan B. Leavenworth 1821-23 


James S— Wolley 1835-37 


Henry Oakes Martin 1854-56 


Christopher C— Crump 1852-54 


Frank 4— Page 1863-66 


Nathan G— Holden 1865-68 


Daniel Judd 1823-25 

Charles J— Linsley 1848-49 

Edwin W— Wainwright 1848-50 


Orvis Wood 1844-47 


Julius P— Atwood 1844-47 


Arthur Daget Bancroft 1862-64 

Fredrick T— Bickford 1852-54 

William B— Burbank 1852-54 

Walter A— Phillipes 1859-61 

Julius R — Richardson 1858-61 

Charles H— Sturtevant 1855-58 

Frank B— Tower 1835-37 

Oscar F— Wainwright 1835-37 

Justus W— F~Washburn 1859-61 


Samuel Harrison Porter 1848-50 


Henrv Clay Morse 1861-63 

William Nelson 1837-38 


William Saben 1847-49 


Amasa Amsden 1830-32 

Carlos Baxter 1821-25 

Marshall Burton 1821-23 

Curtis Emerson 1821-23 

Joseph Emerson 1821-23 

Roland Emerson 1827-29 

Rufus Emerson 1821-23 

Thomas Emerson, Jr 1821-23 

Thomas L— Emerson 1821-23 

Albert G— Hatch 1820-23 


Jesse Pike Hatch 1823-25 

Joseph Hatch 1823-25 

Charles Lewis 1820-23 

William Lewis 1821-23 

William Enos Lewis 1820-23 

Almond Mack 1821-23 

John M— Mack 1825-27 

John MacNab 1825-27 

Samuel Partridge 1820-21 

Cyril Pennock 1821-25 

Truman Bishop Ransom 1820-25 

Leonard H — Woodworth 1826-28 

Jason Stimpson 1820-21 

Francis P— Ferry 1821-23 

Napoleon Ferry 1821-23 

John M — Bartlett 1845-46 

Perkins Bentley 1846-47 

Charles E— Blaisdell 1841-44 

George Blaisdell 1832-34 

Leonard Blaisdell 1846-47 

Henry O — Brigham 1841-43 

James W — Brown 1836-37 

Asahel L— Bundy 1844-46 

James Woodward Burton 1844-46 

Lyman B — Carter 1844-46 

William Coffey 1846-47 

Frank Currier 1863-66 

Charles W— Dayis 1844-47 

George W — Ensworth 1845-46 

Charles D — Freeman 1845-46 

Independence Gile 1852-55 

Charles Henry Goddard 1861-64 

John E — Hatch 1842-44 

Alonzo B — Hutchinson 1859-61 

Edson Hutchinson 1835-38 

Franklin Hutchinson 1852-53 

J. Hutchinson 1835-38 

Allan W— Knapp 1846-47 

Reuben S — Loyeland 1845-46 

Morris Stanley Nevis 1841-44 

George Washington Nevius 1844-46 

Francis A — (H — ) Nichols 1843-46 

H— B— Nichols 1859-61 

Timothy M— Nichols 1851-52 

Henry L— Partridge 1838-41 

Joseph N — Pennock 1842-44 

Sylvester Pennock 1865-67 

John Farwell Slafter 1835-38 

Judson Slafter 1844-46 

Edwin S— Stebbins 1834-37 

George Stebbins 1834-37 

John C— Thurston 1835-37 

Nahan E— Turner 1852-53 

Thomas Turner 1852-53 

H— W— Watson 1835-37 

Oscar Watson 1835-37 

Henry John Wright 1859-61 


William R— Sanford 1825-26 

Julius A — Austin 1824-26 

Edwin F— Branch 1843-46 

John L — Hammond 1838-41 


John W— Strong 1837-40 


Elton P— Hitchcock 1860-63 

Ira Nourse 1842-45 


James Knight Polk Chamberlin 1865-67 

Asa H— Snow 1837-40 

Gustavus Snow 1837-40 

Gardner Winslow, Jr 1845-47 


W— F— Bates 1825-26 


Elbridge Harris Babbitt 1861-63 

J— S— Carpenter 1846-47 

E— S— Dewey, M. D 1862-64 

Edmund Weston 1845-47 


L— H— Amsdon 1835-38 

J— Darling 1835-38 

James A — Hall 1835-37 

T — Mongin 1835-38 

William M— Williams 1846-48 


R— Stone 1820-21 


Oscar Amos Willard 1846-48 


Daniel H— Bingham 1820-22 

Stephen Bosworth 1835-38 

Charles Cutter 1820-22 

Joseph Adams Denison 1820-23 

Jacob Fox 1820-22 

Charles Fox 1840-43 

George S— Shepard 1847-48 


Samuel H— Weld 1821-23 


S— Barrett 1835-38 

J— F— Baxter 1835-37 

Adoniram C— Hathaway 1837-39 

Ira S— Parker 1847-49 

Ira S— Perkins 1847-48 


Henry Orville Comstock. . . ! 1845-48 

George L— King 1846-48 

James B— Meech 1820-22 


Charles Rich 1821-23 

Irving Bascom Rich 1861-63 


Asahel Clark 1841-44 

Lucius Dow 1835-37 

William Chase Dow 1835-38 

Hanibal H— Finney 1835-38 


John W— Metcalf 1854-56 


Alexander Phoenix 1825-26 

Adin Hamlin Whitmore 1861-63 


David Goodall 1823-25 

Horace Paddock 1822-25 

William Johnson 1866-68 


Albert Waterman Wilmarth 1862-64 


Henry Clay Burnham 1863-65 

Arthur W— Coombs 1861-63 

Jesse Bishop Smith, B. S 1865 

Anson Williams 1835-38 

Nathan Young 1835-38 


William Ballard 1846-48 


Abel B— Blake 1835-38 


Abijah Howard, Jr 1863-66 

William Lyman 1835-38 

Charles Sweatt 1845-48 


Joseph W— Healy 1845-47 

Nathaniel Healey 1845-47 


Francis H— Bacon 1846-47 

William F— Howe 1845-47 


Frank Allan GobS 1865-67 

George Parker 1856-58 

W— T— Parker 1856-57 

Walter W— Sherman 1821-24 


Hunt W— Burrows 1852-54 

Roswell Hunt 1837-40 


Lorenzo D — Carpenter 1861-64 




William C— Fox 1825-26 

John C — Harris 1835-38 

Joseph Harris 1 838-40 

Henry Gaylord Post 1861-63 


John J— Davis 1845-47 


Freeman Parker 1844-46 

George W— Parker 1844-46 

James W— Parker 1845-47 

Wilder W— Parker 1844-46 

Daniel Peaslee 1838-41 

Charles Walter Smith 1862-66 


William Carpenter 1821-23 

Frederick P— Drew 1844-47 


Harrison Stebbins 1841-42 


Stillman Hemmenway 1841-44 


Hart S— Barlow 1821-23 

Samuel A— Cady 1861-63 

E— J— Chase 1853-55 

Edward Forbes 1821-23 

Joseph Hatch 1823-25 

Augustus Allen Hayes 1821-25 

Valentine B — Horton 1823-25 

Ozro P — Jennsion 1823-28 

William H— Lemmex 1820-22 

Josiah Leverett 1820-23 

Thomas Leverett 1820-23 

Ephriam T— Miller 1825-27 

Edwin Perkins 1826-27 

Norman Elliot Perkins 1840-41 

William E — Perkins 1841-43 

John Pettis 1840-41 

Robert T— Pettis 1850-53 

Edward Elisha Phelps 1820-23 

Oliver P— Reed 1841-43 

S— E— Robbins, Jr 1851-52 

Allen Slack 1853-54 

Charles Edward Steele 1861-63 

Erastus C — Torrey 1820-22 

William Henry Townsend 1863-66 

Thomas S— Trask 1820-21 

George R — White 1848-51 


Sullivan Barnes 1825-27 

Henry C — Dension 1820-23 

George Gallop 1820-22 

Henrv C — D — Haskall 1844-47 

R— Henry 1836-38 

Henry Hutchinson 1820-23 

Joseph Marsh 1820-24 

William McClay 1839-40 

Henry Mower 1820-23 

Samuel Mower 1820-22 

George F— (A—)' Page 1839-40 

Orlando D — Simmons 1840-44 

Henrv B — Streeter 1835-37 

J — Wood 1835-37 


James E — Baker 1821-25 

George E — Coolidge 1822-25 

William M— Osgood 1823-25 

William P — Parroet 1823-25 

Ebenezer W — Pomeroy 1825-26 

Charles H— Rich 1823-25 


Frederick E — Jones 1846-48 


Wilham Sumner Blackinton 1863-65 

L — Obed Chamheilin 1866-68 

Thomas A — Earle 1848-50 

William D— Earle 1848-50 

Charles Phelps 1848-50 

Enoch A — Titcomb 1848 49 


John Gray, Jr 1863-66 


Thomas Stephen Thorndike 1863-65 


Simeon Sheldon Cushman 1837-39 


Charles Sigournev Bird 1863-66 

William Henry Blackinton 1848-49 

Charles H— Blagg 1822-25 

John S— Blake 1822-25 

John Curry Boyd, B. S 1865 

R— C — M— Boynton 1847-49 

Edgar Brooks 1823-25 

Charles M — (A — ?) Brockway 1854-56 

Alfred M— Channel 1850-52 

Stephen Rowe Clapp 1861-63 

Henry Greenleaf Coffin 1863-66 

James Cunningham 1841-43 

John— H. Dexter 1821-23 

Alfred Dorr 1822-25 

Augustus Elliot 1846-48 

William H— Foster 1821-23 

Walter H— Fox 1864-66 

William H— Goddard 1821-22 

William Stone Goodwin 1861-63 

Charles W— Gragg 1861-64 

Edward I^— Greenwood 1821-23 

Edward T— Griswold 1821-23 

George Hancock 1823-25 

John Hancock, Jr 1822-25 

Edward K— Harris 1852-54 

John Hobby 1825-26 

William Jones 1854-56 

D— S— Kendall 1825-26 

Francis Kaleb Loring 1821-25 

Charles Russell Lowell 1821-25 

Charles F— Matchett 1821-23 

John L— Neil 1846-48 

B— W— Parker 1846-47 

John Charles Phillips 1821-24 

John T— Powell 1820-23 

B— H— Rhoades 1825-26 

Charles H— Rich 1824-26 

E— W— Rice 1854-56 

Alexander S— Riley 1821-23 

Hartley W— Sewall 1852-53 

Henry Howell William Sigourney. . . . 1821-25 

Charles Farnham Stanwood 1863-66 

Daniel S— Stanwood 1846-48 

Jacob T— Smith 1849-50 

Hosea C— Steele 1845-46 

Edward A— Stowell 1864-67 

Caleb J— Swain 1835-37 

George H— Thorndike 1820-22 

F— H— T— Tukey (son of Francis 

Tukey) 1856-58 

Judson Haycock Tukey 1850-53 

James Higginson Tyng 1821-24 

William M— Wallace 1822-24 

William M. Wallack. 1824-26 

John Warren 1821-22 

S— S— Watson 1856-58 

Thomas Weyman 1826-27 

Benjamin Wiggin 1821-23 

Henry S. Wiggin 1821-23 

Robert E— Wilmarth 1853-55 

William Wise 1821-23 


Carlos S— French 1836-38 


Henrv Harrington Adams 1861-64 

John R— Bigelow 1824-46 

Edward H— Hedge 1821-22 

Edmund Lee 1825-28 

William Price 1834-36 

Frank E— Stimson 1855-57 



George Doane Bancro^'t 1862-65 


Edward A— Penfield 1827-29 


Edward Tuckerman 1821-22 


Frank Edward Adams 1854-56 

William H— George 1854-56 


Frank Timothy Bottomlv, B. S 1865 

Edward Lambert Hodges 1863-66 


B— F— Crowningshield 1821-25 

George Crowningsiiield 1821-25 

Richard Crowningshield 1822-25 


Charles Arthur Hoyt 1869-63 

Henry Stebbins 1824-27 


Charles D— Bacon 1825-27 

James E— Baker 1826-27 


Walter Henry Hobart 1864-67 


Frank Joseph Davis 1863-66 


Charles T— Crocker. 1849-51 

Thomas Chalmers Wood 1864-67 

Luther S— Woods 1856-57 


D — W — Parmenter 1859-61 


W— H— W— Cushman 1823-25 


William P— Parrott 1823-25 

William Pierce 1821-25 


John Bellamy Thompson, Mass. Vols. 1858-61 


George William Childs 1862-65 

William Chauncey Hay den Needham, 

B. S., (M. D.) 1866 


Francis Bartlett 1822-24 

Nathaniel Varnum 1827-28 


George Broson 1826-28 


Arthur Herbert Whitmore 1864-66 


Alfred Briggs Gilbert, B. S 1870 


Elbridge B— Osgood 1856-59 


Douglas Lee 1861-63 


Charles W— Burrage 1849-51 

Rufus Wilder 1863-66 


Frederick H— Babcock 1821-23 


William C— Blanchard 1852-54 

Charles Bowers 1848-50 

George E— Davis 1848-49 

Charfes A— French 1848-49 

George Washington Hopkins 1861-63 

John (W— ?) Patch 1854-56 

J— H— Rand 1855-56 

George Washington (?) Sanborn, son 

Amos Sanborn 1854-56 


George Albert Folsom, U. S. Vols 1862-64 


Francis B — Crowningshield 1823-25 


C— Henry Moseley 1856-58 

MEDFORD (west) 

William Henry Hooper, Jr 1863-66 


Albert W— Cook 1865-67 


Edward B— Merrill 1848-50 

George W— Ricketson 1848-50 


Henry Hale 1858-60 


Edwin Allen 1835-38 


Edward C — Saltmarsh 1858-61 


Horace E — Wells 1854-56 


Thomas Boylston Adams 1822-24 

Jacob M— G— Riddel 1821-23 


Edward T— Sawyer 1837-38 


Daniel B— Tarr 1851-53 


Leonard Jarvis Adams 1849-51 

Henry Barton Leonard 1864-67 

Francis C — Welch 1863-66 

SALEM ■ • 

Thomas B. Crowningshield 1822-25 

Benjamin Varnum Crowningshield. . .1821-25 
Nathaniel F — Derby 1821-23 


Arthur W — Bowman 1848-49 

Joseph M — Clark 1846-48 


Horace Walker Eddy 1863-66 

Roswell Walter Lee 1827-28 

Edward Horatio Noyes 1861-63 

Alexander Phoenix 1825-26 

Frederick Henry Rand 1860-63 


Ebenezer W — Pomeroy 1826-28 


Nathaniel Brinley 1822-24 


John Smith Gray 1861-63 


John Harvey Moore 1835-37 


Elisha Hammond 1842-43 


George W— Webb 1846-48 


Samuel E — Davis 1856-57 

James Harrington 1855-57 

W— F— C— Merrifield 1856-58 

George M — Rice, Jr 1849-51 


Frederick G— Higgins 1823-25 

William B — Higgins 1823-25 

Edwin S. — Humphreys 1823-25 

Charles Ives 1823-25 


Jacob S — Brandegee 1824-27 

E— L — Lee 1825-28 

T— G — Lee 1823-25 

R — Parkman 1825-26 


Daniel P — Parker 1824-27 


Edwin Hall 1825-27 

Smith M — Miles 1826-27 

James N — Palmer 1825-27 

D — N — Welsh 1825-28 


R — H — Chittenden 1825-26 


Edward A — Phelps 1825-27 


Philo C — Sedgwick 1826-27 




Isaac Cook 1827-28 

J— Curtis 1825-26 

Thomas I— Howell 1826-27 

A— B— Loveland 1825-28 

Thomas W— Lvman 1825-26 

N— W— Woodsworth 1825-27 

W — Woodsworth 1825-26 


George A— Mills 1825-27 

Harry L— Mills 1824-27 


F— Cowles 1825-26 

G — D— Cowles 1825-26 

J— Cowles 1825-27 

Julius D— Cowles 1825-27 


John Augustus Hale 1841^43 

James HoUis 1852-54 

Aaron Kinne 1853-55 

Henry G— Miller 1852-54 

Samuel Welles 1856-58 


Moses E— Cooke 1825-27 


C — Barnard 1826-27 

Alexander Collins 1824-26 

H— S— Cooke 1824-26 

Erastup Huntington 1825-26 

S— L— Pitkin 1821-22 

David S— (or B—) Porter 1820-21 

Edward Eben Roberts 1862-65 

C— J— Russ 1825-26 

D— M.— Seymour 1825-27 

H— Seymour 1824-26 

H— S— Smith 1825-26 

Tristram G — Stockbridge 1821-28 

James Harman Ward 1821-23 

Roswell Butler Ward 1821-23 

William Andrews Ward 1821-23 

J— Wood 1825-26 

Edward Woodbridgei 1821-23 

James Woodbridge 1824-27 


Virgil Collins 1826-27 

W— E— Jones 1825-27 


Miner Deming 1824-26 

Albert J. Wadam 1842-43 

Henry Walton Wessells 1821-23 


John G— Bray 1826-28 

Frederick Brewer 1825-27 

Lloyd B— Cooper 1826-27 

Benjamin Dunning 1826-27 

Francis B— Ferry ' 1825-27 

Napoleon Ferry 1825-27 

John Gaylard 1825-26 

John W— Gill 1825-27 

John T — Hensdale 1826-27 

Henry Griswold Hubbard 1825-28 

J — Elijah Hubbard 1826-28 

Russell Hubbard 1823-25 

S— T— Hubbard 1825-26 

John Hughes 1825-27 

Charles Ives 1823-25 

J— G— Ives. 1825-27 

Thomas Johnson 1825-27 

William Henry Noble 1825-27 

Philip Rand 1825-27 

Henry S— Rannev 1827-28 

George O— Russell 1827-28 

Augustus Thomas 1826-27 

John H — Vance 1827-28 

David Ward 1826-28 

Frederick S— Ward 1825-27 


John J— Hvde 1827-32 

Joshua Burrows Hyde 1827-29 


Charles S— Aves 1826-28 

A— P— Edwards 1825-26 

Russell Hotchkiss 1825-26 

William B— Huggins 1821-23 

Benjamin M — Prescott 1825-27 

Henrv Prescott 1826-27 

Charles E— Scoville 1826-27 

Charles H— Scoville 1823-27 

James Smith 1821-23 

Casper Uhlhorn 1825-27 

Henry W— Woodward 1826-27 


Andrew B — Huntington 1825-26 

Erastus Huntington 1825-26 

C— W— Huntington 1825-26 

S— A— Huntington 1825-26 

J— H— Tyler 1825-26 

Charles Spaulding 1825-26 


John T— Blois 1827-29 

Timothy J— Blois 1826- 7 

Henry A— Mitchell 1821-23 


Lloyd H— Bowers — 1852-54 

John Holbrook Osgood 1862-63 

Ebenezer Thompson 1825-27 

Charles S— Thompson 1825-27 


George A— Churchill 1848-49 

Alfred Gordon Hall 1852-54 

George C — Jarvis 1848-50 

Frederick W— Russell 1847-49 

William Stancliffe 1848-50 


Ezra L— Williams 1826-27 


George Halley 1825-27 

John Halley 1823-25 

Edwin S — Humphreys 1823-25 

Theodore B— Sterling 1825-27 


Charles K— Dean 1842-44 


Benjamin F — Babcock 1825-28 

S— D— Denison 1826-27 

William C— Denison 1826-27 

Miner R— Denning 1826-27 

John J— Hyde 1827-32 

William Hvde 1825-27 

C— E— Phelps 1825-27 

Thomas W— Williams 1827-28 


George Hubbard. , 1826-27 


Henry V— Butler 1825-27 

Henry Remington 1839-41 


Edward S— Griswold 1821-23 

E— T— Griswold 1825-26 


Joel Austin 1825-27 

Sherman Austin 1825-27 

H— Cooke 1822-24 

I— Cooke 1827-28 

J— Lewis 1825-27 


Leonard R— Welles 1825-27 


Henry S— Walcott 1825-28 


Sanders P — Dorrence 1822-25 

Henry J— Talbot 1822-25 


Daniel L— Randolph 1822-26 

William C— Robertson 1821-25 



Edward Carrington 1826-27 

Arthur Fenner 1823-27 

Levi Hoppin 1821-23 

William Howard 1846-48 

A— T— Jeneks 1825-26 

Ira Merriam 1855-57 



William S— Bovd 1825-26 

Edward Brinkerhoff 1826-27 

Elias A— Brown 1826-27 

William D— Gansevort 1825-26 

Augustus James 1823-25 

James R— Stafford 1822-25 

Josiah Townsend 1827-28 

James Walch 1826-27 


Squire P— Coon 1840-41 


Goodrich Clark 1823-25 


Alfred Fairfax Bayard 1861-64 

William Steele Smith 1863-66 

Daniel C — Washburn 1852-55 

Daniel W— Washburn 1852-54 


James McKay 1824-25 


James M— Cooper 1826-28 


Rodman G — Day 1821.-23 

Frederick A— Hall 1821-22 

Edward Thompson 1821-23 


James S— Holley 1825-27 

Joshua B— Whitney 1825-27 


James M— Cooper 1826-28 

P— E— Johnson 1853-55 

DOSORIS (l. I.) 

Augustus Coles 1823-25 


Cyrus K— Hale 1855-57 


L— M— Peck 1856-58 


Josiah S — Keese 1854-56 

Charles Blanchard Taggard 1855-57 


Washington Van Zandt 1823-25 


Henrv Skinner 1864-66 

Samuel C— Thorndike 1854-56 


Thomas B— Wheeler 1848-51 


Sterne Humphreys 1821-23 


Alfred C— Wilson 1845-47 


E— Henry Barnard 1824-28 


Hilam Ensign 1840-42 

Hiram M— Storrs, A. B., M. M. S. . . 1842 


William H — Morris 1825-28 


William .\— Root 1842-43 


James A— Powell 1823-25 


Jedediah Eames 1827-29 


Alexander Adams 1827-28 

Henry Adams 1830-32 

Edward Kent Aldrich 1862-64 

Alexander C — Antill 1826-28 

John A — Antill 1826-28 

George P— Astor 1825-27 

John Bayard or Bayand 1826-28 

James M— Benedict 1825-27 

Louis Blanche 1825-28 

James Boggs 1825-27 

Louis Brewster 1826-27 

John B— Boggs 1825-27 

George W — Brinkerhoff 1822-27 

Abraham B — Brown 1827-29 

Daniel B — Brown 1827-29 

Edmund A — Brown 1825-27 

Elias A — Brown 1826-27 

George A — Brown 1825-27 

James C — Brown 1827-29 

John Brown 1825-28 

Thomas J — Brown 1827-29 

Charles Burdett 1827-29 

Michael Burnham 1823-26 

George P — A — Burwin 1826-28 

Samuel D — Casey 1825-28 

Augustus Coles 1822-24 

D. Kellogg Comstock 1852-54 

Charles Delafield 1825-27 

Pierpont G — Edwards 1838—40 

R — Fulton 1825-26 

Frederick A — Gale 1823-25 

Joshua Gardiner 1826-28 

Charles Graham 1827-29 

John Graham 1828-29 

Abel H — Grosvenor 1827-29 

Blakely Hall 1825-27 

Frederick Hall 1825-29 

John HaU 1825-29 

J— Harr 1825-27 

James Hay 1825-27 

William Ingraham 1825-26 

Washington Irivng 1825-27 

William Irving 1825-27 

Thomas J — Jacobs 1826-27 

Augustus James 1823-25 

Richard Tubbie Keene 1864-67 

Thomas G — King 1825-26 

Edwin Laverty 1823-25 

Henry Laverty, Jr 1823-25 

John W — Laverty 1823-25 

Horatio J — Lawrence 1827-28 

Thomas Lawrence 1827-28 

Charles A — Martston 1825-27 

John W — Mooers 1823-25 

Arthur B — Morris 1826-27 

Andrew G — Norwood 1827-28 

Thomas L — Ogden 1826-28 

Duane Pell 1825-26 

James D — Pell 1825-27 

Livingstone Pell 1825-27 

Robert L — Pell 1825-27 

Francis Perkins 1820-21 

George Pearson 1827-28 

John A — Pierce 1842-44 

James A — Powell 1823-25 

Anzelm Price 1862-65 

Charles Fitz Randolph •. 1823-25 

Daniel L — Randolph 1823-25 

Edgar Fitz Randolph 1823-25 

George W — Reed 1825-26 

E — C — Russell 1823-25 

John Sargent 1823-25 

Frederick Sill 1825-27 

William J. Slidell 1823-25 

Edward Shotwell 1835-37 

Israel D — Smith 1823-25 

Richard G — Smith 1821-23 

William M — Smith 1827-29 

L— Stout 1825-26 

Peter Tonnell 1826-27 

Benjamin W — Valentine 1826-28 

Marcellus Van Gieson 



Edward H — Van Wyck 1826-28 

Thomas W — Van Wvck 1826-28 

George W — VanZant 1823-25 

Thomas A — Walker 1830-32 

James S — Wallace 1823-25 

Nathan H — Weed 1823-28 

William Weyman 1826-27 

Cornelius C — Willett 1847-49 

S— W— Wright 1825-26 


George Geddes 1827-29 


Richard Arnold 1826-28 


Thomas B — Wheeler 1848-51 


Benjamin M — Beckwith 1852-54 

B— M— Oilman 1854-55 

Henry Bailey Haskill 1854-55 


Joseph St. John 1854-56 


Egbret S — Richards. 1865-67 


George W — Gilbert 1824-28 

Mortimer F — Johnson 1827-28 


Clinton Adams 1844-47 

Henry W — Barnes 1825-27 

Thomas J — Madison 1844-47 

Herman G — Utley 1844-47 

Jacob Augustus Vogil 1844-47 

David M — Wager 1844-47 

Simon W — Wright 1823-25 

William E— Wright 1823-25 


Silas Howell . . 1827-29 


David C — Beattie 1844-46 

John Williams 1824-28 


Charles Ball 1835-37 

George H — Clarke 1835-37 

George S — Cleveland 1835-37 

Nelson Richards 1849-51 

George Barker Sherrill 1834-37 

Thomas A — Sherwood 1840-42 


George Gideon Nichols 1864-67 


Franklin Weaver 1842-43 


James E — Lindsay 1842-46 

Charles H — Potter Ig44_4g 

George H — Wyman 1842-46 


James H — Cocroft 1861-63 

(Son of Gen. J. Cocroft.) 
William J — Cocroft 1861-63 


George B — Boutelle 1858-60 

John Close 1825-27 

John Henry Walbridge 1863-66 


William H — Fellows 1825-26 

Arthur Magill 1825-27 

Horatio Seymour 1825-27 

C — W — Sherman 1825-27 

J — K — Sherman 1825-27 

James M — Stocking 1825-28 

Frank B — Tower 1835-37 


John Sargent 1823-25 


James S — Walter 1825-27 


Robert E — Johnson 1826-27 


Alfred G — Curtenius 1825-27 

D — T — Martin 1821-23 

David T — Morton 1825-28 

Thomas B — Tilden 1825-27 


Levi Dillett 1822-25 

Andrew Kennedy 1823-25 


Richard J — Downing 1827-29 


John H — Porter 1855-56 

James W— Ridgely 1855-56 


Thomas B — Loveland 1838-40 


Ebenezer F^ Wright 1824-27 


George Gideon Hale 1823-25 


Levi Diller 1823-25 


Ira David Witmer 1862-63 


William C — Alden 1827-28 

John A — Andrews 1825-26 

Thomas Bringhurst 1856-58 

J— M— Bryan 1825-26 

Fitzsimmons Calhoun 1825-26 

Thomas A — Clemson 1822-24 

Morton Coates 1823-27 

Joseph B — Conard 1826-28 

Alfred Delaney 1856-58 

William Duane 1825-26 

J— Dugan 1825-26 

John Eyre 1827-29 

George H — Jackson 1825-27 

George Clinton Leib 1825-28 

Henry Franklin Leib 1825-28 

D— H— Mackay 1823-25 

James V — Mazurie 1825-27 

Alexander R — Prichatt 1825-27 

Charles B — Ruse 1821-24 

John Savage 1821-23 

William Schlatter 1826-27 

S — J — Thompson 1845-48 


Hugh S— Campbell 1856-58 

(Son of Sample Cambell) 

William B — Hayes _ 1860-62 

Nathaniel Irish 1856-61 

Zantzinger McDonald 1826-28 

Robert Tanner 1860-62 


Decatur E — Nice 1839-41 


A— H— Page 1862-63 


William H — Gordon 1823-25 

Joseph B — Rodney 1827-28 


William H — Macbeth 1827-28 


Jairu.s Livermore 1837-38 



G — W^- Taylor 1825-26 

J — B— Taylor 1825-26 


Elliot Condict 1825-27 


Thomas Eastburn 1825-26 

D— Polliemus 1825-26 

^— G— Smith 1825 -26 


Augustus F— Taylor 1825-27 

C— K —Taylor 1825-27 


Alexander M — Brewin 1823-25 

William Packer 1823-25 


John Denison Russ 1825-27 


John Armistead 1823-25 


J— H— T— Magiuder 1825-26 

Samuel Chase Ridgeley .' 1825-27 


Ashton Alexander 1824-26 

Augustus Barnum 1826-28 

Joseph Bartlett Bourleigh, A. M. .LL. 

D 1830 

Samuel E— Edgar 1830-33 

Samuel K — George 1827-30 

George D — Norris 1827-28 

J— H— Riggin 1825-27 

F— W— Tenant 1825-26 

(north east) 

William R— Sewall 1847-49 

Evan W— Thomas 1847-49 


Dennis Magruder 1825-26 

ST. Mary's co. 

W— B— Kenner 1825-26 

ST. Mary's county (leonard) 
Philip Key 1827-29 



Horatio L — Barnum 1826-27 

Randolph Coyle 1822-27 

Sanders Irving 1825-27 

Arthur McWilliams 1827-28 

Philip Phillips 1823-27 

Henrv H— Rhodes 1822-25 

Robert S— Rogers 1826-27 

Augustus Fitzwhvllsson (Fenton) Sea- 
ton 1826-28 


Franklin Wright 1827-28 


Richard P— Bagly 1826-27 


Bernard H— Buckner 1825-26 


Edwin J. Spencer 1826-27 


Edward P— Goods 1827-29 


John Winn 1838-40 


Thomas Sudwell Hobson 1823-25 


William Morgan 1827-28 


John H— Roberts 1823-25 


S— A— Allen 1827-28 

J— A— McCaleb 1827-28 


Charles D— Gray 1835-37 


Robert Henderson 1837-38 


William Cochran 1827-29 

Chilton Murray 1837-38 

George C— Powell 1827-28 


Thomas Henry Davis 1852-54 

Beverley Heath (Heth) 1825-27 

Walter G— Turpin 1842-43 


Thomas Blackburn Washington 1827-29 


Cuthbert H — Powell 1827-28 


William P — Whiting 1825-27 



Benjamin F — Patten 1825-27 


George E — Caraway 1821-24 


William Anthony Armistead 1825-26 


Robert M — McRacken 1825-26 

Arthur McWilliams 1825-26 

Henry Turner 1826-27 


John Rhodes 1823-25 

Richard B— Scriven, Jr 1822-24 


W — Anthony 1827-28 


Alexander Kirkland 1825-27 

William F — Strudwick 1825-28 

Henry Webb 1825-28 


Henrv Connor 1825-26 

Michael Hoke 1827-29 


A — H — Henderson 1825-26 


William Francis Collins 1826-27 


Alfred Stanley 1821-25 

Edward Stanley 1823-25 

Harvey Stanley 1826-27 


David Minton Wright 1827-29 


Emorv Burns 1852-54 

John William Syme 1825-27 

J— W— Waltering 1855-56 


William S— Mackay 1825-27 


Peter J— Hines 1825-26 


John Hampden Hill 1825-27 

William H.— Hill 1823-25 

Henry Adolphus Loudon 1821-25 

James Moore 1825-27 

Thomas R— Owen 1825-28 


Joseph Alston 1824-26 

Thomas L— Harris 1823-25 

Paul H— Trapier 1822-26 

Henry MarshaU 1823-25 


Charles Black 1825-26 

Thomas Broughton 1823-25 

Richard Johnson 1827-28 

G — A— Logan 1827-28 

E— M— Mackay 1825-26 

Henry McKee 1827-28 

Richard Reynolds 1827-28 

John Rhodes 1825-26 

W— H— Wiggin 1825-26 


John Gendron Palmer 1824-27 




James Sinkler 1824-26 


Hugh Swinton Ball 1823-26 

Washington J— Beunett 1823-27 

Matthew Brennan 1821-25 

William H— Brisbane 1824-27 

G— R— Buckley 1825-26 

George R— Bulkelev 1826-27 

Gideon B— Campbell 1821-23 

J— E— Carew 1825-26 

Alexander H— Chisholm 1824-28 

Robert J— Cook 1835-37 

Robert E— Connor 1835-38 

Thomas Corbett 1825-27 

David Deas 1821-25 

Joseph Dougherty 1825-27 

Theodore Samuel DuBose 1823-25 

N— C— Favsoux 1825-26 

William C. Faysoux 1822-25 

Alexander D— Gaillard 1825-27 

Joseph Glover 1825-27 

Wilson Glover 1837-39 

Lewis Gourdin 1823-26 

William G — Gourdin 1823-25 

Nathaniel E— Goodrich 1838-40 

John A — Harleston 1821-22 

Thomas D— Hawkins 1840-41 

Arthur Fisher Holmes 1825-27 

John F— Jenkins 1827-28 

Joseph M— Jenkins 1827-28 

Richard Jenkins 1827-28 

Robert B— Jenkins 1837-39 

Daniel Finckney Johnson 1823-26 

Edwin Kelley 1823-25 

John W— Lewis 1838-39 

James T— Little 1836-38 

Stephen L — Lockwood 1825-27 

Francis B— Marion 1823-25 

Richard Lawrence North 1824-26 

Frederick Adolphus Porcher 1823-27 

Thomas William Porcher 1823-27 

Benjamin Roper 1823-27 

E. A. Swanton 1825-27 

Alexander Siddon 1833-37 

Josiah D— Taylor 1838-40 

Charles Ladson Webb. . . 1826-28 

Daniel Cannon Webb 1825-27 

Thomas Ladson Webb 1824-26 


James U — Adams 1827-28 

Robert A — Adams 1827-28 

John Black 1825-26 

Benjamin F.— Briggs 1827-29 


Milton Crawford 1826-27 


Benjamin E— Edings 1825-28 

William Edings 1825-28 

J— Edings 1825-28 

James C— Meggett 1826-28 

Aeneas M— Mickell 1825-27 

William M— Murray 1821-23 


W— H— Ford 1825-26 

George Heriot 1822-25 

James Heriot 1825-28 

Robert Heriot 1823-25 

MeKewn Johnston 1825-28 

A— L— Wragg 1825-26 


Albert Dupont 1825-28 

Richard B— Scriven 1823-25 


Henry Kicklighter 1827-28 

John H— Webb 1826-28 

Robert Webb 1826-28 


James B — Whitefield 1827-28 


H— A— Wikoff 1825-26 


Morton Waring 1824-26 


Henry Marshall 1823-25 


Charles D — Broun 1825-26 

John P— Broun 1825-26 

R— H— Broun : 1824-26 


Charles B— Capers 1823-27 

William Chapin , . 1825-27 

Thomas J— Fripp : 1823-27 


Thomas Cordes Porcher 1826-27 


Hawkins S — King 1825-26 

Richard T— King 1825-26 


Benjamin A — Reynolds 1825-27 

Bernard A — Reynolds 1826-27 


J — W — CrenshaA 1826-27 

William H— Paine 1827-28 


Alfred B — Cowling 1826-27 

John M — Gardner 1826-28 

John Ramsey 1827-28 

Josiah Tattnall 1825-27 


George S — Mcintosh 1824-25 


Henry D — Hawkins 1823-27 

Thomas D — Hawkins 1830-33 


John Hudson 1820-25 

Norman Page Gignilliat 1821-23 


Charles H — Dearing 1846-48 


James L — Lewis 1825-27 

Thomas C— Sankey 1827-28 


Augustus L — Howard 1825-26 

James S — Moore 1823-25 

Adolphus I — Rutherford 1826-28 


R — W — Habersham 1821-26 

Edward Houston 1826-27 

J — R — Ross 1825-26 

ST. Mary's 

Henry Clark 1825-33 

J— W— Clark (J— W— DePoincy). . 1856-58 

John A — J — Descleaux 1825-28 

Simeon Donaldson 1827-29 

J— W— Pitt 1825-26 


Robert W — Walton 1826-27 


H— L— Strong 1856-58 

William H— Chase Strong 1856 



Thomas J — Munson 1850-52 

E — R — Rust 1825-27 

George D— Sherwin 1654-55 

Francis O — Webb 1826-28 

Theodore L — Webb 1826-28 


C— S— English 1825-26 

Robert Bowmer ( or Bowman) 1822-25 


Samuel Batchelder, A. M 1851 


J — G — Andrews 1825-26 

Robert Borriner 1822-25 

Thomas C — Gracken 1824-27 

George W — Briggs 1822-25 

Samuel D — Elliot 1823-27 

George C — Girault 1825-28 

Thomas R — Girault 1825-26 

James Kemp 1824-28 

James T — Mitchie 1826-27 

Eugene T — W — More 1825-26 

Ralph L — North 1825-28 

George Poindexter 1826-27 

Stephen N — Routch 1824-26 

W— C— Schuyler 1825-27 

William Shipp 1825-27 

C— P— Smith 1825-26 

W — S — Smith 1825-26 

J — D — Vertner 1825-26 

V— P— Winder 1825-26 



Theophilus Fortier 1823-25 


William Simpson Campbell 1824-27 

James B — Cleveland 1852-54 

John P — Davidson 1825-28 

Louis M — Davidson 1825-27 

George L — C — Davis 1821-24 

Robert Davis 1826-28 

L — L — Ferreere 1825-26 

Charles Goodrich 1825-28 

Alfred Lewis 1825-27 

Robert Mackay 1826-27 

Robert McCutcheon 1825-27 

John McNabb 1830-32 

Stephen D — McNeil 1826-27 

Henry J— Ranney 1826-27 

•Thomas G — Servoss 1825-27 

Francis B — Trepagnier 1823-25 

James Wederstrandt 1826-28 


Benjamin F — Fulton 1825-28 

S — Fulton 1825-26 


B. — H — Barow 1825-27 

Bartlett M— Browder 1825-27 

John J — Browder 1825-26 

Charles McDermott 1825-27 

George McDermott 1825-27 



Thomas H — Perkins, 1st 1826-28 

Thomas H— Perkins, 2nd 1826-28 


Charles H— Dickinson 1825-26 

William G — Harding 1825-27 



Thomas Tolles 1827-28 


J— W— Putnam 1835-37 

Nathaniel J — Putnam 1835-37 


George Gwathnev Bacon 1862-64 

Frederick A — Bridge 1822-24 

Bernard SLipp, A. M 1825-28 


Thomas B — Bond 1825-26 



Charles McDermott 1825-27 


John L — Gervais 1824-26 




Edward G — Burkham, Jr 1862-65 

Charles Drake 1826-28 

George W — Jones 1827-28 

Benjamin F — Porter 1856-58 


Solon Long 1826-27 

George B — Merwin 1826-28 

John H — Sargent 1836-38 


William J — Edwards 1826-28 


Edward Jaeger 1852-54 

D — C — Lazelle 1852-54 

Wilton Fields Le Favor 1862-65 

Arthur Watson White 1863-65 


Charles Ball 1822-26 


John Mills Glidden 1861-64 


Frdeerick F — Kinsman 1825-26 


Samuel Gage Barker 1856-58 

James V — Parker 1861-62 


Charles H— Sargent 1836-38 


L — G — Storrs 1825-27 


Augustine E — Smith 1855-58 


Elisha Hyndman 1846-48 


Henry C— Day 1859-61 

W— H— Ward 1858-61 


George A — Parsons 1827-28 

Alfred Perkins 1826-27 


Oliver D— Fittz 1826-28 


Jesse Pike Hatch 1823-25 



John Brown Milroy 


John F— L— Buel 


Speare Spencer Tipton (or Fif ton) . . 

. 1854-56 
. 1830-33 





Charles W— Fullerton 1853-56 

Eugene J— Post 1840-42 

Frederick I^- Post 1840-42 

Noble Adolph Thompson 1848-49 


John B — Lawrence 1858-60 


Leonard Sanborn Ordway 1861-63 


Samuel D— Marshall 1826-28 


M— K— Kilbourn 1848-50 



Lorenzo Potter 1856 

(Son R— R— Potter) 


Julius P—Atwood 1844-47 

Luther S— Dixon 1844-46 


Hubbard Cook 1858-60 



Frederick S— Baker 1823 

Henry W— Baker 1823 

Frederick E— Roelofson 1853-55 

(Son of C— Roelefson) 


Ernest E— Wellman 1865-67 


M— Lamphere 1856-59 


J— Webster Childs 1854-56 



John L— Gervais 1824-26 

John L— Graves 1823-27 

Lewis B— Hutchinson 1846-48 



W— J— Woods 1856-58 


Sylvester S— Preston 1848-49 


Gilman Folsom 1835-38 



Arthur Watson White 1863-65 


Marcellus Bowen 1865-67 



Henry Whitcomb Holley 1846-48 



C— N— Baker 1856-58 

(Son of S— N— Baker) 


E— H— Smith 1842-43 

James Van Ness 1826-28 


John B— Dunscombe 1825-28 



George Barnard 1824-26 

Frederick Cheney 1821-23 


Peter J— Ryan 1830-32 


Louis Savier (Xavier) 1830-34 


Edward L — B — Brooks 1825-28 

William Judd 1853-55 

(Son of F— Judd) 



Abner Hill 1847-49 

Monroe Hill 1848-49 


Henry Goodwin DeWolfe 1823-27 

George S— Webster 1825-28 


Francis R— Glean 1827-29 

Nicholas Tanco 1859-61 


Richard Dimock Smith 1821-23 



Thomas W— Roberts 1827-28 


Samuel Grace •. 1825-27 



J— A— Barry 1826-28 

T— D— Barry 1826-28 



Joseph B — Abbott. 1826-28 

Osborn Abbott 1826-28 

Robert Abbott 1826-28 

Samuel Abbott 1827-29 

Martin Heylinger 1825-26 


F— E— Bradley 1865-67 

Edwin C— Cross, (M.D) 1846 

Albert E — Downs 1621-23 

John Grav 1848-50 

Alexander J — Jackson 1825-27 

G— F— Shepard 1842-44 



Charles F. Tibbetts ". .' 1866 


Charles V. Lord 1855 


*EliB.Bean 1841 


Chas. Sargent Carleton 1896 


Reuel Small 1866 


Obed Foss 1850 


Chas. Ernest Walker 1897 


William Edward Carleton 1906 



Benjamin F. George 1853 


**Samuel Edgar Briggs 1855 

Chas. Hatch Long 1855 

Henry E. S. Cowles 1865 

Clarence W. Tolles 1865 


George P. Conn 1854 

Leonard B. Brown 1865 

Howard F. Hill 1867 

William P. Beauclerk 1896 


Chas. Marseilles 1868 


Arthur Russell Lunt 1905 


Harry F. Causebrook 1905 


Elmer D.McCarty 1887 


Harry W. Daniell 1873 


Henry Oakes Kent 1854 

Henry Pereey Kent 1890 


Isadore N. Lunderville 1892 


Sullivan Holman McCollester 1851 


Chas. Henry Smart 1865 


Wilber Clark Howe 1883 

Fred Jay Kimball 1906 


Vincent J. Brennan 1905 


Harvey Levi Hinman 1894 


Harry-Raymond Deal 1905 


Harry Ray Dole 1896 


John W. Parsons 1863 


**Joseph W. Shedd 1840 


Clp,rence E. Randall 1881 



Myron Lemuel Chandler 1885 

Harrison Gordon Woodruff 1891 

Douglass M. Barclay 1901 


Willie Amos Tower 1906 


Frank G. Flint 1877 

George D. Evans 1898 

Daniel P. Thompson 1905 


George L. Harwood 1892 

Edward Cushman Bennett 1893 


George E. Dearing 1881 

William Edgar Maxham 1905 


Stanley D. Nichols 1904 


Edward S. Marsh 1878 

Lewis Charles Bump 1898 


Harry Freeman Doe 1906 


■ Ernest Willard Gibson 1894 

Hugh James Betterley 1906 


Frank H. Parker 1880 

Ralph Wales Dunsmoor 1900 


William H.H.Hall 1847 

Wm. Hibbard Sprague 1890 

Hiram Nathaniel Mattison 1893 


Harry A. Peabody 1903 


**Augustine E. Smith 1856 


Herbert Eugene Caswell 


Jonathan E. Tinker 1888 

Frank Nelson Tinker 1906 


William Selden Hutchinson 1904 


JohnH. McLoud 1867 


William Steele Pingree 1901 


Elbridge W. Gilman 1889 


Albert A. Fletcher 1852 


Justus W. F. Washburn 1862 

Fred Elton Steele, M. D 1882 

Willis Ethel Terrill 1887 

Ralph B. Denny 1891 

Fred Barnes Thomas 1895 

Phil Sheridan Howes 1896 

Fred- Elton Steele 1905 

Edwin Irvin Hibbard 1905 

Charles R . Hartwell 1906 

Malcolm J. Edgerton 1906 


Edwin Booth 1898 


Frank Dudley Holhrook 1893 




Frank Leroy Aldrich 1899 

Chas. Dole 1869 

Walter Dole 1870 

Robert Alexander Silver 1874 

Charles H. Spooner 1878 

Frank L. Howe 1880 

Charles M. Davis 1881 

Marshall Davis Smith 1881 

William Alden Shaw 1888 

Homer John Dane 1890 

John Huntoon Judkins 1890 

Heber Calvin Cady 1891 

Ethan Allen Shaw 1891 

Harry Chester Moseley 1895 

Charles Albert Plumley 1896 

Chas. Sargent Carleton 1896 

William Arba Ellis 1897 

Walter E. Brown 1897 

Roy A. Bullock 1898 

Charles Edward Duggan 1898 

John Pool Moseley 1898 

Arthur Ellsworth Winslow 1898 

Irving Clendenen Ellis 1901 

Henry Albert Chase 1902 

Henry W. Orser 1902 

Elrov Albert Chase 1903 

Kemp R. B. Flint 1903 

Arthur G. Baker 1903 

Ernest S. Ball 1903 

Ira L. Holden 1904 

Joseph Harold Denny 1905 

William H. Morrill 1905 

HaroU M. Howe 1905 

Daniel A. Holland 1905 

Halsey Charles Edgerton 1906 

Malcolm James Edgerton 1906 


**Geo. Morrison Willard 1870 


Archie M. Batchelder 1879 


Bertrand Dorr Barker 1903 


Arthur H. Cushman 1896 


William A. Dodge 1864 

Leon B. Allen 1899 


Wm. Strong Dewey 1863 

John Jasper Dewey 1865 


Joseph Dudley Denison 1867 

Henry Tudor Lyman 1873 

Edwin O. Blanchard 1882 

Pearl L. Ellis 1888 

Luther Burnham Johnson 1888 

Carl George Huntington 1906 


Frank Alden Manuel 1893 


Levi Gleason Kingsley 1856 


CharlesH. Grant 1900 


Geo. Herbert Cobleigh 1889 


William John Darling 1906 


**Joseph S. Tilden, M. D 1846 

**F. L.Alba.M.D 1846 

**Edwin C. Cross, M. D 1846 

William O. Belknap 1888 

Leon Anson Skinner 1896 


Craig O. Burt 1904 


Chas. Henry Atwood 1863 

D'Orsey Taylor 1874 

George E. Edson 1876 

Clarence H. Booth 1894 

H. Kibbe Brooks 1899 

Frank W — Denison 1898 

Wm. E. Robertson 1902 


Guy Henry Watson 1902 


Henry Augustus Burt 1873 


Chas. E. Parker 1859 


Charles R. Maxwell 1898 


** Joseph Harris 1841 


Percy Gates Smith 1891 

Raymond Underwood Smith 1894 


Stephen H. Nichols 1847 


William H. Tucker 1874 

William S. Pingree 1901 


Joseph Hiram Goulding 1865 


Thomas O. Seaver 1859 

James S. Brownell 1902 



Harry K. Briggs 1902 


Wm. Howard Wilmarth 1881 


Guy G. Russell 1904 


Ormando Willis Grey 1850 


Joseph H. Ladd 1898 

Chas. Francis Thorndike 1864 


Seth Henry Benson 1867 


Chas. Morton I860 

Charles E. Ashcroft 1863 

John Holbrook Osgood 1864 

Charles H. Wood 1865 

Wm. B. Eaton, Jr 1866 

Henry C. Clark 1867 

Charles M. Reed 1867 

Geo. Lemuel Huntoon 1873 

Ned Louis Sheldon 1884 

Ephraim Wesson Clark 1892 

Eben Watson Gaynor 1893 

Leo Bertram Clogston 1894 

Howard Clinton Holden 1894 

George Donnelly 1885 

J. Albert Holmes 1895 

John Michael Ryan 1895 

William E. Clogston 

Carroll J. Scribner 1896 

Harold Samuel Richmond 1900 

Charles H. Brooks 1896 

Arthur G. Baker 1903 

Frank S. Drown 1903 

Ralph L. Oilman 1904 

Carl Augustus Barrett 1906 


George H. Chapin 1904 


Charles E. Wentworth 1865 

William R. McFeeters 1905 

William Safford Clarke 1906 



Frank Albert Gokey 1893 


**Frank Joseph Davis 1867 


Herman Dressel, Jr 1890 


Chas. Tyler Walcott 1859 

Samuel Dimmock Conant 1872 


William O. Tuck, Jr 1904 


Henry Martin Jones 1881 


**Arthur Briggs Gilbert 1870 


Wm. Lemuel Stedman 1872 


Fred Farnham Hay ward 1888 

Irving Almon Laurence 1892 


Charles E. Quimby 1891 


Gilbert Clarence Eastman 1903 

William SafFord Clarke 1906 


Walter G.Huntley 1895 


Dexter W. Lewis 1889 


Chas. Foster Sayles 1857 


Chas. Warner Pierce 1892 


Leon Frank Booth 1902 


Chas. B. Crowningshield 1842 


George O. Tyler 1857 

Heman A. Gillette 1894 

J. Albert Holmes ; 1895 

Edward Michael McCarty 1896 


Henry Moses Phillips 1864 

Herbert Nelson Cross 1889 

Robert A. Child 1892 

Robert A. Bletzer 1902 

Percival C. Sinclair 1905 


Arthur Lawrence 1858 


Geo. TaftHobbs 1882 


John Q. A. McCoIlester 1853 

Geo. Delbert Thomas 1876 

John Harold Foster 1903 


Clarence Lockwood Hathaway 1869 


William R. Cutter 1868 


William G. Brooks 1896 


Walter Edwin Hassam 1886 

Fred Howe Clark 1889 

Wright Seth Prior 1889 

Chas. Horace Davis 1895 

Bert Henry Prior 1895 

Willis S. Prior 1903 



Charles S. Wheelwright 1867 

Harry Hale Goss ." . . 1888 

Louis P. Booth 1897 

Lebnard Joel Parker 1898 

Joseph E. McGreen 1904 


Charles Frederick I'arker 1890 



Oren Luther Pease 1893 


Eli Gowdy Stiles 1866 


**John Holbrook Osgood 1864 


Chas. Herman Cheney 1886 

Richard George Rich 1900 


Ralph Alburton Booth 1905 



Richard F. Barker 1902 


Leroy C. Hurlburd 1894 

John Leslie Collins 1896 

Clarence Roy Calderwood 1906 


**Squire P. Coon 1842 


Henry Vail Dunham 1897 


Cyrus Hyde Fay 1837 

Chas. Alexander Silver 1841 

Alvan Earl Bovay 1841 


Calvert King Mellen 1884 


L. Bernard Stebbins 1902 


Burton W. Farnham 1891 


John T. Smith 1902 


Fred Thompson Bass 1901 


Edward P. Pitman 1874 


Henry Augustus-Howard 1865 


Lester H. Bradley 1894 


David T. Winton 1881 


Hiram M. Storrs (?) 1842 


John Harris 1841 

Grenville Mellen Dodge 1850 

Jonas H. Piatt 1854 

William M. Bates 1855 

William Smith Burton 1855 

Washington R. Vermilye 1855 

William R. Huntington 1856 

Elias Burton Hart 1857 

Theodore Harvey Kellogg 1862 

Charles E. Bush 1863 

Clayton Eugene Rich 1863 

Edward Dean Adams 1864 

William R. Mead 1864 

John Swift Richards 1865 

Waldo Park Clement 1872 

Chas. Greenleaf Griffith 1872 

John Robert Moore 1873 

Frank J. Saxe 1874 

Waldo Henrv Richardson 1876 

Frank C. Hatch 1876 

Arnold Thayer 1876 

Harry B. Thaver 1877 

Edward McClure Peters 1881 

Frank Winslow Conn 1881 

James Michael Holland 1883 



Geo. Roberts Miner 1883 

Chas. Henrv Nichols 1886 

Paris M. Fletcher 1887 

Robert Liston Irish 1889 

George L. Ballou 1891 

Fred Miner Goodhue 1891 

Flyn G. Austin 1892 

James E. Ross 1894 

Edgar Fletcher Carruthers 1895 

Samuel Adrian Thomas 1895 

Frank James Donahue 1895 

Dean C. Warren 1895 

James Leland Averill 1896 

FredT. Bass 1901 

James Wilber Cook 1898 

Geo. Everett Talbot 1898 

Geo. Prentiss Lovell 1899 

Fred. Aldrich Webster 1899 

Sanford H. Ashley 1900 

Harold Samuel Richmond 1900 

Timothy Holland 1902 

George E. Thomas 1902 

William C. Thompson 1903 

Leonard M. Newton 1903 

JohnH.Byrd 1903 

Earl D. Perry 1904 

Homer E. C. Rainey 1904 

Nathan L. Thomas 1904 

Charles F. Gallup 1904 

Joseph Cleophas Coulombe 1905 

Ernest Allen L.-'wrence 1905 

Charles Ralph Hartwell 1906 

Daniel Rogers Barney 1906 

Martin Leroy Fumrill 1906 


John Joseph Howard 1905 


**Charles Ball 1838 

*George H. Clark 1838 


Louis H. Janvrin 1903 


Bela Stevens Buel 1855 


Harry G. Clark 1901 


CarlD.Hazen 1901 


Eber Richards 1853 


Warren Franklin Bascom 1864 


Arthur W. Hare 1903 



Harry Christopher Dole 1877 


Augustus V. Hill 1865 

HOBOKEN (west) 

Chas. J. C. Evans 1892 

jersey city 
Edward L. Stoddard 1865 


Robert Manson Stephens 1877 

George D. Whiteside 1894 


**Edward Crowell 1840 


Archibald S. Taylor 1859 



Geo, Horace Briggs 1896 


Clarence Myron Burnett 1906 


Wm. W. H. Davis 1842 

William C. Newell 1906 


Joseph Spafford Craigue 1892 


Dean Oris Carr 1901 


John M. Schall 1855 


Willard L. Fuller 1902 


**Nathaniel Irish 1861 

William B. Hays 1863 

Frank Strong 1902 

Samuel W. Fuller 1903 


**Samuel B. Grice 1837 

DeForrest Holt Merriman 1857 

Archie Lorenzo Sheldon 1873 

Seth Burton Adams 1890 

Chas. Edwin Collins 1890 

Bradford Pierce Hovey 1906 


Henry B. Douglass 1878 


**A. H. Page 1863 


Cyrus M. Merriman 1859 



**Daniel TuUar 1840 

**Ben (or Benjamin) Buck 1841 

Geo. Williamson Balloch 1847 

Henry Elijah Alvord 1863 

Thomas Jefferson Easier 1864 

Samuel H. Green 1865 

Reuel Small 1866 

Burleigh Fulsom Spaulding 1877 

Carl Dole 1896 

Adelbert A. Hutchinson 1902 



Clarence Arthur Tenney 1906 


Stanley J. Parsons 1903 



Fritz L. Metzger 1903 


Frank D. Holbrook 1894 



Augustine L. C. Major 1841 


**Robert Henderson 1839 


**Chilton Murray 1839 


Benjamin F. Waller 1841 

**Fred Halsey McCullough 1864 



James BakW-in Swett 1906 



Thomas D. Fell 1840 

**Wilson Glover 1840 

Robert B. Jenkins 1840 

John W. Lewis 1840 

Philander Palmer 1840 



Thos. S. Brownell 1854 

Henry Osgood Herrick 1854 



Thos. Henry Nickerson 1884 


Ira Rich Moore 1890 


**Charles H. Bearing 1850 


Henry H. Gary 1843 



Oscar Baron Child 1865 


**Calvin Lewis Robinson 1849 

Harry S. Denny 1888 


**Wm. H. Chase Strong 1856 



Otis Seth Tenny 1840 


Bernard Shipp 1828 



Ludlow Osmond Barker 1906 



**Thomas P. Ashe 1846 



**Samuel Batchelder 1857 


William Driscoll 1900 



Gustave Arvillian Breaux 1847 


William A. Treadwell 1857 

William Starr 1860 



Dana Howes Oilman 1906 


William F. Ladd 1865 


Frank F. Bennett 1873 


Oscar Hopestill Leland 1854 

Levi W. Goodrich 1857 



Sylvester M. Hewitt 1840 

Edward Denslow Upham 1847 


**John H. Sargent 1837 

Curtis Sawver Barrett 1863 

Samuel Thomas Wellman 1860 


Jay Dyer 1838 


**Chaiies H. Sargent 1839 


Clarence Raymond Andrew 1906 



Walters. Hazelton 1864 


♦♦Frederick Halsey McCullough 1864 


John W. L. Tyler 1847 


Malverd Abijah Howe 1882 



Henry L. S. Haskell 1846 


Joseph E. Young 1850 

Guirdon S. Hubbard 1856 

Arba Nelson Waterman 1856 

Frank B. Fenton 1857 

Lloyd B. Fuller 1864 

Henry L. Slayton. . '. 1864 

Edward W. Sawyer 1868 

Ralph Metcalf 1864 

William H. Be«t 1873 

Chas. Edward Field 1874 

Earl Henry Prince 1886 

Chas. Edwin Austin 1887 

Fred S. Palmer 1889 


Wm. Partridge 1849 


John Van- Ness Standish 1847 


Harlan P. Davidson 1867 


Elias Lyman 1848 


Frederick E. Ransom 1868 

Charles R. Maxwell 1898 


James Edward Ainsworth 1853 


Samuel W^alker Shattuck 1860 



William R. Hoyt 1864 


John Parker Towne 1852 


Henry Floyd 1848 


Samuel Curtis Simonds 1852 


EllisP. Walcott 1864 


Lorenzo Potter 1856 


Geo. Edwin Bryant 1854 


Chester J. Hurlbut 1899 

Wilber Edson Hurlburt 1893 


Herbert L. Sweet 1894 


Fred Silas Parker 1884 



Edward T. Smith 1S74 




Charles S. Denison 1869 


Fred Rice Belknap 1885 


Eben B. Jewell 1876 


Elmer A. Aseltine 1889 

**Luke E. Miller 1841 


Cyrus Moses Johnston 1873 


Luther Loren Baxter 1857 


Phil Sheridan Randall 1886 


Simeon E. Belknap 1869-71 

Louis F. Chamberlain 1901 


Horace A. Clifford 1877 

Lucius Hurlburt 1840 

Wm. Woodbury Howard 1865 


Simon Chase Dow , 1838 



Grenville Mellen Dodge 1850 


Homer Ferrin 1905 


Henry John S. Howe 1869 


Wm. Haven 1863 



Arthur Payne Morey 1864 


Cyrus Barrett Burnham 1839 

Bernard G. Farrar 1845 

Charles P. Burr 1867 

Robert H. Ford 1892 

Charles Horace Eaton 1899 


George F. Putnam 1864 



Bin-leigh Fulsom Spaulding 1877 



LoomisS. Cull 1880 

Elmer Roland Juckett 1889 



George Blood French 1855 


Henry A. Burt 1873 



George W. Metcalf 1873 



**Henry Hobart Gillum 1850 

Oscar E. Learned 1855 

Paul Addison Dinsmoor 1898 

Holland Wheeler 1859 



Ralph Smith Dorr 1850 


Arthur Emory Burr 1906 


William E . C. Sweet 1868 

William H. Rollo 1894 

Philo Remington Hoefler 1895 

George C. Randall 1904 


George J. Spear 1873 



Adin H. Whitmore 1864 



Park Valentine Perkins 1905 



Edmund Henry Ryan 1892 


Wesley Kimball Walton 1867 



Freeman Parker 1847 



William C Newell 1906 


Simon Manly Preston 1845 

Horace C. Henry 1864 

Byron T.Carr 1881 

Harry O. Young 1903 


**Winfield Scott Sherwood. . . .• 1837 


JosiahHall 1861 


Horace Ingersoll Bettis 1885 

G. Harold Ellis 1898 


John Benj. Johnson 1879 

Geo. Leslie Andrews 1893 


**C.? N.? Baker 1859 


Charles Sleeper 1864 


George Edmund Otis 1867 

S.\N M.\TEO 

Edward Moore 1905 


Horace I. Bettis 1881 

George W. Gifford 1888 

G. Harold Ellis 1898 



Joy Clyde Ross 1905 


Eugene Merwin Carr 1879 


Edward Bancroft Williston 1856 

Henry Clay Wood 1856 

Chas. Albert Curtis 1861 

Chas. A. Coolidge 1863 

Lemuel Abijah Abbott 1864 

Benj. Kearney Roberts 1865 

Fred Thaddeus Austin 1888 

Edward Aiken Shuttleworth 1891 

George F. Bailey : 1892 

Winfred Ballard Carr 1897 

Nathan A. Goodspeed 1898 

Chas. Edward Wheat ley 1901 

George Frank Waugh 1901 

Frank Henry Burr 1902 

Robert Truman Phinney 1902 

Allan Rawson Williams 1903 

William F. Robinson 1903 

Francis B. Upham 1903 


Merrill D. Wheeler 1903 


Geo. Dewey 1855 

Archibald S. Taylor 1859 

Geo. Albert Converse 1863 

Holland N. Stevenson 1867 

Geo . Partridge Colvocoresses 1867 

DeWitt Clinton Webb 1892 

Hiram A. Bearss 1898 

Burton Wm. Sibley 1900 

Robert Burns Farquharson 1903 

Seth Williams 1903 




Donald Wm. Sutherland 1897 


Alvin Morton Bailey 1872 


Henry L. Fuller 1880 


Brownell Granger 1857 


Herbert S. Clark 1896 



Chas. Wright Mead 1881 

Erasmus A. Pond 1892 

George Frank Waugh 1901 

fames'Baldwin Swett 1906 

Hugh James Betterley 1906 



Charles W. Mead 1881 



George Franklin Abbott 1891 


Jose Maria de F. Carbonell 1906 


Nicholas Tanco 1861 


Emillo Guerra y Giro 1903 


**John Harris 1841 



Wm. Henry Wentworth 1868 



Aurin Ralph Shaw 



Frank Whitney 1864 




Albany Northern, 

American Central, 

Arequipa & Puna (Peru), 

Auburn & Syracuse, 

Baltimore & Ohio, 

Boston & Lowell, 

Boston & Providence. 

Boston & Worcester, 

Burlington & Missouri, 

Camden & Atlantic 

Cincinnati Western, 

California & Texas, 

Canton-Hankow (China) , 

Cayuga & Susquehanna, 

Central Vermont, 

Central Military Tract, 

Chicago & Alton, 

Chicago & Danville, 

Chicago & Northwestern, 

Cincinnati, Peru & Chicago, 

Cleveland & Pittsburg, 

Colorado & Southern, 

Colmnbus, Picjua & Indiana, 

Connecticut & Passumpsic, 

Connecticut Valley 

Corpus Chris ti, San Diego & Rio 

Dallas & Wichita, 
Dele ware & Western 
Denver & Gulf, 
Denver Pacific, 
Denver, Texas & Fort Worth, 
Des Moines & Northern , 
Des Moines & Northwestern 
Drummond Co. (Quebec) 

Everett & Monte Cristo, 

Fort Wayne & Chicago, 
Fort Worth & Denver City, 
Gilman, Clinton & Springfield 
Grand Rapids & Lake Shore, 
Guatemala Central, 
Hartford & Springfield 
Hoosac Tunnel & Saratoga, 

Houston & Texas Central, 
Houston, East & West Texas, 
Hudson River, 
Huntington & Broad Top, 
Illinois & Wisconsin, 
Illinois Central, 
Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago, 
International & Great Northern (Tex- 
lona & Lansing, 

Junction City & Fort Kearney, 
Kansas Central, 
Kansas City & Southern, 
Kansas City, Emporia & Southern, 
Kansas City, Memphis & Mobile, 
Kansas City Street Railway, 
Kansas Pacific, 
Lackawanna & Blooms burg. 
Lake Ontario Shore, 
Leavenworth, Lawrence & Fort Gibson, 
Lee & Hudson, 

Los Angeles, San Pedro & Salt Lake, 
Mahoney & Susquehanna, 
Manchester & Keene, 
Mansfield, Coldwater & Lake Michigan, 
Marietta & Cincinnati, 
Marion & McPherson, 
Massachusetts Central, 
Memphis & Charleston, 



Memphis & La Grange. 
Mexican Central, 
Mexican International, 
Mexican National, 
ilexican Southern, 
^lilwaukee & Lake Winnebago. 
^Milwaukee & Mississippi, 
Milwaukee & WatertowTi, 
Minneapolis & Duluth, 
Mineral Belt, 

Minneapolis & Northwestern, 
Minneapolis & St. Cloud, 
Mississippi and Missouri, 
Missouri, Kansas & Texas, 
Mobile & Ohio, 
Monterey & Mexican Gulf, 
Montpelier & Wells River, 
Mount Washington (N. H.) 
Nashville & Decatur, 
New Jersey Central, 
New Orleans & Pacific 
Oregon Short Line, 

Penn Yann, Keuka Park & Branch- 
Peoria Branch, Rock Island, 
Peoria & Burlington, 
Peoria & Oquawka, 
Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago, 
Pittsfield & North Adams, 
Plattsburg & Montreal, 
Pueblo and Arkansas Valley, 
Pueblo & Salt Lake, 
Racine & Mississippi, 
Rock River Valley Union, 


Rutland & Burlington, 

St. Croix & Lake Superior, 

St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern, 

St. Paul & Chicago, 

St. Antonio & Mexican Gulf, 

San Francisco, (Missouri), 

Saratoga & Whitehall, 

Sedalia, Warsaw & Southern, 

Shepaug Valley, 

Silver City Branch, Santa Fe System, 

Southern Minnesota. 

Sugar River, 


Sunbury & Erie, 

Suncook Valley, 

Texas Pacific, 

Toledo, Oscaloosa & Western, 

Transia (Mexico), 

LTnion Pacific, 

Utica & Oswego, 

LTtica & Schenectady, 

Vemiont & Canada, 

Vennont Central, 

Vicksburg & Meridian, 


Waterbury & Stowe, 

West End (Boston), 

Whitehall & Plattsburgh, 

Wilmington & Reading, 

and some 50,000 miles of preliminary 
surveys in addition. 





1864 Abbott, Edward Stanley 

1891 Abbott, George Franklin 

1864 Abbott, Lemuel Abijah 

1861 Abbott, Walter 

1891 Adams, Benjamin Henry 

1864 Adams, Edward Dean 
1839 Adams, George Bradley 

1865 Adams, Henry Harrington 
1830 Adams, James Hopkins 
1891 Adams, Seth Burton 
1853 Aiken, Walter 

1853 Ainsworth, James Edward 

1846 Alba, F T 

1899 Aldrich, Frank Leroy 
1873 Aldrich, George Jerome 

1900 Allen, Bert Frank 
1838 Allen, Edward 

1838 Allen, Horace Parkhurst 

1825 Allen, Joseph Dana 

1899 Allen, Leon Bernard 

1863 Alvord, Henry Elijah 
1824 Amory, Charles 

1859 Amsden, Frank Power 

1834 Amsden, Joel 

1903 Anderspn, William Marsh 

1906 Andrew, Clarence Raymond 

1893 Andrews, George Leslie 

1855 Andrus, Delano Franklin 

1887 Aseltine, Elmer Adelbert 

1864 Ashcroft, Charles Edward 

1846 Ashe, Thomas P. 

1900 Ashley, Sanford Harris 

1828 Astor, George P. 

1863 Atwood, Charles Henry 

1853 Atwood, Julius P. 

1887 Austin, Charles Edwin 
1893 Austin, Flyn Gurnsey 

1888 Austin, Fred Thaddeus 
1849 Averill, Clinton Spaulding 
1896 Averill, James Leland 


1826 Babbitt, Jacob 
1873 Bailey, Alvin Morton 
1863 Bailey, George Alonzo 
1893 Bailey, George Frederick 
1903 Baker, Arthur Garfield 
1859 Baker, Charles N 

1826 Baker, Jonathan 

1879 Baker, William Franklin 

1853 Baldwin, Addison Richardson 
1903 Ball, Ernest Stearns 

1847 Balloch, George Williamson 
1891 Ballou, George Langdon 

1854 Bancroft, Howard Cornelius 
1906 Bampton, Sydney Wallace 
1901 Barclay, Douglass Monroe 
1903 Barker, Bertrand Dorr 
1906 Barker, Ludlow Osmond 
1903 Barker, Richard Fleming 

1845 Barnard, John Mills 
1906 Barney, Daniel Rogers 
1906 Barrett, Carl Augustus 
1863 Barrett, Curtis Sawyer 

1846 Barron, Horace Everett 
1878 Barstow, Frederick Meach 

1860 Bascom, Gustavus M.^ — 

1864 Bascom, Warren Franklin 

1901 Bass, Fred Thompson 

1873 Bates, Frank Richard 

1855 Bates, William M. 

1879 Batchelder, Archie Mead 

1900 Batchelder, Charles 

1867 Batchelder, James Edwin 

1900 Batchelder, John Spaulding 

1851 Batchelder, Samuel 

1826 Baxter, Carlos 

1839 Baxter, Henry . 

1867 Baxter, Henry.Clay 

1856 Baxter, Jedediah Hyde 
1851 Baxter, Luther Loren 
1824 Baxter, Portus 

1851 Baxter, William Rowe 

1828 Beach, William Augustus 

1841 Bean, Eli B. 

1898 Bearss, Hiram Idings 

1847 Beattie, David C. 

1896 Beauclerk, William Preston 
1846 Belcher, William Caldwell 
1885 Belknap, Fred Rice 

1873 Belknap, Simon Edson 

1888 Belknap, William Orlando 

1849 Benjamin, William Wallace 

1846 Bennett, Alexander Moses 

1893 Bennett, Edward Cushman 

1873 Bennett, Frank Foster 
1867 Benson, Seth Henry 

1874 Best, William Herbert 
1906 Betterley, Hugh James 
1885 Bettis, Horace IngersoU 
1822 Bingham, Daniel Havens 

1846 Bishop, Linus Dewey 
1838 Bissell, George Henry 
1883 Blanchard, Edwin Oscar 

1843 Blanchard, Lemuel Winslow 
1903 Bletzer, Robert Arthur 

1847 Boardman, Napoleon 
1828 Baggs, Charles Stewart 

1827 Baggs, William Brenton 

1828 Bomford, James Vote 

1894 Booth, Clarence Henry 

1898 Booth, Edwin 

1902 Booth, Leon Frank 

1897 Booth, Louis Phillips 
1905 Booth, Ralph Alburton 
1865 Bottomly, Frank Timothy 
1833 Bourleigh, Joseph Bartlett 
1861 Boutelle, George V. 

1841 Bova, Alvan Earle 

1865 Boyd, John Curry 

1863 Bradley, Charles Oscar 

1894 Bradley, Charles Oscar 

1894 Bradlev, Lester Hadley 

1828 Bragg, Thomas 

1847 Breaux, Gustave Arvelien 

1905 Brennan, Vincent John 

1846 Bridge, Norman Williams 

1903 Briggs, Harry Knight 
1896 Briggs, George Horace 
1855 Briggs, Samuel Edgar 

1844 Brigham, Henry O. 
1859 Bringhurst, Thomas H. 
1902 Brooks, Benjamin 
1896 Brooks, Charles Howard 

1899 Brooks, Hezekiah Kibbie 



1896 Brooks, William Granville 

1823 Brooks, William J. 

1844 Brown, Edward Marcus 

1865 Brown, Leonard Boardman 

1897 Brown, Walter Egbert 

1854 Brownell, Thomas S. 

1903 Brownell, James Squire 

1822 Brownson, Orestes Augustus 

1854 Bryant, George Edwin 

1841 Buck, Ben 

1842 Buck, Oel Alfred 

1855 Buel, Bela Stevens 

1856 Buel, George Parsons 

1898 Bullock. Roy Atwood 
1898 Bump, Louis Charles 
1852 Burge, Royal Ladd 
1906 Burnett, Clarence Myron 

1903 Burnette, Daniel Black 
1839 Burnham. Cyrus Barrett 
1906 Burr, Arthur Emory 
1867 Burr, Charles Phillip 

1902 Burr, Frank Henry 

1846 Burt, Charles Willard 

1904 Burt, Craigue Oscar 
1873 Burt, Henry Augustus 
1837 Burton, Henry S. 

1855 Burton, William Smith 
1863 Bush, Charles Edmund 

1843 Bushell, Edward M. (?) 

1847 Buswell, Albert 

1856 Buttrick, George 

1903 Byrd, John Henry 

1825 Cady, Albermarle 
1893 Cady, Charles Alonzo 
1891 Cady, Heber Calvin 

1906 Calderwood, Clarence Roy 

1827 Cameron, Paul Carrington 

1871 Campbell, Charles Pawhattan 

1826 Campbell, William Simpson 
1906 Carbonell, Jose Maria de 

1896 Carleton, Charles Sargent 
1906 Carleton, William Edward 
1850 Carpenter, Charles Carrol 

1823 Carpenter, Edward William 
1882 Carr, Byron Thorp 

1901 Carr, Dean Orris 

1879 Carr, Eugene Merwin 

1897 Carr, Winfred Ballard 

1895 Carruthers, Edgar Fletcher 

1843 Carv, Henry H. 

1896 Caswell, Herbert Eugene 
1905 Causebrook, Henry Fitzgerald 
1891 Chadwick, Homer Rovce 

1864 Claffin, William Henry , 

1903 Chamberlin, Albert Bailey 
1868 Chamberlin, James Knights 
1901 Chamberlin, Louis Franklin 
1861 Chandler, Edward Aiken 

1885 Chandler, Mvron Lemuel 

1844 Chandler, William Wallace 

1904 Chapin, George Halliday 
1855 Chase, Arthur 

1903 Chase, Elroy Albert 

1847 Chase, Francis (Xavier) 

1903 Chase, Heman Baker 

1903 Chase, Henry Albert 

1886 Cheney, Charles Herman 

1865 Child,. Oscar Barron 

1891 Child, Robert Alexander 
1858 Child, Jonathan (?) Webster 

1897 Child, William Arthur 

1824 Clapp, Asa W. H. 

1892 Clark, Ephraim Wesson 
1S89 Clark, Fred Howe 

1838 Clark , George H . 

1901 Clark, George Henry 

1901 Clark, Harry Guy 

1867 Clark, Henry Clay 

1842 Clark, Hiram 

1896 Clark, Herbert Sawyer 

1844 Clark, Thomas 
1857 Clark, Thomas 
1857 Clark, Warren 

1859 Clark, W. J. (see De Poincy) 

1906 Clarke, William Safford 

1846 Cleaver, DeWitt Clinton 

1846 Cleave, John Oliver 

1872 Clement, Waldo Park 

1881 Cleveland, Harrv Lewis 

1877 Clifford, Horace Alonzo 

1894 Clogston, Leo Bertram 

1897 Clogston, William Emmerson 
1837 Cobb, David Brvant Bliss 

1891 Cobb, Edward Malcolm 

1845 Cobb, Nathan Brvant 

1889 Cobleigh, George Herbert 
1834 Colburn, Zera 

1846 Cole, Daniel Baehr 

1890 Collins, Charles Edward 
1896 Collins, John Leslie 

1831 Colvocoresses, CJeorge Musalas 

1867 Colvocoresses, George Partridge 
1848 Comings, David Lawrence M. — 
1872 Conant, Samuel Dimmock 
1881 Conn, Frank Winslow 

1854 Conn, George Priest 
1863 Converse George Albert 
1887 Cook. Arthur Cushman 

1898 Cook, James Wilbur 
1861 Coolidge, Charles A.— 

1842 Coon, Squire, P.— 

1905 Coulombe, Joseph Cleophas 

1855 Cowdin, Robert Jackson 
1865 Cowles, Henrv E. S. 
1825 Coyle, Randolph 

1892 Craigue, Joseph Spafford 
1898 Crapser, Clinton Nathaniel 

1824 Craven. Thomas Tingev 

1843 Crooker, Jabez Cushman 
1889 Cross, Herbert Nelson 
1859 Cross, Samuel Hazzard 
1846 Cross, Edwin C— 

1840 Crowell, Edward 

1841 Crown^ngshield, Charles B.— (?) 
1845 Crowningshield, John C. — (?) 
1880 Cull, Loomis Stevens 

1844 Cunningham. James 

1852 Currier. Samuel Hammond 

1861 Curtis, Charles Albert 

1837 Curtis, Joseph W.— (?) 

1877 Curtis, William Russell 

1896 Cushman, Arthur Hall 

1825 Cushman. Henry Wyles 
1839 Cushman, Isaac Newton 

1868 Cutter, William Richard 

1899 Dale, Edward Merrifield 

1849 Dana, Stillman Emerson 
1890 Dane, Homer John 
1844 Danforth, William CuUen 
1873 Danville, Harry Warren 
1906 Darling, William John 
1867 Davidson, Harlan Page 
1895 Davis, Charles Horace 
1882 Davis, Charles Marsh 
1895 Davis. Fred Carnot 
1839 Davis, John B.— (?) 

1850 Davis, Job Francis 
1888 Davis, Nathaniel Reene 

1900 Davis, Norris Mead 

1842 Davis, William Watts Hart 

1873 Davis. William Alanson 

1850 Day, John S.— (?) 




Deal, Harry Raymond 



Bearing, Charles H. — 



Bearing, George Emerson 



Belafield, Walter 



Denison. Charles Edward 



Benison, Charles S.— (?) 



Benison, Frank Winslow 



Benison, Joseph Budley 


Benniston, Charles Young 


Denny, Harry Simmons 


Denny, Joseph Harold 



Denny, Ralph Boynton 



De Poincy, Warren Joynes, (see Clark, 





Derby, George H.— (?) 



De Wolf, John James 



Dewey, George 



Dewey, John Jasper 



Dewey, John W.— (?) 



Dewey, Thomas 



Bewey. William Strong 



Bicks, John W.— (?) 



Binsmoor, Paul Addison 



Bixon, Luther S. — (?) 



Bodge, GrenviUe Mellen 



Bodge, William Aseph 



Boe, Harry Freeman 



Bole, Carl Gilman 



Bole, Charles 



Bole, Harry Christopher 



Bole, Harry Ray 



Bole, Heman Ellsworth 



Bole, Walter 



Bonahue, Frank James 



Donnelly, George 



Dooley, William John 



Dorn, Andrew Jackson 



Dorr, Ralph Smith 



Dorr, Ralph Smith 



Douglass, Benjamin Hall 



Douglass, David Bates 



Douglass, Francis 



Dow, Ray Storrs 



Dow, Roswell 



Dow, Simon Chase 



Dressel, Herman, Jr. 



Driscoll, William 



Drown, Frank Steel 



DuBois, Frederick Earl 



Duggan, Charles Edward 
Dunham, Henry Vail 





Dunsmoor, Ralph Wale.s 



Dunton, Arthur John 



Dustin, Daniel H.— (?) 



Dutton, Albert R.— 


Dyer, Jay 




Eastman, Cogswell 
Eastman, Gilbert Clarence 





Eastman, Paris Augustus 



Eaton, Alvah Robinson 



Eaton, Benjamin Brially 



Eaton, Charles Horace 



Eaton, Francis Arthur 



Eaton, Robert Bradford 



Eayre, Thomas Wilkins 



Edgerton, Halsey Charles 



Edgerton, Malcolm James 



Edson, George Edward 



Edwards, George Benjamin Jonathan 
Elliott, George Henry 





Ellis, George Harold 



Ellis, Irving Clendenen 



Ellis, Nathaniel Webster 



Ellis, Pearl Lewis 



Ellis, William Arba 



Emery, Harvey Webster 


Ensign, William H. — 
Ensworth, Charles E. — 
Estabrook, Alonzo Flagg 
Estey, Julius Jacob 
Evans, Charles John Clement 
Evans, George Douglass 
Ewart, James King (?) 


Farnham, Burton Wiley 

Farr, Clinton Rufus 

Farrand, Ebenezer 

Farrar, Bernard G. — (?) 

Farrar, Frederick Howard 

Farrington, William Reynolds 

Farquharson, Robert Burns 

Fay, Cyrus Hyde 

Fell, Thomas B.— (?) 

Fenton, Frank B.— (?) 

Ferrin, Homer 

Field, Charles Edward 

Field, Everett Howard 

Field, George W.— (?) 

Fiske, William 

Fletcher, Albert A . 

Fletcher, Frederick Fayette 

Fletcher, Friend Perry 

Fletcher, Paris Moore 

Fletcher, Ryland 

Flint, Ephraim 

Flint, Frank Gardner 

Flint, Kemp Russell Blanchard 

Floyd, Henry 

Folsom, George Albert 

Folsom, Gilman 

Ford, Charles Jackson 

Ford, Robert Henry P. — 

Foss, Obed 

Foster, Edwy Wells 

Foster, John Harold 

Frary, Solon Franklin 

Frazer, John Fries 

Frazer, Robert 

Freelon, Thomas William 

Freeman, Frederick Norton 

French, (Jeorge Blood 

Frost, Harold Sherman 

Frizelle, Joseph Washington 

Fuller, Lloyd Byron 

Fuller, Harry Louis, (Henry Leman) 

Fuller, Samuel Leslie 

Fuller, Willard Lyman, (Lynn) 

Fullerton, William H.— (?) 

Galbraith, Frederick William 
Gallup, Charles Franklin 
Gardiner, Robert Hallowell 
Gaynor, Eben Watson 
George, Benjamin Franklin 
George, Samuel K. — 
Gerrish, William 
Gibson, Ernest Willard 
Gifford, George Walter 
Gilbert, Alfred Briggs 
Gilbert, Horatio Gates 
Gilbert, William Bradford 
Gilder, Matthew Irving 
Gillum, Henry Hobart 
Gilman, Brodie Benjamin 
Gilman, Dana Howes 
Gilman, Elbridge Wheeler 
Gilman, Ralph Leon 
Gilson, George Washington 
Gilson, James Martin 
Gleason, Amasa 
Gleason, Benjamin Whitney 



Gleason, Newell 



Gleason, Thomas Bernard 



Glover, Wilson 



Gokey, Frank Albert 
Goodhue, Fred Miner 





Goodrich, Levi W.— (?) 



Goodrich, Nathaniel E.— (?) 



Goodspeed, Nelson Allen 



Gorman, Thomas 



Goss, Harrv Hale 



Gould, Jacob Parker 



Goulding, Joseph Hiram 



Gore, Jesse Augustus 



Gowdy, Francis Marion 



Granger, Brownell 



Granger, Edward Mvron 



Granger, Elliot 



Granger, Lyman Couch 



Grant, Charles Hobart 



Gray, Ormando Wyllis 



Gray, Ransom Augustus 



Greeley, George Preston 



Green. Cogswell Kidder 
Greenwood, William Henry 





Gregg, Charles Alexander 



Gregg, Fred Wallace 



Gregory, Charles Daniel 


Grice, Samuel B.— f?) 



Griffith, Charles Greenleaf 



Griswold, Charles Edward 



Grosvenor, Robert 



Guerra. Emilio y Giro 





Hare, Arthur Weston 



Hale, John Augustus 



Hale, Reuben Charles 



Hall, Alfred Gordon 



Hall, James A.— (?) 


Hall. Josiah 



Hall, William Henry Harrison 



Halsey, Henry Joseph T. — 



Hancock, Henry 



Harris, John 



Harris, Joseph 



Harris, William G.— (?) 



Hart, Elias Burton 



Hartstene, Henry J. — 



Hart well, Charles Ralph 



Haskell, Henry Louis S.— 



Hassam, Walter Edwin 


Hatch, Frank Clark 


Hathaway. Clarence Lockwood 


Hathaway, Guildford H.— (?) 


Haven, William 



Hawkesworth, Charles Wesley 



Hayes, Augustus Allen 



Hayes, Samuel Dana 



Hayes, William B.— (?) 



Hayward, Fred Farnham 


Hazelton, Walter Scott 


Hazen, Carl Danforth 


Hemenway, Stillman 



Henderson, Thomas Albert 



Henry, Horace Chaoin 



Herrick, Henry Osgood 



Hersey, Henry Blanchard 



Hawitt, Sylvester M.— (?) 



Hiland, Frank Eugene 



Hill. Augustus Villeroy 



Hill, Guilford Henry 



Hill, Howard Freemont 



Hinman, Harvev Levi 



Hitchcock, Robert E.— (?) 



Hobbs. George Taft 



Hobbs, George Washington 



Hobson, Harry Mansur 



Holbrook, Frank Dudley 



Holbrook, John 
Holbrook, John Colvin 
Hoeflei, Philo Remington C.- 
Hoke, Michael 
Holden, Howard Clinton 
HoJden. Ira Liman 
Holland, Daniel A.— 
Holland, James Michael 
Holland. Timothy. .Tr. 
Holley,. Henry W'hitcomb 
Holmes, Arthur Fisher 
Holmes, John Albert 
Hooper, William 
Horr, Josiah Wood 
Horton, Valentine B. — (?) 
Houghton, Edmund Charles 
Hovey, Bradford Pierce 
Howard, Henry Augustus 
Howard, Henry H. — (?) 
Howard, John Joseph 
Howard, Noel Byron 
Howard, Sumner Africus 
Howard, William Woodbury 
Howe, Asa 
Howe, Frank Lee 
Howe, Harroll Moore 
Howe, Henry John S. — 
Howe, Malverd Abijah 
Howe, Wilbur Clark 
Howes, Heman Carpenter 
Howes, Phil Sheridan 
Hoyt, Charles Arthur 
Hoyt, William Romeo 
Hubbard, George Watts 
Hubbard. Guirdon S. — 
Hubbard, Henry Griswold 
Hubbard, William Henry 
Hulburd, Leroy Chittenden 
Hunsdon, Charles 
Hunt, William Henry 
Huntington, Carl George 
Huntington, William R. — 
Huntley, Walter George 
Huntoon, George Lemuel 
Hurlbut, Chester James 
Hurlbut, Lucius 
Hurlbut, Mvron Robert 
Hurlbut, Walter B.— 
Hurlbut, Wilbur Edson 
Hutchinson, Adelbert Anson 
Hutchinson, William SeldMi 


Irish, Nathaniel 
Irish, Robert Liston 
Irving, Sanders 
Irving, Washington 
Iturbide, Augustine de 

Jackman, Alonzo 
Janvrin, Louis Henry 
Jennison, John Fuller 
Jenkins, Robert B. — (?) 
Jewell, Eben Barlow 
Johnson, Alexander Bryan 
Johnson, Edwin Ferry 
Johnson, John Benjamin 
Johnson, Luther Burnham 
Johnston, Cyrus Moses 
Jones, Edward Treadway 
Jones, Henry Martin 
Jones, Pringle 
Juckett. Elmer Roland 
Judkins, John Huntoon 
Judd, Francis Byron 



1S45 Kellogg, Edmund Brush 

1862 Kellogg, Theodore Harvey 

1847 Kellogg, William Pitt 

1864 Kelton, Dwight Henry 

1847 Kendall, Paul P^aymond 

1864 Kent, Charles Nelson 

1854 Kent, Henry Oakes 

1828 Kidder. Jefferson Parish 

1860 Kilbourn, Byron Hector 

1844 Kimball, Edward A. — 

1872 Kimball, Francis Zeno 

1906 Kimball, Fred Jay 

1859 King, Wallace Albert 

1851 Kingsbury, Charles Franklin 

1856 Kingsley. Levi Gleason 

1840 Knight, Sumner 

1898 Ladd, Joseph Howard 

1865 Ladd, William Fowle 

1889 Lamb. Fred Ellsworth 

1901 Lance, Joseph Theron 

1850 Lander, Frederick William 

1839 Lane, Moses 

1864 Lasier, Thomas Jefferson 

1858 Laurence, Arthur 

1905 Lawrence, Ernest Allen 

1828 Lee, Roswell Walter 

1843 Lee, Stephen Berry 

1842 Lee, William Little 

1825 Lee, William Raymond 

1854 Leland, Oscar Hopestill 

1855 Learned. Oscar Eugene 
1901 Learned, Percy Putnam 
1838 Lewis, Charles Denison 
1855 Lewis, Charles Hildreth 
1889 De.\ter, Wadleigh 
1832 Lewis,. William Enos 

1840 Lewis, John W. — 
1886 Lewis, Walter Evans 

1838 Lillie, Jehiel 

1850 Lincoln, Francis Mme: 

1839 Lincoln, Joshua (T.) 

1851 Lindsay, Daniel 

1867 Lindsay, Winslow Metcalf 
1831 Little, George 

1850 Little, Richard Sullivan 

1839 Livermore, Jarius 

1839 Livingstone, William 

1855 Long, Charles Hatch 

1842 Longnecker, Henry Clay 

1855 Lord, Charles V.— (?) 

1864 Lord, Robert Chandler 

1830 Loudon, Henry Adolphus 

1899 Lovcll, George Prentice 

1892 Lunder^ille, Isadore Nelson 
1905 Lunt, Arthur Russell 

1848 Lyman, Elias 1st 

1823 Lyman, George 

1848 Lvman, George Briggs 

1839 Lyon, Caleb 


1881 Maddook, William Smith 

1841 Major, Augustine Langdon C. 

1893 Manuel, Frank Alden 

1868 Marseilles, Charles 

1837 Marsh, Benjamin Franklin 
1878 Marsh, Edward Sprague 
1829 Marsh, Luther Rawson 

1842 Marsh, Otis Mason 

1838 Marsh, Samuel 

1857 Martin. Henry Oakos (?) 

1839 Marvin, Asa Crosby 
1839 Marvin, Josiah 

1893 Mattison, Hiram Nathaniel 

1906 Maxham, William Edgar 

1898 Maxwell, Charles Robert 

1904 Maxwell, Ferdinand Leroy 

1850 Mayo, Calvin 

1896 McCarty, Edward Michael 

1887 McCarty, Elmer Daniel 

1903 McCarty, John Charles 

1853 McCollester, John Quincy Adams 

1851 McCollester, Sullivan Holman 
1864 McCulloch, Frederick Halsey 

1905 McFeeters, William Renesllaer 

1904 McGreen, Joseph Edmund 

1876 Mcllwaine, Theodore Chardavoyne 

1827 McKay, James 

1837 McLean, Eugene Eckel 

1867 McLoud, John Henry 

1832 McNabb, John 

1845 McNeill, Edwin 
1881 Mead, Charles Wright 
1851 Mead, John Baldwin Thayer 

1904 Mead, Royal Lee 

1864 Mead, William Rutherford 

1884 Mellen, Calvert King 

1846 Merrick, Roswell Elijah 
1859 Merriman, Cyrus M. — (?) 
1857 Merriman, DeForest Holt 
1873 Metcalf, George Wallace 
1864 Metcalf, Ralph 

1903 Metzger, Fritz Louis 
1841 Miller, Luke E.— (?) 
1845 Miller, Orlando Dana 

1845 Milroy, John Brown 
1843 Milroy, Robert Houston 
1883 Miner, George Roberts 

1833 Miner, Alonzo Ames 
1856 Mitchell, John 

1905 Moore, Edward 

1838 Moore, John Harvey 
1873 Moore, John Robert 
1864 Moores, Fred Walter 
1823 Moores, John W.— 
1864 Morey, Arthur Paine 
1829 Morgan, Junius Spencer 
1905 Morrill, William Henry 

1846 ' Morris, Edward Weston 
1841 Morris, Henry Villiers 

1904 Morris. John Kent 
1864 Morris, Thomas E.— (?) 
1889 Morse, Frank Arthur 
1828 Morse, Isaac Edward 
1866 Morton, Charles 

1895 Moseley, Harry Chester 

1899 Moseley, John Pool 

1863 Moses, Rufus Leander 

1851 Mower, Albian Jabez 

1891 Mower, Ira Rich 

1846 Mower, Joseph Anthony 
1901 Mullin, Norbert Vincent 
1854 Munson, William Day 
1901 Murch, George Dana 

1847 Murphy, James Garfield 

1839 Murray, Chilton 

1838 Murray, John C. — 

1840 Myrick, Cyrus Gardiner 


1841 Nalle, Benjamin Franklin 

1866 Needham, William Chauncey H. — 
1847 Nevins, George Washington 
1906 Newell, William C— 
1845 Newman, William Addison 
1873 Newton, Benjamin Ball 
1901 Newton, Leonard Melvin 
1886 Nichols, Charles Henry 

1839 Nichols, Samuel, Jr. 
1904 Nichols, Stanley Doyton 
1847 Nichols, Stephen H.— (?) 
1884 Nickerson, Thomas Henry 


1829 Noble, William Henry 
1828 North, Ralph L.— 
1845 Nourse, Ira 



Ober, George Hawes 
Olcott, George 
Oliver. Caleb 
Orser, Henry Ward 

1864 Osgood, Charles Henry 

1867 Otis, George Edmund 

1828 Owen, Thomas R. — ^■ 

1871 Owen, William GriflHth 

1863 Page, A.— (?^ H— (?) 

1858 Page, Frank A — (?) 
1889 Palmei. Fred Smieon 
1840 Palmer, Philander 

1867 Papante, Augustus Lorenzo 

1859 Parker, Charles E.— (?) 
1859 Parker, Edgar 

1880 Parker, Frank Henry 

1847 Parker, Freeman 

1884 Parker, Fred '='ilas 

1847 Parker, .John Gideon 

1898 Parker, Leonard Joel 

1847 Parker, Wilder W.— 

1827 Parrowt, (Parrott), William P. 
1863 Parsons, John William 

1903 Parsons, Stanley John 

1832 Partridge, Frederick W. — (?) 

1838 Partridge, Lewis S. — 

1849 Partridge, William 
1900 Patterson, Albert Charles 

1863 Patterson, Rody 

1843 Paul, William Patterson 

1823 Paulding, Hiram 

1903 Peahodv, Harry Arthur 

1852 Peake. Peverill S.— (?) 

1855 Peake, Willis R.— (?) 

1893 Pease, Oren Luther 

1902 Peck, Martin William 

1846 Peirce, Horace Truman Hanks 

1850 Peirce, Lafayette Washington 
1846 Peirce, Lucius Darwin 

1903 Pelky, Charles Louis 

1828 Pell, Duane 
1828 Pell, Livinffstone 
1828 Pell, Robert L.— (?) 

1824 Perkins, Hamilton Elliott 
1846 Perkins, Marshall 

1905 Perkins, Park Valentine 

1904 Perry, Earl Dexter 
1880 Peters, Edward MfClure 

1864 Phelps, Dudley Farley 
1822 Phelps, Edward Elisha 
1855 Phelps, Egbert 

1864 Phillips, Henrv Mflses 

1S26 Phillips, Philip 

1862 Phillipes, Walter A.— 

1902 Phinney, Robert Truman 

1892 Pierce, Charles Warner 
1861 Pierce, Frank Curtis 
1841 Pierce, Henry 

1893 Pierce, Warren Alexander 
1901 Pillsburv. Jesse Albert 
1901 Pingree. William Steele 
1874 Pitman, Edward Pancost. 
1889 Plastridge, Walter Scott 
1854 Piatt, Jonas Henry (?) 
1854 Piatt, Zephaniah 

1896 Plumley, Charles Albert 

1892 Pond, Erasmus Arlington 

1838 Pool, Benjamin 

1900 Poor, Mark Leonard 

1826 Porcher, Frederick Adolphus 

1885 Porter, Frank B.— (?) 
1867 Porter, James Ezekiel 
1843 Post, Eugene Jerome 
1893 Potter, Arthur Seymour 
1866 Potter, Charles H.— (?) 
1845 Potter, Daniel S.— C. — M. 
1856 Potter, Lorenzo 

1903 Powers, John Tinney 

1827 Prescott, Edward Goldsborough 

1845 Preston, Simon Manley 

1886 Prince, Earl Henry 
1895 Prior, Bert Henrv 
1903 Prior, Willis Garfield 
1889 Prior, Wright Seth 

1864 Putnam, George Freilerick 

1846 Putnam, James Wellington 

1880 Quimbv, Albert Brown 

1902 Quimby, Arthur Pettigrew 

1891 Quimby, Charles Edwin 


1904 Rainey, Homer Eyton Chase 

1883 Ramsey, John Wesley 

1882 Randall, Clarence Eugene 

1904 Randall, George Christopher 

1886 Randall, Phil Sheridan 

1887 Ranney, Archie Joel 

1828 Ranney, Henry J.— (?) or (S.?) 

1851 Ransom, Dunbar Richard 

1868 Ransom, Frederick Eugene 

1851 Ransom, Thomas Edward Greenfield 

1825 Ransom, Truman Bishop 

1'866 Reed, Charles Henry 

1867 Reed, Charles Montgomery 

1848 Reynolds, Asa 

1860 Rice, Edmund 

1865 Rice, Thomas Greenfield 

1863 Rich, Clayton Eugene 

1900 Rich, Richard George 

1853 Richards, Eber 

1865 Richards, John Swift 

1841 Richardson, David 

1900 Richardson, Jeffers Foster 

1861 Richardson, Julius R.— (?) 
1876 Richardson, Waldo Henry 

1900 Richmond, Harold Samuel 

1891 Riggs, Clarence Bonnett 
1860 Robbins, Henry Alfred 
1865 Roberts, Benjamin Kearney 
1865 Robertson, John 

1901 Robertson, William Everett 

1849 Robinson, Calvin Lewis 
1822 Robinson, Moncure 

1903 Robinson, William Franklin 

1903 Rogers. Frederick Percival 
1894 Rollo, William Hazelton 

1894 Ross, James Ernest 

1905 Ross, Joy Clyde 
1840 Roundy, Alvin 

1876 Rumbaugh, William Moser 

1906 Rumrill, Martin LeRoy 
1893 Rushlow, John 

1824 Russ, John Denison 

1904 Russell, Guy Garfield 

1828 Russell, William Huntington 

1892 Rvan, Edmund Henry 

1895 Ryan, John Michael 


1863 Sabin, Albert 
1868 Sabin. George K. — 

1826 Sanford, William R.— (?) 

1868 Sawver, Edward Warren 

1864 Sawj-er, Francis Asbury 




Saxe, Franklin James 



C-aylPs. Charles Foster 



Schal .iohnM.— 



Sehiffer, Harry Creswell 



Scott. Adrian 



Scribner. Carroll John 



Seaton, Augustus Fitiwhylsson 



Seaver, Thomas 0.— (?) 



Sedgwick, Theodorp 



Sessions, Milan Hibbard 



Seymour, Horatio 



Seymour, Horatio 



Seymour, H — (?) 



Seymour, Thomas Henry 



Seymour, Truman 



Shattuck, Abbott Allen 



Shattuck, Lemuel 



Shattuck, Samuel Walker 



Shaw, Aurin Ralph 



Shaw, Ethan Allen 



Shaw, William Alden 



Shedd, Johnson 



Shedd, Joseph W.— (?) 



Shedd, Solon 



Shedd, Warren 



Sheldon, Archie Lorenzo 



Sheldon, Ned Louis 



Shepard, Benjamin Franklin 



Sherrill, George Barker 



Sherman, Henry Leslie 



Sherwood, Winfield Scott 



Shields, James Van Allen 



Shipn, Bernard 



Shuttleworth, Edward Aiken 


Sibley, Burton William 


Silver, Charles Alexander 


Silver, Robert Alexander 



Simonds, Samuel Curtis 



Simmons, Seneca Galusha 



Sinclair, Percival Creighton 



Skinner, Leon Anson 



Slack, Charles 



Slafton, Judson 



Sleeper, Charles 



Sleeper, Van Beuren 



Small, Ruel 



Smalley, Henry Adams 



Smart, Charles Henry 



Smith, Augustus E. — (?) 



Smith, Edward Taylor 



Smith, Isaac Townsend 



Smith, George C— (?) 



Smith, James Bradley 



Smith, Jesse Bishoo 



Smith, Marshall Davis 



Smith, John Theodore 



Smith, Nathan Abial Chauncey 



Smith, Percy Gates 



Smith, Raymond Underwood 



Smith, Sumner Timothv 



Smith, Timothy D wight 



Snelling. Fred Newman 



Spafford, William Clarence 



Spaulding, Burleigh Franklin 



Spear, George John 



Spooner, Charles Horace 



Sprague, William Tolman 



Sprague, William Hibbard 
Standish, John Van Ness 





Stanley, Edward 



Stanyon, John Minot 



Starr, Elihu William N.— (?) 



Starr, William 



Stearns, John Kerswell 



Stearns, Hal Holmes 



Stebbins, Laurence Bernard 



Stebbins, Marshall Burton 



Steadman, Joseph 



Steadman, William Lemuel 


Steele, Benjamin Hinman 
Steele, Charles Edward 
Steele, Fred Elton 
Steele. Fred Elton, Jr. 
Stephens, Robert Manson 
Stevens, Justin Edward 
Stevenson, Holland Newton 
Stewart, Harry Denison 
Stewart, Rowland Wardwell 
Stiles, Eli Gowdv 
Stocker, Marshall Morrill 
Storrs, George Eber 
Storrs, Hiram M.— (?) 
Stoughton, Charles Bradley 
Stowell, Edwin S. — 
Streeter, Joseph Herman 
Streeter, Sebastian Russell 
Strobel, Louis M. — 
Strong, William H.— Chase 
Strong, Frank 
Sturtevant, Edwin 
Sutherland, Donald William 
Sweat, Leon Ira 
Swett, James Wheeler 
Swett, James Baldwin 
Swett, Josiah 

Stoddard, Edward Lathrop 
Stone, William Ripley 
Sweeney, Henry Charles 
Sweet, William Ellery Channing 
Sweet, Herbert Livingstone 
Sweetser, James Vermilj^ea 
Swenson, Alfred 

Talbot, George Everett 
Tanco, Nicholas 
Tarr Daniel B.— (?) 
Tarbell, Charles Gilman 
Tarbell, Jonathan 
Tatnall, Josiah 
Taylor, Archibald S. — (?) 
Taylor, D'Orsey 
Taylor, Josiah D. — 
Taylor, George W.— 
Temple, Robert H.— 
Tenney, Clarence Arthur 
Tenney, Otis Seth 
Terrill, Willis Ethel 
Terrill, Arthur Leon 
Thayer, Arnold 
Thayer, Henry Bates 
Thaver, Herbert Edgar 
Thomas, George Delbert 
Thomas, George Edward 
Thoma's, Hartopp Percell 
Thomas, Fred Barnes 
Thomas, Nathan Lee 
Thomas, Sarmiel Adrian 
Thompson, Charles Stockbridge 
Thompson, Daniel (J. P.) 
Thompson, Daniel Putnam 
Thompson, Ebene?,er 
Thompson, William Clarence 
Thorndike, Charles Francis 
Tilden, Joseph G.— (?) 
Tillinghast, Charles Foster 
Tilt6n, Charles Elliott 
Tinker, Frank Nelson 
Tinker, Jonathan Eugene 
Tolles, Clarence Weston 
Totten, George Muirson 
Tower, Willie Amos 
Towne, John Parker 
Treadwell, William Augustus 
Trowbridge, Thomas Rutherford 
Truax, Sewall 
Tuck, William Oliver, Jr. 


1847 Tucker, George 

1847 Tucker, William Howard 
1840 Tullar, Daniel 

1852 Tupper, Charles (Calvin ? R. or K. ?) 

1899 Tupper, John Lewis 

1845 Tutherly, William Everett 

1883 Tvler, George Erastus 

1857 Tvler, George Otis 

1848 Tyler, John W.— L.— 
1826 Tyng, James Higginson 


1874 Upham, Edward Dean 

1904 Upham, Francis Boweri 

1825 Van Ness, James 

1827 Van Rensellaer, Henry 

1828 Van Wyck, Edward H.— (?) 
1828 Van Wyck, Thomas W.— 

1855 Vermilye, Washington R. — 

1863 Vernam, William Spencer 


1859 Walcott, Charles Tylor 

1864 Wolcott, Ellis Pitcher 

1864 Walcott, Franklin Hamilton 
1825 Wales. Thomas Beale 

1897 Walker, Charles Ernest 
1868 Wallingford, Charles R.— (?) 
1867 Walton, Wesley Kimball 

1823 Ward, James Harmon 

1866 Ware, John Murray 

1901 Wardner, James Macomber 

1895 Warren, Dean Clyde 

1841 Warren, Stephen N.— (?) 

1904 Washburn, William Elbridge Charles 

1825 Washington, Thomas Blackburn 
1894 Wason. Harlan Badger 

1856 Waterman, Arba Nelson 

1898 Watson, Frank Edward 
1901 Watson, Guy Henry 
1901 Waugh, George Frank 
1889 Way, Henry Truman 
1892 Webb, DeWitt Clinton 

1824 Webber, Sumner Allen 

1899 Webster. Fred Aldrich 
1843 Webster, Nathan Burnham 

1867 Wellman, Samuel Thomas 

1826 Welles, Gideon 

1865 Wentworth, Charles Eben 

1868 Wentworth, William Henry 
1828 Wessells. Henry Walton 
1848 Weston, Edmund, Jr. 

1901 Wheatley. Charles Edward 

1828 Wheeler, Asa, Jr. 

1859 Wheeler, Holland 

1903 Wheeler, Merrill Dole 

1840 Wheeler, Simeon 

1898 Wheelock, Clarence Dean 

1867 Wheelwright , Charles Storey 

1847 Whipple, Solomon Mason 

1837 Whipple, Thomas .Jefferson 
1842 Whitcomb, Henry H.— (?) 
1849 White, Henry Barnet 

1841 White, Thomas Williams 
1894 Whiteside, George Dufi 

1868 Whiting. Frank Mortimer 
1868 Whitmore, Adin Hamlin 
1867 Whitmore, Arthur Herbert 

1864 Whitney, Frank 

1866 Whittier, James Anson L. 

1903 Wilkins, Robert Lee 

1870 Willard, George Morrison 

1900 Willey, Frederick Fullerton 

1903 Williams, Allan Rawson 

1840 Williams, Seth 
1903 Williams, Seth 

1849 Williams, William M.— (?) 

1822 Williston, Ebenezer Bancroft 

1856 Williston, Edward Bancroft 

1884 Wilmarth, Daniel Edwin 

1881 Wilmarth, William Howard 

1848 Wilson, Alfred C— (?) 

1841 Winn, John 

1898 Winslow. Arthur Ellsworth 

1881 Winton, David Terry 

1865 Wood. Charles Hemy 

1856 Wood, Henry Clay 
1839 Wood, .Toungs Vail 

1891 Woodruff, Harrison Gordon 

1878 Woodward, Julius Hayden 

1852 Woodward, Solomon Erskme 

1825 Woodworth, Hiram P. — 

1838 Wooley, James S. — 

1857 Worthen, Harry Niles 
1847 Wright, Charles Rolla 

1839 Wright, Chauncey 
1838 Wright, Collins 

1829 Wright, David Mmton 

1852 Wright, Franklin 

1842 Wright, Joseph Cornwall' 
1851 Wright, Leonard Jarvis 

1849 'Wright, Thomas Foster 
1832 Wrigh^ William O.— (0 

Young, Joseph E. — 
Young. Harry Oakes 

W ■ - . 'r 



> X-^: